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The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook Now Available!

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee's new book The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook is now available for Amazon Kindle and PDF!

The Genealogy Do-Over Now Available in a Workbook!

The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook is now available in Amazon Kindle format (click here) and in PDF format (click here) for only $3.99. It is also available in print format for $6.99 (click here). Get a jump start on your genealogy research for 2016 with a new monthly format for the popular Genealogy Do-Over!

The Genealogy Do-Over 2016

So what’s new about The Genealogy Do-Over for 2016? Here are some changes you’ll see not only in the new workbook, but also starting this week at The Genealogy Do-Over website ( and The Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group (

  • Monthly Topics: Instead of a 13-week cycle which for many past participants seemed “too rushed,” I’ve reorganized the topics into a 12-month format.
  • “Do-Over” vs. “Go-Over”: In 2015, some participants decided to do a “review” rather than an entire restart of their genealogy research. I’ve noted special tasks for these “Go-Over” participants.
  • To Do Lists: At the end of each month’s section, there are “to do” items based on that month’s topics.
  • YouTube Videos: I’ve started a YouTube channel for The Genealogy Do-Over and you’ll find new video each month to guide you on each topic.
  • Guidance for Genealogy Societies: A special chapter on how genealogy societies can set up a Special Interest Group (SIG) and use the material from The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook.

What About the Print Version?

UPDATED January 6, 2016: The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook is now available in print format for $6.99 (click here).

If you’ve ever self-published a book, you know that creating the print version is much more complicated than the ebook or PDF version.  Why? Most platforms require you to order a proof copy (delivered via post) to review and then make changes to the uploaded manuscript. The process can be time-consuming to say the least.

My goal is to have the print version available in the next 7 to 10 days and no later than January 7, 2016. Thanks for your patience!

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