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GeneaWebinars – A Directory of Upcoming Genealogy Webinars

Are you familiar with a great new resource for the genealogy community called GeneaWebinars?

With the increase in the number of genealogy webinars available online, it has become increasingly difficult to find out the topics, who is presenting, how to register, etc. Well GeneaWebinars solves that problem.

Thanks to Ol’ Myrt of DearMYRTLE who created GeneaWebinars, the community not only has a comprehensive directory of upcoming online genealogy education seminars, but also a way in which presenters and providers of these webinars can advertise their offerings.

Just take a look at the calendar for March which is filled with a variety of topics and presenters – many of which are FREE!

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9 thoughts on “GeneaWebinars – A Directory of Upcoming Genealogy Webinars

  1. I’m not able to attend these seminars, but I am thrilled that this application has been created! I knew I wanted to see it promoted, and now someone has done it. Good job to Myrt!

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