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May I Introduce to You . . . Cindy Eppich

Come meet genealogy blogger Cindy Eppich, author of the Remembering Family blog, in this interview by Michelle Ganus Taggart at GeneaBloggers.

Come meet genealogy blogger Cindy Eppich, author of the Remembering Family blog, in this interview by Michelle Ganus Taggart at GeneaBloggers.

I am excited to introduce to you Cindy Eppich and her blog, Remembering Family, described as, “This blog contains snippets of history from the lives of my ancestors.  I have shared them with the idea that their descendants can learn of their lives and benefit from their good examples and character traits.”

A Little About Cindy

“I was born in Richfield, Utah, during my father’s summer break from college. After my father graduated from Utah State University, we moved to Idaho where he was employed with Farmer’s Home Administration. We lived in Homedale, Burley, and Preston, Idaho. I am the oldest of six children.

“I attended Brigham Young University and graduated with an associate’s degree in the secretarial field. I worked on campus at BYU, met and then married my husband Kevin while there. When he graduated from BYU, he accepted a math teaching job at North Sevier High School in Salina, Utah.  It was while living in Salina we had our five children and reared them. When our youngest graduated from high school and headed for BYU, we moved to Springville, Utah to be near her, our other three daughters, and our grandchildren. Our son and his family live in St. George, Utah.

“After the move, I went back to BYU with the help of the Bachelors of General Study program and earned my bachelor’s degree in Family History,  doing some work on campus but most at home.  I decided not to find employment until after graduation, but I soon discovered that I had fallen in love with my own ancestors and wanted to spend time with them more than work for someone else.

“I served for 2 ½ years at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City on the main floor where people came in off the street and asked us to help them find their ancestors. That was an amazing experience of which I am so grateful to have had.  My husband has been very supportive of me in my family history efforts—especially since I am not now gainfully employed.”

How Cindy Got Started in Genealogy

“I took a Book of Remembrance class at church when I was 14 years old and became hooked!  My parents and grandparents were very helpful and supported me even at such a young age.  I wasn’t able to do a lot of family history when I had my children living at home and was working as a secretary, but when I became an empty nester eight years ago, I had the time to work on it almost every day.”

Cindy’s Thoughts on Blogging

“I created my blog because I was finding so many interesting things about my family members, and I had an overwhelming desire to share what I was learning.  I was never very good at writing, but the need to share outweighed my fear of being judged. I decided to post only information of which I had proof to back up.  After about six months of blogging, I posted that I had completed everything I set out to do and would be done writing.  But five years later I am still going.”

Cindy’s Tips for New Bloggers

“I have found through comments on my blog that many people are very hungry for anything they can find about their family members. Don’t be afraid to put it all out there and NEVER need or expect any thanks.”

Cindy’s Favorite Blog Posts

Cindy’s Time with the Ancestors

“My family history research probably averages out to about twelve hours per week. I also write about five or six hours per week.”

Cindy’s Favorite Ancestors

“I don’t have a favorite ancestor. That would be like trying to figure out my favorite child.”

How Genealogy Has Improved Cindy’s Life

“I get teary just thinking about this question. I have learned to love each of my ancestors in ways I can’t express. I believe if they were to walk up to me right now, I would be very comfortable talking with them about their lives. When I look at people around me in different stages of their lives, I can’t help wonder what their story is since everyone has a wonderful story to tell.”

Cindy’s Time Capsule Message

“I guess in short, my time capsule message would be to use whatever means are available or popular to keep a family history. Then make sure you can always get it back even when the technology we used to create it becomes outdated.”

Cindy’s Genealogy Bucket List

“I would love to travel to Europe and visit the places from which my ancestor immigrated to the US.

“Before last year I would have said to publish a book. But I published my first one last summer and now I am working on another. I have corresponded and visited personally with so many wonderful family members who have gone the extra mile to share with me. When family history miracles happen to me, I realize my work must be making a difference to someone.”


Please take a minute to head on over to Cindy’s blog, Remembering Family,  and leave a comment, letting her know you stopped by.  Thank you Cindy for sharing your thoughts and your blog with us!

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