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Immigration Family History Expo March 18 2010

Immigration Family History Expo

Just a quick note to let you know that a good friend of genealogy bloggers could use your help.

As you may know, the Family History Expos website experienced a major meltdown last month – to the point where even the backup data was lost!  Ancestry Insider has a great post describing in detail what happened (see Major Failure of Utah Computer Center.  Could you imagine losing all your blog data (despite faithful backups) or even the data for your business?

Miss Holly and her fantastic team at Family History Expos have been very supportive of the genealogy blogging community and now I’d like to ask a small favor.  If you can do one or more of the following it would help get the word out about the upcoming Immigration Family History Expo as well as their new website:

  • Let your readers know that if they would like to receive Family History Expo’s free email newsletter they need to sign up at the new website
  • Follow Family History Expos on Twitter @FHExpos
  • Use hashtag #FHExpo on Twitter

And if you’ve never attended a Family History Expo event come join me later this year – I will be appearing in Loveland, CO (June 25-26, 2010), Kansas City, MO (July 30-31, 2010), Pleasanton, CA (October 8-9, 2010) and Atlanta, GA (November 12-23, 2010).

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