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New Genealogy Blogs September 3, 2011

new genealogy blogs

There are 14 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

always anxiously engaged

Always Anxiously Engaged
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been involved in genealogy since way before my own birth.  One of my favorite pictures is of my mother getting ready for an afternoon of cemetery transcribing just four days before I was born!

My parents were excellent genealogists, given the time they lived in.  How well I remember the trips to the dusty courthouses and the cemeteries that were surely laden with snakes.  They knew their extended relatives, some of which were born in the mid-1800’s!

A couple of years after my mother died, my father made a trip to visit relatives in Kentucky.  When he returned, he found only the front door and wall of his cabin standing.  Lightning had struck the house and burned it to the ground while he was gone.  My sisters and I helped him go through the remains of the house trying to salvage anything we could find.  To our surprise, the only things that did surve were the genealogy, the photos, and a drawer that contained his underwear!  The genealogy and the photos had been right up against the front wall – papers in a wooden cabinet!  They suffered only a little bit of water and smoke damage.

My sisters and I continue on with the tracing of our family.  The computer, the Internet, wonderful databases, and the ability to connect with relatives from around the world have made it so much easier work on our lines.  My parents would have been utterly astounded.

chicago genealogy examiner

Chicago Genealogy Examiner
Blog type: Illinois genealogy

Jennifer Holik-Urban, is a Professional Genealogist, Instructor, Writer, and owner of Generations, a genealogical research business. She has been researching her family history for more than fourteen years, uncovering the life stories of her ancestors. She is the author of two blogs, Chicago Family History and Family History Research and her book “To Soar with Tigers” about Flying Tiger, Robert R. Brouk, will be published in early 2011. You can contact her at

it all makes census

It All Makes Census
Blog type: Genealogy education blog, Research blog

A blog about things of interest to people who like genealogy and history (and censuses).

karens chatt

Karen’s Chatt
Blog type: Individual family history, Professional genealogist

I am a Board-certified genealogist, registrar of the Lima Chapter NSDAR, and a Registered Dental Hygienist. I am a past trustee, officer, and committee chair of The Ohio Genealogical Society. My particular interests are lineage societies, cemetery research, German research, and technology. Look for a variety of blog subjects, from genealogy to my other interests of reading, music, gardening, and bird watching.

my generations photo project

My Generations Genealogy Project
Blog type: Individual family history, Photography blog

My goal is to create a historically accurate, pictorial, genealogical record of my family. This will entail some research on my part and a great deal of searching for and organizing reams of photographs I have collected over the years.

my wonderful family

My Wonderful Family
Blog type: Individual family history, Professional genealogist

Genealogist specializing in Forensic Genealogy, otherwise known as Missing Heir research. I feel passionately about doing genealogy. I work for attorney’s as well as taking private clients.

This is a place where I can share information with my family about the family that has come before us. I encourage those who want to share more to leave comments. If you find you are related to me, please drop me a note. I’d be happy to share information with you. My goal is to get through a pile of old photos. There are many posts yet to come!

ne ohio genealogy blog

NE Ohio Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Ohio genealogy

I have been an avid genealogist for more than a decade, and I enjoy sharing my ideas and experiences, hence this weblog. You can learn more about me at my website:

ne ohio genealogy blog

Photo Restoration School
Blog type: Genealogy education, Photography blog

Photo Restoration School was founded by Dan Green(that’s me!) in 2011 after having restored and retouched countless of photos over the last 8 years. I’m a photo restorer and retoucher that use both Photoshop and the open source software GIMP in my work. The two factors that made me pursue the art of photo restoration were my interest in genealogy and finding old pictures of my grandparents from the 1930′s.

I noticed that it was hard to find good and easy-to-follow guides for repairing and retouching your photos, and that it’s expensive to hire a professional. That’s why I started this website, to share my knowledge and advice with others interested in taking care of their family photos.

round tuit genealogy

Round Tuit Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

I write in my journal too infrequently to think that I can blog regularly — I’ve been known not to write for a year or more; hence the name of my blog. It’s a family story; the kind that goes on so long, we nearly forget the point. The kind my siblings tell; the kind that make their spouses groan.

See, Dad always said, “I’ll get around to it.” Usually this involved building something. For an electrician, he was one heck of a carpenter; one heck of a (fill in any trade here). He built two bedrooms, a bath, a walk-in closet and a ton of storage space in the unfinished attic of my childhood home. He built little wooden boats for my niece and nephew to float on the pond in the park. He built a picture frame, a bar in the basement, shelves for his workshop… so many things. No elaborate plans, either. A quick pencil sketch on a piece of scratch paper, and that was it. And darned if his projects didn’t turn out exactly as he envisioned.

savoring fruit

Savoring Fruit from the Family Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

I love to write about all aspects of family, especially the fun I have with my husband of 35 years, our 5 kids and 10 grandchildren, and extended family. I love family history– the stories, photos and history of those vibrant personalities who went before. Join me and discover the sweet taste of fruit from the family tree!

On this blog, we muse about the fruit we taste when we learn about family members, both living and dead, through family history writing. Wandering through the “family tree orchard,” we conduct interviews, enjoy family reunions, and figure out how to make lemonade (and fruit cake!) from the heritage we share with the fruits and nuts on our family trees.

springfield genealogy examiner

Springfield (MO) Genealogy Examiner
Blog type: Missouri genealogy

Dr. William L. (Bill) Smith was born and raised on a Midwestern farm. A passion for family history and genealogy studies provides background for his writing. He has published three family histories, a family saga novel (with a second forthcoming), a non-fiction ancestor storytelling guide, and over one hundred academic, genealogical, and business acumen articles in a variety of journals and trade publications. Bill and his wife live in the Missouri Ozarks. Email him at

swinfield blog

Swinfield Blog
Blog type: Surname blog, UK genealogy

Started researching my family history in 1972 and registered the Swinfield surname with the Guild of One-Name Studies in 1980.

I hope that this will provide a forum for all of us who have the surname or are interested in its history to share material, stories and photographs. I would love to include anything that other Swinfields would like to contribute. Delve in those cupboards and visit your attics looking for documents or images from the past. Ask your elderly relatives for their own stories. Write down the memories of the previous generations and the history of our ancestors and share them with us all. Your input would be most welcome and valued.

the cousin hunter

The Cousin Hunter
Blog type: Forensic genealogy, Individual family history

Welcome to the Cousin Hunter. It’s nothing sinister or unfriendly – I am just building on my family history research by trying to reunite my family, so I am tracking down my lost cousins.  Finding your lost cousins is a great way to enrich your existing family research and quite often helps you to extend it too – other family members may have photographs and documents that your branch of the family have lost, and you can often reciprocate.  Have a look at my article on Bringing Your Family History Back to Life to get some ideas of the benefits of seeking out and reuniting your family.

I am not only hunting my own lost cousins, I am hoping to be a resource for your hunt too.  As time goes on, I hope to add some pages of advice and resources.  If there is any demand I will also include a page for people to add their wanted cousins – could be a list or maybe a forum.  As I become more savvy with writing on the Internet I am  getting to grips with how to make my work more visible – and when you are looking for someone , you want to be visible.  One thing I am sure of is that Blogger ranks highly with Google, so when I write the names of the people I am looking for on my blogs, those names will be highly visible in the search rankings to people who are looking for them.  I would like to make this blog highly visible as a resource for finding lost cousins and in doing so, make it a worthwhile place for you to add your “wanted” names too.

those champions

Those Champions
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog and the accompanying website ( report my findings on my Champion, Brown, Grooms and Rainwater lineage.

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