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May I Introduce to You . . . Kristina Rees

Come meet genealogy blogger Kristina Rees, author of the Losing My Census blog, in this interview by Michelle Taggart at GeneaBloggers.

Come meet genealogy blogger Kristina Rees, author of the Losing My Census blog, in this interview by Michelle Taggart at GeneaBloggers.

I am excited to introduce to you Kristina Reese and her blog, Losing My Census  described as, “ .  .  . On this blog I share what I am currently researching, new finds, stories and pictures of my extensive family.  I am also working on my professional genealogist certification and will be posting the things I’m learning along the way.”

A Little About Kristina

“I was born outside of Boston, MA.  My father was in the US Air Force stationed at Hanscom Field, then when I was three, we were transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany.  He retired when I was six and took a job in Fort Worth, TX where I grew up.  My parents still live there and I am only a half hour away in Duncanville just outside of Dallas.  I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education.  I taught middle school math and science for 15 years before I married.  I have been married for 9 years and have three step-daughters and 2 grandchildren. I also have three cats.  I am active in my church and many other organizations that I am a member of especially Daughters of the American Revolution.”

How Kristina Got Started in Genealogy

“I have been officially doing genealogy since 1999. I remember doing a school project in the second grade, filling out my pedigree chart and I remember how I loved looking through the old family photo albums and hearing the stories of my grandparents and extended family, but I really got started because my father wanted to know where our McIntire’s came from.  He was sure his grandmother came from Scotland. I have traced them back to 1740 in Falmouth, ME but can’t seem to break through that brick wall to get any farther.

I have to say I started my genealogy blog because of Lisa Louis Cooke.  I was listening to her podcast and almost every episode she would encourage her listeners to start one.  Then she did some videos on how to start a blog and I’ve been going at it ever since.  That was April 8, 2014.”

Kristina’s Tips for New Bloggers

“Start with WordPress. I started with Blogger and then I decided I’d like to have a genealogy business.  As a business owner I didn’t want at the end of my URL.  I am still trying to get my posts from my blogger blog to my WordPress blog and it is not fun.”

Kristina’s Favorite Blog Post

“My favorite post so far is my story of my McIntire Revolutionary Patriot.  I give a summary of his part in the war.”

Kristina’s Time with the Ancestors

“I try to discipline myself and schedule one evening a week for research and a Saturday a month down at the public library.”

Kristina’s Favorite Ancestors

“My favorite ancestor would have to be John Jacobs the Musician.  He is my 2nd great grandfather on my mother’s side.  He accomplished so much in his lifetime and didn’t let war stop him from accomplishing his dreams.  As a young immigrant from Saxony Germany, escaping the Prussian war,  he found himself in an ironic situation.  Not knowing the English language, he thought he was taking a job as a band leader, which was true enough but his boss was the US Military and he was now a soldier in the Mexican War.  After the war he settled in eastern North Carolina as a merchant and started a family.  He was proud of his new country and when the Civil War broke out, he was one of the first to sign on.  He served as a field officer, Chief Musician for the entire war.  His wife died during the war and so he took his son with him, signing him on as one of the youngest confederate soldiers in the war at age 11.  After this war he went back home and helped South Mills, NC build itself back up.  He opened a mercantile store, started a town band and also helped start Trinity Methodist Church, which is still active today.  He must have taught his children that they could be anything they wanted to be and to never give up on their dreams because my great grandmother was one of the few in her time to get a college degree and my grandmother left the small town of South Mills to live her dream in Philadelphia at the age of 17.”

How Genealogy has Improved Kristina’s Life

“Genealogy has let me see where my passions and desires come from which in turn gives that firm foundation in knowing who I am.”

Kristina’s Time Capsule Message

“Dear descendant, I have spent my life collecting the stories of the ancestors I could find.  However I am limited to what records have been digitized at this time.  I use the computer and internet to do most of my research but hopefully these things will be well advanced in your time.  Also DNA genetic genealogy is still just in its infant stage right now.  My hope for you is that you are not afraid of new ways of doing things.  Stay with those on the cutting edge of genealogical research and you will go farther than I could ever dream.”

Kristina’s Genealogy Bucket List

“My bucket list includes helping my cousins write the McIntire family book, documenting all my Revolutionary War ancestors and after that as many of my other military ancestors as I can find, find where in Sweden my Lindstrom’s are from, visit Whitby Abby in Cleveland England, and finally get all my research in an organized form so the next genealogist in the family can pick up where I left off.”


Please take time to head over Kristina’s blog, Losing My Census, and leave a comment, letting her know you stopped by.  Thank you Kristina for sharing your thoughts and your blog with us!

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