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New Genealogy Blogs 2 August 2014

New Genealogy Blogs 2 Aug 2014

New Genealogy Blogs 2 Aug 2014

There are 5 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

laws family register

Laws Family Register
Blog type: One Name Study, Surname, United Kingdom

Currently I live north of Lincoln UK with Lorna my long suffering wife of 37 years and my daughter Hannah also our 14 year old briitsh blue cats called Danny and Poppy.

We are looking to move to Scotland as soon as we can find a house.

I’m writing this from a southbound express coming home from another fruitless search this time from our favourite spot, North Berwick which lies a the mouth of the Firth of Forth some 20 miles east of Edinburgh, Scotland’s metropolis and capital.

Henry Laws my ancestor, was born in Walworth, in the parish of St Mary Newington, in the county of Surrey, an area of London today known as Elephant and Castle,  but his home, when not at sea was in the parishes of  Stepney, Mile End, and Bethnal Green in the East End of London, on the north bank of the

River Thames, where he raised his family. By trade he was a Master Mariner and sailed barques to St Kitts and Mauritius in the sugar trade.

leaves and nuts

Leaves and Nuts: Researching My Family Tree
Blog type: Family

A collection of stories, profiles, and pictures that I have collected through my search for the truth behind my family’s ancestry.

my genealogy research

My Genealogy Research
Blog type: Family

It all started about 40 years ago when my father handed me a pile of papers and said “See if you can do something with this”. The pile consisted of some notes from my father’s aunt and other research that my father had done in New Haven, CT, where his family had settled upon immigrating to the US. I began piecing our family history together and got hooked. This was all pre-computer age and so I spend a lot of time pouring over archives and mailing many, many letters hoping for replies.

Over the years I have been able to get extensive information on all of my paternal and maternal lines as well as some of my husband’s (and children’s) lines. I’ve been able to connect with other researchers and distant family members all over the world. For some lines, like my “Kieft” family, a group of us researchers worked together via email, resulting in major breakthroughs for that family history.

As I became more computer proficient and also became a web designer, I decided that I wanted to put as much of my information online as possible. I’ve still got a lot of photos to add to the gallery, but I have almost all of my family lines represented on this site to some degree.

I stopped updating the actual family trees awhile ago, but I leave enough online so that if someone is researching their name, they can find my site and contact me. This has been extremely successful over the years. I get new emails all the time from people just starting their research. That is one of the most fulfilling aspects of running this site. I have a message in my sidebar explaining that the info on the site is not necessarily up to date.

I am also able to use the site as a way to share some special items such as a history of the farm that my Rundle ancestors lived in for over a century. A modern day owner had done some incredible research on Hole Farm in St. Neot, Cornwall and he expressed with me the desire to share his work with others. At that time his research was all hard copy. He sent me a copy and I scanned the entire project and posted the pdf for download on my site.

Recently, I started adding more and more “research tips” and research stories to help those who are doing their own genealogy research. Hopefully I can help others avoid those brick walls or learn a new way to look at data. I also like posting interesting tidbits that I find amusing as I do my research.

I hope that all genealogy researchers, as well as members of my connected family can find something to enjoy on this site.

seeds to tree

Seeds to Tree
Blog type: Family

I have been researching my family’s ancestors since 1996. For 15 years I volunteered at the Family History Center, Schaumburg. Currently I teach genealogy for two school districts’ Adult Ed programs, and beginning genealogy at area libraries. I am active in several genealogy societies, including CAGGNI and Northwest Suburban Genealogists. I received a B.S. degree from the University of Illinois. I work as a school secretary, allowing me free time in the summer to pursue new information. Living in the Chicago suburbs, I have been happily married for 35 years, have three grown children, two son-in-laws and three adorable grandchildren.

One of my presentations is “French Genealogy is Easy – Merci Napoleon.” This class covers the areas where my family’s roots are: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and France. I also have spent many hours researching family in Erie County, New York and in Cook and Henry Counties in Illinois. I hope to write and help people in these areas.  I love teaching and inspiring other people to find their family stories and records.

viv genealogy

Blog type: Family, Jewish

I use the blog as a way to put together, muse about, and discuss aspects of my family history research. It is a way to communicate about the genealogy with family members by telling stories, not just “the facts.” It is also a way to force myself to be thorough, to think through my evidence (and lack of it), and to see where the holes are in my work. Finally, it really works as “cousin bait.”

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