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The History and Beginnings of Memorial Day

The history of memorial day

The history of memorial day

I grew up calling it Decoration Day thanks to my great-grandparents who made sure I understood the importance of the holiday. ┬áHere’s a neat infographic about the history of Memorial Day and some information to ponder as you prepare to commemorate your ancestors who died in military service to the United States.

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One thought on “The History and Beginnings of Memorial Day

  1. Very interesting as an article. I did not know that the american people celebrated this day, just as we, the French Canadian celebrate the day of “National Patriots’ Day” was celebrated today at the same time as the Feast of the Queen (England).

    It was in 2002 that the Quebec government has declared, by decree, the Patriot Day. Introduced the Monday before May 25 of each year, it replaces the Victoria Day.

    Thus, we wanted to better promote events in May 1837 when the Patriots held public meetings throughout Quebec after the refusal of the London government to accept their demands. The text of the decree states that “this holiday highlight the struggle Patriots 1837-1838 for national recognition of our people for its political freedom and to obtain a democratic system of government.”

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