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My Generation Maps Chart

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Janet Hovorka (of The Chart Chick blog fame) for the first time at the Southern California Genealogical Society’s 40th Annual Jamboree this past weekend in Burbank, California.

First, I want to tell you that Janet – like many geneabloggers – is exactly what you would expect in person after reading her blog posts and seeing her photos.  Funny, enthusiastic and down to earth.

Second,  Janet and her husband Kim were staffing the Generations Maps booth all weekend and despite the long hours and the heat, they were genuinely happy to meet each and every person who approach their table.

Third, Janet graciously contributed a coupon for a free 8-generation chart to all the geneabloggers who attended Jamboree (it was in the great swag bags that Denise Levenick of The Family Curator put together for us).  And she also provided another 50% coupon!

Well I took advantage of the discount and I dropped of my 8GB flash drive which had my GEDCOM file on it for Janet to copy and then review so she could come up with an estimate on my chart.  I wanted to get all 15 generations if possible and told her that I have some very tall walls in my condo – one being close to 20 feet tall!

After an hour I returned and Janet gave me what I felt was a very fair price – a bargain in fact!  So she and Kim printed out the chart and I picked it up on Sunday.

Here it is in all its glory (I haven’t had time to hang it yet):

generation maps 02

And here is a close up shot of the layout:

generation maps 03

I am very pleased with the results and can’t wait to hang this up so I can not only refer to it while I research at home, but also show friends and family what has consumed me, off and on, for the past 15 years!

If you ever attend a genealogy conference and see the Generation Maps booth in the exhibitors hall, please go meet Janet and Kim.  And also take a look at their line of products at their website.  They have some great items – many are unique – and I can attest to the quality and value of my chart.  I have been wanting to print out this 15 generation chart for years and now I’ve finally made that want a reality!

copyright 2009, Thomas MacEntee

6 thoughts on “My Generation Maps Chart

  1. Thomas,
    It was totally our pleasure. It was so fun to finally meet you. Like I said, I couldn’t have been more excited to meet Mick Jagger. You are *the* rock star. I hope you enjoy the chart. Let me know when you are ready for the one for your two story entryway :-). Love to help you with whatever we can.

  2. Pretty darn impressive my friend, yes indeed! I could only wish to achieve so much connectivity to my lineage. Well done!:-)


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