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The Genealogy Fairy is a genealogy-focused grants program working to make family history dreams come true!

UPDATE January 2017 – The Genealogy Fairy Program Has Been Placed on Hold

The Genealogy Fairy has been up and running for approximately 18 months (since June 2015) and at this time I’ve decided to put the grants program on “hiatus” while I evaluate its effectiveness.  All current applications to The Genealogy Fairy will be retained for possible future awards of grant money if, and when, the program resumes.

I continue to be committed to giving back to the genealogy community in a variety of ways and stay tuned for more information . . . it is likely that The Genealogy Fairy will return, albeit in a different format.

What Is The Genealogy Fairy™?

The Genealogy Fairy™ is a venture created by Thomas MacEntee of High-Definition Genealogy. The goal is to give back to the genealogy community through a series of grants to organizations and individuals undertaking worthwhile genealogy-related projects.

How Is The Genealogy Fairy™ Program Funded?

Five percent (5%) of all revenue at Genealogy Bargains ( is set aside each month to fund The Genealogy Fairy™ program. Your purchases of genealogy products and services using the links at Genealogy Bargains help keep the program going.

Who Can Apply for a Grant from The Genealogy Fairy™?

The Genealogy Fairy™ grants are open to all genealogical and historical organizations, especially non-profits, and to individual genealogists who seek to fund specific projects related to genealogy and family history. Examples include:

  • Indexing projects or record preservation efforts led by organizations and/or individuals.
  • Genealogy society events such as workshops, conferences, and webinars.
  • Business and entrepreneurial launches, especially genealogy-related startups.
  • Publishing projects for organizations and individuals.
  • Continuing education for individuals in order to build specific skill sets. This includes attending a genealogical conference, application fees for certification, etc.

What is the Maximum Amount of a Grant from The Genealogy Fairy™?

Grants will be awarded in amounts up to five hundred dollars ($500) USD per organization or individual per project request. Grant recipients can apply for future grants six (6) months after any grant award.

Consulting Advice vs Monetary Grant

One option for genealogy societies and other organizations is for The Genealogy Fairy™ to award a grant of “consulting advice” provided by Thomas MacEntee. Examples: advice on how to set up a Facebook page for an organization; how to create a social media plan; how to convert print publications to sell as e-books, etc.

The maximum award amount is ten(10) hours of consulting time (equivalent to $500 USD). A schedule for use of consulting time will be established by mutual agreement between the organization and Thomas MacEntee.

Application Process

Click here to complete and submit the Grant Application Form.

Grant applications will be held for a total of six (6) months after which time the applicant will be notified and encourage to re-apply for a grant.

Selection Process

Selection decisions are final and are based on the merit of the project/cause, the qualifications of the organization or individual, and are made solely by Thomas MacEntee of High-Definition Genealogy.

Grants will be awarded the 15th of each month.

Selection Announcement

Those selected to receive a grant from The Genealogy Fairy™ will be required to submit a brief marketing bio and photo for publicity purposes.

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