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May I Introduce to You . . . Vera Marie Badertscher

Come meet genealogy blogger Vera Marie Badertscher, author of Ancestors in Aprons in this interview by Jana Last at GeneaBloggers.

Come meet genealogy blogger Vera Marie Badertscher, author of Ancestors in Aprons in this interview by Jana Last at GeneaBloggers.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Vera Marie Badertscher and her blog, Ancestors in Aprons described as, “About Family and the Food my ancestors cooked and ate.”

A Little About Vera

“I was born in the hospital at Millersburg, Ohio, but my family lived in the small town of Killbuck. When I was a child we moved from time to time, but spent quite a bit of time living in my grandmother’s old family home on the Main Street of Killbuck that my great-grandfather had built in the early 1800’s. I went to school in Columbus, Ohio and finished in Killbuck. The family moved to a suburb of Columbus when I started university classes at Ohio State University. After my husband and I married we decided we had lived through enough Ohio winters and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. We have lived in Tucson since 1977.”

How Vera Got Started in Genealogy

“I’ve been doing genealogy/family history off and on for years, but in a concentrated way since May, 2013 when I started the website.”

“When my mother died in the 90s, I inherited boxes and boxes of pictures and family Bibles, etc. I had heard lots of stories from my mother and maternal grandmother, but wanted to trace branches of the family they had not talked about and also find out more about my father’s family.”

Vera’s Thoughts on Blogging

“When I go to my kitchen, I am haunted by people who came before me. I think of the cooking tips, recipes, and dishes they passed on. For many years, I had been stuffing recipes and memories related to food into file folders with the thought that I’d write a book (just for my family) of recipes and stories about the ancestors they reminded me of. However, it became obvious that I’m better suited to short bursts of activity rather than a long book (particularly after I co-authored a book that took ten years Quincy Tahoma Blog.) I had been writing a blog for travelers where I review books that enhances the travel experience (A Traveler’s Library) so I knew the fundamentals of blogging. It seemed natural to start sharing my stories via a website rather than trying to put them in a book.”

Vera’s Tips for New Bloggers

“Tell stories rather than listing facts. Be sure you let everyone you are even remotely related to know about the blog and know their stories are welcome.”

Vera’s Favorite Blog Posts

“Tough question. Overall, I’d have to say that the most satisfying to me, and I think of interest to the most people, was a series sharing the letters of an ancestor who was a soldier for the Union in the Civil War. Here’s a post that gives links to all of them:

“But I also enjoy my food posts, and every week that I shared Erasmus Anderson’s letters I also talked about some food or recipe from the Civil War era.”

Vera’s Time with the Ancestors

“Probably an average of 3 hours a day.”

Vera’s Favorite Ancestors

“I think I favor those I know the most about. I heard lots of stories about my maternal grandmother’s mother as I was growing up, and I could relate to her on many levels. She was a bookworm, subscribing to Godey’s Ladies Magazine and the New York Times to keep in touch with world affairs even while living in a small Ohio town. She loved to try new things and to travel. Her greatest desire in her later years was to live long enough to be able to vote–and she made it!”

What Vera Loves Most About Genealogy

“Hearing from cousins and getting new stories that I was unaware of.”

Vera’s Genealogy Bucket List

“Find my father’s family back beyond his grandfather. While I have traced most of the lines on my mother’s side back between 9 and 12 generations, my father’s side has been a brick wall.”

An Additional Message from Vera

“Last September, I joined my brother, sister and some cousins at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury Massachusetts for three days. The inn, previously called the Howe Tavern or the Red Horse Inn, was built by a direct Howe ancestor of ours. I am currently writing once a week at Ancestors in Aprons about the five generations of family innkeepers. I arranged for us to talk to historians, visit archives and museums and battlefields where many of our ancestors lived, worked and fought in colonial and revolutionary America. We have deep roots in New England–families including the Howes, the Stones, the Stouts, and William Bassett who arrived in Plymouth on the Fortune, one year after the Mayflower. It was an exciting trip. I wrote once a week and posted pictures and talked at Ancestors in Aprons about our trip, including my stay in a room haunted by an ancestor!”

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Please take a moment to head over to Vera’s blog, Ancestors in Aprons, and leave her a comment, letting her know you stopped by. Thank you Vera for telling us about yourself and your blog. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you better.

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