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Moving From WordPress To Blogger

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As a blogger plods along the path of blogging maturity, it is common for them to want to move a blog from Blogger to WordPress and often in a hosted environment (meaning, the blogger purchases a hosting package and a domain name for the blog).

Why Change?

However, there are cases where a blog is started using which is the free version of WordPress and the blogger wants to move it to a Blogger-based platform.  Why?  Well the free version of WordPress can be very limiting in terms of making changes especially when it comes to themes and plug-ins.

Making The Move

  • In WordPress, under Tools, locate the Export function.  Export your blog data and store the file on your computer.  The file will end in “xml” and have today’s date as a partial file name.

WordPress to Blogger

  • Go to WordPress2Blogger which is a free site that allows you to convert the WordPress xml file to Blogger format.  Use the Choose File button to locate your xml file then press Convert.  The new file will be named blogger-export.

WordPress to Blogger

  • Go to Blogger2Wordpress which is also a free site and convert the blogger-export file into a WordPress WXR format file.

  • Now go back to WordPress2Blogger and convert the WXR file into a second blogger-export file.
  • Finally, with your new Blogger blog, click on the Basics tab and then clock Import Blog.  You can then upload the second blogger-export file and you have a new

WordPress to Blogger

An Example

A fine example of a genealogy blog that used the above process to migrate from WordPress to Blogger is Wading In The Gene Pool by Staci Golladay.


As stated before here at GeneaBloggers, you should never, ever delete your blog – even if you want to move the contents from one blogging platform to another.  The process outlined above makes it easy for bloggers to migrate from WordPress to Blogger.

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  1. Thomas – I would love to see an article written about the move from Blogger to WordPress. WordPress really intimidates me because it is so different from Blogger, but I really want to make the switch in the coming months. Or do you already have a phenomenal blog post on the topic that I missed? Thanks for another wonderful blog post!

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