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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

I wanted to give some “back story” info as to why there is now a, what gene@pedia is all about and what’s going on with the future of the geneabloggers group especially the one on Facebook.


Geneabloggers was begun as a Facebook group back in June 2008 due to the increased interest by several people who blogged about genealogy and their involvement with burgeoning social media applications like Facebook and Twitter.  I took the initiative to organize the group and never in my wildest visions would we be at over 315 members within six months.

The Geneabloggers group on Facebook is a great way not only to interact with fellow genealogists and family historians but also for new folks to learn about the ins and outs of blogging with a focus on genealogy.  In addition, we have “helper” sites such as Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers which lend technical assistance and expertise to new (and existing) members.


My goal has been to ensure that the Geneabloggers group and any affiliated blogs or websites are always open to those who want to learn more about blogging and genealogy.  And I want the experience to be “free” and not tied down by heavy structure or rules.  There are times when groups evolve into more formal organizations but right now  isn’t the time for Geneabloggers.


That being said, there is always a danger with being “too popular” and having that happen “too quickly.”  Out of an abundance of caution I have decided to reserve the domain name (as well as, and others – they all forward back to in trust for the good of the Geneabloggers group.  I am fronting the domain registration fees as well as the website hosting fees.  I’ve also taken care of the gene@pedia website hosting (more about this exciting new feature soon).

I don’t sit awake at night worrying that someone will start up a competing group to Geneabloggers or that someone or some company will try and take over Geneabloggers.  I think we’ve got enough collective “smarts” to know that ours is a unique group and we provide unique services to the genealogy and family history community.


None of what exists now is going away – Geneabloggers Group on Facebook won’t disappear.  Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers won’t go “poof” overnight.  I just think it is wise to mark some territory for future growth of a group that I think can play a vital role in the growth of genealogy as a hobby, as a passion and even as a profession.

Our members have much to offer in terms of knowledge, skill, and know-how.  Many of use belong to local genealogical or historical socities.  Most of us are used to helping others learn more about genealogy.  Some of us have various genealogy-related certifications while some of us are just starting out on our journey.

But I think we all work towards the same goal, the same purpose and the same vision: to combine the more traditional forms of genealogy research and documentation with the newer forms of communication which including blogging and the use of social media.

I’m excited.  I hope you are too.

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  1. Thanks Thomas! This is a great idea! I wonder if you can narrow the twitter widget, it’s covering part of the the main text box. I can’t figure out how to minimize it. (I’m using Firefox).

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