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Geni Pro Public Access Now Available


There are several developments taking place over at Geni in light of its recent permissions issue, one of which is the availability of Geni Pro (the paid, subscriber version) at libraries, societies and other institutions.

You can read the details here at the Geni blog. This provides a solution for Geni users who don’t want to purchase a Pro account but still want the ability to manage certain data with the full set of permissions and rights that a Pro user has.

This will probably take several weeks before users can see the Pro version of Geni at their local library or society. An application process is involved and it will take time to make sure the application is installed etc. We’ll keep you posted on any developments involving Geni Pro Public Access as well as others related to the Geni permissions issues.

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3 thoughts on “Geni Pro Public Access Now Available

  1. Thomas, I’m a librarian, and from what I’ve read here and at other blogs about this whole Geni Pro mess, I would be very leery of getting this set up at my library. I’d be afraid that we’d raise the expectations of our users, and then Geni would slam us with an annual fee (just like a subscription database such as Ancestry Library Edition or Heritage Quest).

  2. Good point Amanda. I don’t think it is a perfect solution for what some Geni users want – I get the impression they want to go in, remove their data and then get out. Having to go down to a library or society to do so is an inconvenience. My understanding is that many are simply paying for one month of Geni Pro and then cancelling.

  3. @Amanda, we have no plans to charge for this access. As long as the incoming request volume is manageable, I can usually turn this around in a few hours to get a library up and running. The way I see it, there isn’t really any harm in applying. Once you send me your library’s info, I’ll get it set up. Then, if you want to promote it to your patrons, you can, or you can just let the access exist without telling anyone that it’s available unless they ask.

    @Thomas – we’re not really seeing that when we look at usage data. It seems that a lot of people are upset and threatening to do that, but it’s not actually happening. We’re trying to give Geni users some tools to do whatever they’d like with the info they have added to Geni. This is one of several; I’m typing a couple more blog announcements right now.


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