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Have You Ever Lost Genealogy Data? Today is Data Backup Day!

data backup day

The first day of each month is Data Backup Day when many genealogists and family historians take time to ensure that they don’t lose access to their research data, scanned photos and more.

The Latest in Data Backup Methods

There really is no excuse for not backing up your data these days; a variety of hardware devices, apps and other programs make the process easily and some even run in the background while you work!

  • USB Flash Drives: Just like external hard drives, we’re seeing a decline in price on these devices which can hold 16GB, 32GB and more! The SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB USB Flash Drive holds 32GB of data for under $20!

  • Data Backup for Devices: Many of us only think about our desktop or laptop computers when it comes to data backup – what about smartphones and tablet devices? There are a variety of iOS apps as well as Android apps that are free or low-priced.

data backup android apps

Data Backup Resources

GeneaBloggers has developed a resource list of data backup methodologies and solutions. Click here to learn how you can backup almost every aspect of your blog, your browser, your computer – even Macs!

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