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GenealogyWise – New Kid On The Block

What started out quietly as a genealogy social networking “pre-launch” has already been growing by leaps and bounds in only the past two days.

If you haven’t already heard, the site is called GenealogyWise and is bought to you by and the makers of WeRelate.  Having followed Randy Seaver’s various posts about it, I made a stop over at GenealogyWise the other night and set up my profile and page.

Shortly after that, I figured why not set up a Group Page for GeneaBloggers?  And just like many social media sites, things progress, you meet new friends, you find new things and viola! You step back and see that things have really taken off!

So far I like GenealogyWise for the following reasons:

– it is more focused than Facebook.  While I enjoy posting and sharing with my Facebook friends I would day that only 25% of my friends are genealogy and more specifically, genealogy blogging colleagues

– it has all the bells and whisles that most social media sites have: group pages, fan pages, discussions, videos, status, friends, etc.

– it is another venue where I can not only market the GeneaBlogger experience (my goal is to one day make sure every genealogist either has their own blog or at least knows how to use genealogy blogs) but I can also get information out to the masses about my own genealogy research

So will there be an impact on Facebook and especially on the GeneaBloggers Group on Facebook?  Bill West of West In New England has already shared his thoughts on how GenealogyWise might impact Facebook and he has some very valuable and valid points. For me, I am taking a “wait and see” attitude and I don’t intend to make any changes to the Facebook group where we now have over 600 members.

However I may begin posting events and some of the same items at both Facebook and GenealogyWise for the time being.  Progress moves swiftly in the internet genealogy and social media world – what is hot today may not be hot tomorrow.  Also some sites become very “old” in just a matter of months (i.e., MySpace).  I think every genealogy blogger needs to have a presence on GenealogyWise if only to channel viewers back to their own blogs and websites.  Updating GenealogyWise should become part of your daily social media routine (like using Twitter, Facebook, blogging) if that is how you currently pursue your genealogy and family history passion.

copyright 2009, Thomas MacEntee

3 thoughts on “GenealogyWise – New Kid On The Block

  1. YIKES!!! I had just settled in at Facebook & Geneabloggers and now you throw me a curve ball (smile).
    But really, in all seriousness, we wouldn’t have had Geneabloggers in its recent incarnation (with all its bells and whistles) if we hadn’t had people like you who are willing to trailblaze. So far this is looking pretty good, but as for setting up a page I’m going to give it a few days thought.
    Recently I’ve found that my genealogy/family history work is more heavily influenced by what is going on with the various carnivals and memes – and this is an enriching thing as it is giving me new perspectives BUT I find I have to set aside more and more time for things like FACEBOOK & TWITTER, sometimes to the detriment of my research.
    Thank you for giving us food for thought, Thomas!

  2. So far I’m liking GenealogyWise much better. I hope it survives.

    I have been struggling to comprehend facebook for over a year.I don’t think I’m stupid, I hope, I just seem to have some kind of mental block, or possiby Facebook is just set up wierd.

    I have been using wordpress for years and Joomla for awhile, Blogger is pretty easy, Yep, it must be facebook…

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