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NEW! Legacy QuickGuide®s for Genealogy Research

Well, I can finally let the cat out of the bag after almost a year of planning and work. I’ve been working with the great team at Legacy Family Tree to help produce a series of laminated guides covering various topics in genealogy and family history.

Legacy QuickGuide®s – The Concept

While on last year’s Legacy Cruise, I sat down with the folks at Legacy Family Tree and we talked about new products and ways to help genealogists and family historians.  At that point the webinar concept was just taking off, but we wanted something in terms of a resource listing for specific topics such as genealogy for a specific state or country.

The decision was made for me to recruit well-known experts in the genealogy field and enlist their help in producing laminated guides that a genealogist could take with them on a research trip. The content would include tips and strategy and go beyond a listing of online resources. The guides also had to stress the importance of visiting archives and libraries as well as other repositories.

So over the past few months, I recruited several authors who provided me with pages and pages of content for each guide. In my role as editor, I worked to review the content, curate the resources to include the “best of” for each topic, and then place them in an easy-to-use format.

Currently Available Guides

Right now you can purchase the following guides at the Legacy Family Tree Store:

Each guide is 11 x 17 inches, folded in half, laminated, and priced at $7.95.

Upcoming Guides

Since I’m the editor of the Legacy QuickGuide®s, I can give you a sneak preview of the guides currently in production:

  • Canadian Genealogy by Kathryn Lake Hogan
  • Land and Property Records by Jennifer Holik
  • Preserving Family Heirlooms by Denise Levenick
  • Researching Your Loyalist Ancestors by Kathryn Lake Hogan
  • Slovak Genealogy by Lisa Alzo
  • Starting a Family Archive by Denise Levenick
These guides will be available in the Legacy Family Tree Store in the next few weeks. If you have suggestions for guide topics or want more information, please contact me!

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee