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The Generations Project Is Premiering Its Second Season In January

The Generations Project

[Editor’s note: we’ve received the following information from the production team at The Generations Project.  Don’t forget that Who Do You Think You Are? is not the only show in town when it comes to genealogy and family history television! Even thought I don’t get BYUtv (I have what we at home call “poor people’s television” aka no cable), I watch the episodes on The Generations Project website.  Each one is informative and moving!]

Genealogy is stereotypically thought of as pastime reserved for an older generation. But BYUtv’s reality series, The Generations Project, is working to make that generalization much like the people they research: a thing of the past.

Award-winning producer Kendall Wilcox is the driving force behind this insightful new series that follows real people searching for answers to real questions. The Generations Project pairs everyday Joes—and Emilys and Seans—with professional genealogical researchers to help them with their ancestral inquiries.

The second season of The Generations Project takes you from Germany to Holland to New York’s “Little Pakistan” and everywhere in between, following eleven journeys into the past: the Denkes explore the origins of their children’s life-threatening genetic disease. Kerry hopes his ancestors will help him find his estranged son, and Ty delves into his complicated heritage as a son of Nazi Germany. They along with eight other guests engage with the past to understand the present.

The second season also includes the “Do Your Own Generations Project” episode which revisits stories from season 1 to show viewers how to do their own Generations Project, proving that you don’t have to be on TV for your ancestors to change your life.

Season 2 of The Generations Project airs Monday, January 3 at 7:00pm MST on BYUtv. The channel can be streamed online by going to or locate the channel for your area by going to To watch episodes online visit

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