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May I Introduce To You…Thomas MacEntee

I think you will agree that I would be remiss if I did not profile this geneablogger for the “May I Introduce to You…” article.

He calls himself “The Pearl Mesta of geneabloggers and Facebook. A 40-something genealogy and technology enthusiast looking to combine both. ”

May I introduce to you…

[MacEntee_Thomas_2000.jpg] Thomas MacEntee.

Thomas has been blogging about his family history since December 28, 2006. He is the owner of (at least) eight blogs and one wiki. His main family history blog is Destination: Austin Family. Here you will find all about Thomas and his family. There are two posts in particular I invite you to read:
Kenny’s Choice: A Veteran’s Day Tribute and Alzheimer’s Disease – A Duty and A Toll.
These articles show the true heart of Thomas.

But not everything about Thomas is so serious. Take a look at It’s Just A Jump To The Left… He is also known to participate in just about every meme that goes around the geneabloggersphere.

GeneaBloggers is because of the contributing hard work of Thomas. He is involved with promoting us everywhere – Facebook, Twitter, etc. He regularly posts helpful tips and techniques on Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers.

And if that were not enough, Thomas is related to a whole bunch of us GeneaBloggers – Randy Seaver, Midge Frazel, Becky Wiseman, Lorine McGinnis Schulze, and me, plus a few more, I’m sure I have missed. Who knows? He might be related to you.

Ever helpful, full of technological genealogy knowledge, plus a wicked sense of humour, I’m sure you will agree that the geneabloggersphere just would not be the same without Thomas MacEntee.

9 thoughts on “May I Introduce To You…Thomas MacEntee

  1. This is an excellent tribute to an awesome guy! Thomas very eagerly gives of himself over and over–always ready to solve a problem, lend a helping hand, teach a lesson and make it easy, or give acknowledgement to others! We’re blessed that he’s focused much of his efforts on the genea-blogging community. He’s done so much to make it COMMUNITY!

  2. I might have missed it. But I am not sure WHO is introducing Thomas. From the context of the Comments section, I gather the introducer is a female named Kathryn. Just a point of etiquette (not of spelling). However, it’s OK if the person introducing wants to be semi-anonymous. Bob K.

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