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Mocavo Search Widget – Why I’ve Added It To My Genealogy Sites



You may have noticed a new item in the sidebar at and my other genealogy sites: the Mocavo Search Widget.  While there are many ways I could add a search function on this blog and other sites (including the search function built-in with the WordPress template or a customized Google search bar), there are some good reasons why I chose the Mocavo Search Widget from Mocavo:

  • Results are genealogy and family history oriented. When you set up a search using Google, you end up with results that may not be related to genealogy. This means searching for those common surnames like Smith and Jones or even Page will return findings that you have to wade through to get to what you want. By using a search within Mocavo, you get more directed results and better results for your research.
  • Great results mean great progress with your genealogy research. It seems that I always find something new in all my searches at Mocavo. The reason is that each day new genealogy and family history-related sites are being indexed by Mocavo.  So besides submitting your own blog or website to be indexed and adding the Mocavo Search Widget, take some time to search for your surnames or other information. You never know if Mocavo holds the key to breaking down that brick wall!

By adding a Mocavo Search Widget, not only do you offer a great way for your blog or website visitors to search your content, but here’s a bonus: if you add the Mocavo Search Widget and enter the Mocavo Search Widget Contest here at GeneaBloggers from June 4 through 11, 2012, you could win both a free one-year Mocavo Plus subscription AND a Flip-Pal® mobile scanner! Stay tuned for details right here at GeneaBloggers later today.

Sign Up for a Free Mocavo Account

While signing up for a free Mocavo account is not necessary, you should take a minute to do so in order to keep up with the latest news and innovations from the Mocavo team. Simply go to and click Sign Up For Free.

Mocavo - Sign Up for Free
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What’s Mocavo Plus?

Mocavo Plus offers ways for you to expand the search capabilities of Mocavo including:

  • Automated Finds: With automated family tree connections, just upload your GEDCOM files to Mocavo Plus and every week we’ll send you multiple new matches for your ancestors.
  • Advanced Search Features: More relevant searches with features including first name alternatives, sounds like, intelligent date searching, date ranges, Geosearching (US only), and exclusions.
  • New Content Email Alerts: Every week, Mocavo adds hundreds of sites to our index. The moment we think we’ve got something that matches one of your ancestors, we’ll send it right to your inbox.

Attention APG members! Did you know that a benefit of your membership with the Association of Professional Genealogists is a free one-year Mocavo Plus subscription? Visit the APG website at for more information on how to activate your Mocavo Plus subscription.

Submit Your Site or Blog to be Indexed

In order for the Mocavo Search Widget to display results from your blog or website, you must submit your site to be indexed at Mocavo. Go to and fill out the form shown below. It should take less than 24 hours for a complete index of your site to be completed by Mocavo.

Submit Your Site to Mocavo
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Select and Preview Your Mocavo Search Widget

Go to and scroll down to Step Two of the process. Select a widget size (sizes are shown in pixels and width x length). Then enter your website URL.

Select and preview your Mocavo search widget
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Next, you will see a preview of the widget which you can use to perform a live search of your website (this is a good way to test if Mocavo has finished indexing your site).

Preview Mocavo search widget
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Snag the Code for Your Mocavo Search Widget

The last step is to get the HTML code to embed in your blog or website. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, highlight the code, right-click with your mouse (or press Shift + F10) and select Copy.

Paste Mocavo search widget code

Now proceed to the section of your blog where you add sidebar items:

For Blogger:

  1. In Blogger, go to Design.  Select the Page Elements tab.
  2. Select Add A Gadget.
  3. Select HTML/Javascript.
  4. In the Content area, right-click and select Paste.
  5. Click Save.

For WordPress:

  1. In WordPress, go to Admin.
  2. Select Widgets.
  3. Locate the Text widget and select Add.
  4. In the list of Widgets, locate new widget and click Edit.
  5. Right-click and select Paste.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Click Save Changes.

Add the Mocavo Search Widget and Enter to Win a Mocavo Plus Subscription AND a Flip-Pal mobile scanner

So add the Mocavo Search Widget to your blog or website today and then get ready to enter and possibly win a one-year Mocavo Plus subscription a Flip-Pal® mobile scanner in the Mocavo Search Widget Contest.

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DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: I was contacted by Mocavo to learn more about the Mocavo widgets. In addition, I was given the opportunity to give away a Mocavo Plus subscription and a Flip-Pal® mobile scanner in a contest of my own design and execution. To review the other material connections I have with genealogy vendors, please see Disclosure Statements.

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee