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GenealogyWise Update from FamilyLink

We just received the following statement concerning Genealogy Wise and plans are being made to post this over at Genealogy Wise as well.

I wanted to clear up some information I have been seeing about GenealogyWise. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments.

GenealogyWise is part of FamilyLink. In October 2009, FamilyLink laid off some employees as part of a restructuring. One of these contractors was someone who worked on GenealogyWise. In October I wrote about this change and posted it on the GenealogyWise homepage and newsletter.

Since that time, that person has posted her grievances with FamilyLink. One of these grievances is that volunteers who worked on a GenealogyWise project were not paid. Those volunteers have been paid there are no outstanding issues with her and her work on GenealogyWise.

There is no censorship on GenealogyWise. Yes, I as the Community Manager, do terminate the membership of people who post pornographic images and spam or that are abusive to other members. We recently terminated the membership of a community member that was in violation of section 14 of the Ning Acceptable Use and Content.

FamilyLink is committed to GenealogyWise and the community and we feel that it is very important to support and participate in this community which has become a place for genealogists to network, learn, and find answers. Thank you to everyone who participates in GenealogyWise.

Gena Philibert Ortega, Community Manager

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

4 thoughts on “GenealogyWise Update from FamilyLink

  1. I’m confused – why would she complain because volunteers not being paid. Why would the author of the letter state that volunteers have been paid. I thought a volunteer was just that . According to Wikipedia “Volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services”

  2. I agree with you Mary – I think the term “volunteer” probably confuses the issue – if you make a promise either verbally or in email or in writing of payment in lieu of work, at the very least you have a contractor type relationship. These folks may be volunteers for GW but when you start paying people even for limited scope work, you make them contractors.

  3. When I joined GW, I was member #49. I was offered a chance to make a few dollars for 10 hrs of posting content. I did and I was paid as agreed. I have seen where GW staff have erroneously used the description “Volunteer” in relation to a contract-for-pay-project. This is a contradiction in terms and is confusing to folks who take the descriptions literal. Whomever is complaining must feel they should have gotten paid, but didn’t for their “volunteer” work, or they were under the impression they would be paid for whatever they were doing. It is the responsibility of the GW staff to use the correct terms. It is also the responsibility of the “volunteer/contractor” to conduct due diligence to make sure they understand the agreement. A “meeting of the minds” and an understanding should be reached.

    I hope everything works out because GW is a great place.

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