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The Generations Project – Must See TV

If you think there are only two genealogy-related television programs available or soon-to-be available, then put down your clicker and listen up!

The Generations Project is a series produced by BYU Television and each episdoe profiles the ancestry of everyday folks like you and me.  I just watched my first episode this week and it was excellent!

In the episode, Danielle Jones, a young African-American woman studying to become a lawyer is able to connect across the generations with an ancestor who was an emancipated slave.  The journey starts with her great-grandfather in Ohio and then travels to the Jamestown Plantation area in Virginia.

Below is a link to the full episode which will remain online until Monday, February 22, 2010.  Also, you can catch the Danielle Jones episode rebroadcast at 6pm MST this coming Monday and a new episode will be broadcast that same evening at 8pm MST.

You can learn more about The Generations Project at their Facebook page.  And if you are interested, you can even apply to be a subject of an upcoming episode!

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