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The Heirloom Registry: Heirlooms Can Be New Too!

Nest 930 by Lisa Hartmann

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Many of us think that a family heirloom has to be an antique or an item passed down through the generations. The same thinking is often used for family traditions such as eating certain foods during the holidays.  How did you think the process started of designating an item or a practice as “significant?” It started with some family member and this means that you can decide to designate an item of importance to your family as an heirloom.

So whether it is something old, something new, or something blue (I hope you don’t borrow items to use as heirlooms!), I want to share with you how I recently created my own family heirloom based on a birthday gift I received.

Nest 930: A Painting by Lisa Hartmann

In January 2013, I received a beautiful painting (shown above) of a robin’s next with eggs entitled Nest 930 from my friend Lisa Hartmann.  You can visit to view her work, many of which I have hanging all over my house.

I knew I’d hang it in my office as inspiration: the robin’s eggs represent ideas and I use my office as a “nest” to incubate new ideas for my business. I also knew that I had received an item that could be a family heirloom and passed down to future generations.

The Heirloom Registry: A Keepsake Tracking Solution

On the rear of the painting was the artist’s information but I wanted an innovative way to tell the story behind this new heirloom.

Nest 930 - Rear

The solution: identification stickers from The Heirloom Registry!

The Heirloom Registry stickers

I had received a sticker at a recent genealogy conference, so I placed it on the back of the painting.

The Heirloom Registry - sticker on rear of painting

Next, I went to, set up a free account and then entered the registration number. The number is YGSW-294-931-3009-2011.

The Heirloom Registry

I provided as much detailed as I wanted about the heirloom, including a photo.

Providing heirloom information at The Heirloom Registry

I also had an option of keeping some information “private” such as the location of the item or the value. You can also set a “year” for this information to be released, sort of like setting up a time capsule!

The Heirloom Registry - Privacy Seal

Once registered, I had a great way to share the information with others using the links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites!

The Heirloom Registry - Completed Profile

I can also save a PDF version of the record, a “Registry Certificate,” to my hard drive for safekeeping.

The Heirloom Registry - Registry Certificate

Now I plan to order more stickers from The Heirloom Registry and start telling the story of other family heirlooms.

The Heirloom Registry - My Heirlooms

Feel free to view this information in the slide show below and share it with your friends and family!

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