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Google Reader – Getting Started

[Note: this is the first in a series of posts about how to use Google Reader to susbcribe to and follow various genealogy blogs. I’ll be using my personal settings used for close to 600 genealogy blogs followed by GeneaBloggers as examples.]

Blog Readers – Easy Ways To Follow Blogs

Many first-time blog readers will begin to bookmark genealogy blogs that they find useful or place them in their Web browser’s favorites section. Over time, this can become unmanageable and it can be difficult to efficiently read 100 or more blogs each day with this method.

Many  people who read blogs leverage the power of blog aggregators, also known as readers, such as Google Reader to help them sort through the hundreds of new posts each day.

Using Google Reader

  • First, you must have a Google account. Go to if you need to set up an account.
  • Go to to access Google Reader.blog_user_04
  • Click Browse for stuff in the sidebar and then click the Search tab. In the Search by keyword section, enter genealogy or other search criteria and click Search for feeds.blog_user_05
  • A list of blogs appears. Click a link to learn more or click Subscribe to have the blog’s posts appear automatically in Google Reader.blog_user_06
  • Click View and the most recent post will appear on screen. When finished reading, use the scroll bar to move to the next post.blog_user_07
  • Click the headline of the blog post (in the image above it is Windows 7 to be Released in October) and the blog site will appear.

After exploring and adding subscriptions, you will have built a list of genealoy blogs to which you subscribe.  To read the blog posts each day, simply go to Google Reader and login.  The new blog posts will appear in bold.


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