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Identity Crisis

Am I the only one finding the need to create “alter-egos” when it comes to Web 2.0  activity?  I don’t have anything to hide or some bizarre dark-side (honest) but there are times when mixing personal, genealogy and business just doesn’t work.

Here’s what I mean:

  • I’ve just set up two new feed widgets here on Geneabloggers, one for Tombstone Tuesday and the other for Wordless Wednesday.  However it works off of my personal Google Reader account and when you go to the public page for each feed, my photo and profile are prominently displayed.  This is fine to market “me” but I’d rather be on topic, as it were, and market Geneabloggers.
  • When I respond to a genealogy-related e-mail from my Outlook account (which I used to pull POP3 account feeds from about 10 different email addresses I use including, I use one signature which is for my legal consulting business.
  • The contact e-mail address here at Geneabloggers is currently tmacentee@gmail, my personal account.

See what I mean?  So today and most of the weekend, I will be going through some “reverse therapy” to resolve myself into “split personalities”.  So if you see some features temporarily disappear here during this “re-branding” please be patient – all should be resolved in short order.