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What I Do Meme


I’ve started a new meme today and I’m hoping the genealogy blogging community will pick it up since I feel the knowledge that it can impart and share with the community is important.

The meme: called What I Do and you basically list what you use in terms of technology to either run your genealogy business or pursue your family history as a hobby.

Why is this important?  Very often – especially if you work at home like me – we operate in a vacuum.  We have no idea what other people are using unless they mention it in an email or a blog post.  Or we have to ask for a recommendation.

So take a look.  Copy and use the list below if you want to participate at your blog.  Use the words “What I Do” in the post title and I’ll list it here:

* Hardware:

* External storage:

* Online storage:

* Backup:

* Firewall:

* Virus protection:

* Spyware:

* File cleaner:

* Printer:

* Phone:

* Mobile media:

* Music player:

* Car audio:

* eBook Reader:

* Browser:

* Blog:

* RSS:

* FTP:

* Text editor:

* Graphics:

* Screen capture:

* Social media:

* Social bookmarking:

* Social profile:

* URL shortener:

* Office suite:

* E-mail:

* Calendar:

* Accounting:

* PDF generator:

* Genealogy database:

* Genealogy tools:

* Other tech stuff:

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

9 thoughts on “What I Do Meme

  1. Are you going to aggregate the results? I’d like a followup posting on trends, specific items that a majority have, etc.

  2. Martin

    I will be aggregating the results – probably after Tuesday when I return from the IAJGS conference in Los Angeles. I may run this in conjunction with an Open Thread Thursday posting where readers can discuss the results.

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