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Who Do You Think You Are? Marisa Tomei Ratings

Ratings for Who Do You Think You Are?

The overnight ratings for Season 3 Episode 2 of Who Do You Think You Are? with Marisa Tomei are up over at Zap 2 It – TV by the numbers and Futon Critic.

The total viewers for the episode were 5.54 million, with a 1.2 Rating and a 4 Share for the key 18-49 demographic. The episode ranked 3rd in its time slot and 5th for the overall evening ranking.

This represents a notch down one level in terms of the 18-49 Rating and Share and a 10% drop in total viewer numbers over the Martin Sheen episode.

Is it just me, or have you noticed less advertising on NBC/Universal during the week for the WDYTYA series when compared to previous seasons? Stay tuned.


Here is what fellow genealogists and family historians with their own blogs are saying about WDYTYA:

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6 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? Marisa Tomei Ratings

  1. Thomas,

    This may be too early of an observation, but could the drop in viewership be caused by the focus on World History and not US History? Not that World History isn’t important, because it is, but US History and the role our ancestors played in US History might be more important to US Viewers.

    Just wondering.


  2. Maybe less people were interested in Marisa Tomei than Martin Sheen. Most People that watched the Martin Sheen episode were probably looking for some historical background on why Charlie Sheen is so messed up 😉

  3. i tend to agree with Thomas. Perhaps, many people interested in genealogy are financially able to travel across the U.S. to trace their roots rather than visit other countries.

  4. I haven’t seen the Marisa episode yet because we had out-of-town company all weekend, but I thought the Martin episode jumped around too much. The show started and within a few minutes, he was in Ireland with very little background story about his uncle or any other family members. No visit home to talk to his relatives about the family history. Last season seemed to flesh out the story more before visiting the homeland.

  5. Maybe its because they are billed as “our most beloved” celebrities. Give me a break! I would have thought the thought of murder would draw more people in, though. And just who is Jason Sudeikis?

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