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May I Introduce To You…Becky Jamison & Ernest Margheim

I have a double treat for you this week. I am sharing two GeneaBloggers who are related to each other; a daughter and father team. In fact the father may be the oldest geneablogger in our group. They each started blogging in the fall of 2008, and already they have made quite an impression on the geneabloggersphere.

May I introduce to you…

My Photo Becky Jamison


Ernest Margheim

Becky is the author of two blogs: Grace and Glory and Gramma’s House.  Becky started her genealogy blog Grace & Glory in September 2008. Her passion for genealogy and family history really shows in the articles she posts. You feel you are a part of Becky’s family as she shares her wonderful stories of reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, and amazing family history discoveries with her readers. Each article is illustrated with beautiful family photographs. They are a treat for the eyes.

From reading Becky’s posts about her dad, Ernest Margheim, you know there is a special relationship between these two. In her article Things I Learned While Driving My Dad to the Doctor, Becky wrote “When you’re a genealogist and have time alone with your Dad, who’s very willing to share stories from his 87 year lifetime, there’s never a shortage of conversation!”

When Ernie reached for a pencil and notebook to record his memories, Becky encouraged him to blog about them instead. That’s when Ernie’s Journeys was born.

When you read Ernie’s articles about days gone by, you feel like you’re visiting a dear old friend, or  perhaps, your grandpa. I think Becky is correct in that Ernie, at age 87 years, is the oldest, active geneablogger. Ernie writes with insight about what it was like growing up during The Great Depression, and of his radio days of singing cowboy and western songs as “The Sunflower Wrangler” . He shares wonderful memories and photographs of his life, not just with his family, but for all of us who visit his blog.

I’m sure you will agree that once you visit Grace and Glory, and Ernie’s Journeys, you’ll want to come back again.

5 thoughts on “May I Introduce To You…Becky Jamison & Ernest Margheim

  1. I am so humbled, I don’t even know what to say. THANK YOU! I just talked to my dad and he was posting another story to his blog even as we spoke. This is certainly an article for our Memory Books. We have each been blessed by the love and support of all the GeneaBlogging Community! Dad and I are both doing our best at giving BACK in the form of support, help, comments, and encouragement. Thank you again!

  2. Kathryn you did a great write up on Becky and her dad Ernie – I can’t say enough how much I enjoy both of their blogs.

    And I want to let everyone know that Becky has been a great cheerleader for our group Geneabloggers – she is always seeking out possible new members by sending them info about Geneabloggers or by having me include their blog in the New Geneablog posting on Saturdays.

  3. Across the years and miles… I was immediately taken with Earnie’s stories, and his instruments. I didn’t hear a note of music, but I was drawn by a song. And Becky writes in a friendly, natural tone. They are a naturally great pair!

  4. Greetings Becky & Ernie,
    You are welcome. We love having you both as a part of the GeneaBloggers Group.

    Greetings Thomas,

    Greetings Pam,
    I couldn’t agree more.

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