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Interview – Kathleen Brandt of a3Genealogy

Kathleen Brandt - a3Genealogy

[Editor’s Note: when we found out that Kathleen Brandt (professional genealogist, genealogy blogger and owner of a3Genealogy) would be working with Tim McGraw and the television show Who Do You Think You Are?, we knew we had to interview Kathleen to get the “inside scoop” on McGraw and the WDYTYA program!]

How did you get involved with the show Who Do You Think You Are? I think many professional genealogists are curious as to the process involved. Did you have to apply or audition or did the show’s producers seek you out?

The WDYTYA’s producers contacted me to assist in the research projects of Tim McGraw and Ashley Judd.  I am not sure how they found me, but I do keep an active blog, and my Resume is online (

So far in Season 2, we’ve seen a more serious focus on research and having the celebrity actively participate in the research process. Did you work with Tim McGraw on only one phase of the research process or were you involved from the beginning? (Note: We realize you can’t give away specifics!)

As you said, I can’t answer specifics of the show.  Sorry, but I love my clients!

Your business name is a3Genealogy. What does “a3” stand for? What type of services do you provide and do you have a specific focus or geographic specialty?

a3Genealogy, accurate accessible answers.   Clients expect reliable information that they can understand.  And this is my promise: “accurate accessible answers.” AAA was already taken, so a3 won!

I accept projects that include everything from basic military research to “demolition” of brick walls in family research.  I’m not limited to any region, and I serve both international and domestic clients.

How far in advance was the research process and the filming for the Tim McGraw episode? What was it like to work with Tim?

Sorry I can’t answer the first part of the question.  But I can tell you, the whole experience was educational and very exciting.  It’s enjoyable to take a look at family history not just from the genealogists’ standpoint of analysis and facts, but to share in the emotions of discovering new information about ancestors you never knew existed.

What’s next for Kathleen Brandt and a3Genealogy? What if your phone starts ringing off the hook on Saturday with new business? Have you made plans for that possibility?

I love what I do, and am always excited to research for new clients.  I’ll keep researching, writing, speaking and blogging for sure.

And finally, I have to ask this for the ladies: was Tim McGraw as sexy in person as many women think?

Short answer…ABSOLUTELY.  No woman would be disappointed.  In fact he was kind, gracious, and enjoyable to work with.

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