You are here is First Website to read Family Tree has awarded certified affiliate status for Family Tree Access.

This read-only capability is the first of two certifications that will eventually allow people to link multi-media stories to ancestors found on the Family Tree.

“We are proud and excited to be the first web application that can search for ancestors on the Family Tree”, says Tom Cormier, co-founder.

FamilySearch is scheduled to launch the revolutionary Tree Connect feature in late November, 2012. has all but completed the necessary requirements to be certified for the Tree Connect feature when it becomes available.

Until then, members can write or record their ancestor stories, search the Family Tree for the ancestor they wish to link them to, and bookmark the name to a list so that when Tree Connect is launched it will only take one step to link the stories.

Cormier continues, “The Tree Connect feature is going to revolutionize the genealogy world. With this technology can turn 2-dimensional ancestor records into 3-dimensional life with talking photos, multi-media story pages and more. It’s finally time to put the leaves on the family tree.

To learn how the process works visit the site’s dedicated FamilySearch webpage at:

About Legacy Stories is a heritage-centric meeting place for sharing stories that can teach and inspire. The cloud-based site provides members with five privacy levels for friends and family networks plus on all content. Members can visit The Legacy Shop with hundreds of heritage-related products like genealogy books, software and technology. You can join or create groups for genealogy, family reunions, historical and genealogical societies and more.

The free membership offers generous access to all features with the ability to write, publish and link an unlimited number of multi-media stories, up to 100 ancestor photos, 5 audio recordings, 5 talking photos and much more. Members can pay a nominal monthly or annual fee to acquire additional features. Learn more at

7 thoughts on “ is First Website to read Family Tree

  1. This new functionality for Legacy Stories members is exciting–for my own family and for my clients!

  2. keeps getting better and better…a meeting place for the past, present, and future. So exciting. Deb @

  3. I love LegacyStories!!! It is soooooooo easy to use. I especially like the fact that I can now share my family histories, photos, videos, audios, etc. with the WORLD!

  4. This is where we create our Talking photos of our long lost relatives, in my case my Dad singing on an old cassette we found after he died. This was the greatest legacy gift, it made me and my sisters cry to hear his voice again. I love this feature and so do my kids.
    Please try this for yourself and give as a gift for Christmas, it’s worth every memory, legacy pass it on!!!!!

  5. This new technology will make a huge change in Genealogy by helping to give more depth and character to our ancestors. LegacyStories is proud to partner with FamilySearch developing the tools tomorrow’s genealogist’s will use.

  6. This past weekend I had the occasion to present to Accredited Genealogists at the ICAPGen Conference hosted by BYU Center for Family History. The response to talking slides and bookmarking was way beyond expectations. Between 125 and 150 people attended, and 11 had me register their free LegacyStories shoebox account and three are interested in I-ASK membership.

    This is a phenomenal percentage, considering that only twelve people attended my class! You have never seen anything like it all in one place.

  7. The Accredited Genealogists at the ICAPGen Conference this past weekend were more than excited to see how talking slides were made and how the stories and narrative photos can be easily linked to the FS Family Tree.

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