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Get Cookin’ With The Geneablogger Cookbook


Geneabloggers has its first publication due to the efforts of several geneabloggers led by Coleen McHugh of Orations of McOhodoy!

With 35 recipes submitted by 18 fellow geneabloggers from around the world, the Geneablogger Cookbook not only contains great recipes with step-by-step instructions, but you can get the “back story” on many of the great dishes and see how the related to family history.

Special thanks not only go out to Colleen but to footnoteMaven and Julie Cahill Tarr for their editing assistance in gathering the recipes, reformatting text and photos and piecing together a great cookbook.

Get your free copy today by clicking here and downloading in PDF format (file is approximately 5MB) (Note: if the link does not work, right-click over the link and select Save Link As).

3 thoughts on “Get Cookin’ With The Geneablogger Cookbook

  1. Thomas you are too modest. Folks, Thomas provided some much needed tech support to make this project turn out. Not to mention the cover design!

    Thanks Thomas!

  2. A great big thank you to all of those editors and our great tech supporter for a great looking cookbook. I was very pleased with the treatment of my recipe and pictures. Can’t wait to try some of those recipes!

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