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New Genealogy Blogs September 15, 2012

new genealogy blogs

[NOTE: there will be no posting of New Genealogy Blogs next Saturday, September 22, 2012, due to a much-needed GeneaBloggers vacation. The series will return on Saturday, September 29, 2012.]

There are 9 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Ah ha! Moments for Genealogists
Blog type: Genealogy education

Beth discovered genealogy through her father. He built a 115-name family tree comprised of every family member’s name he knew. This family treasure was handed down to Beth and became the launching point for her research.

While Beth continues to research her family, she shares her experiences and knowledge through lectures, articles and one-on-one assistance.

She speaks frequently at regional venues, highlighted by the opportunity to speak at the Missouri State Genealogy Association Conference.

Beth works with individuals seeking help climbing that “brick wall” in their research of American Genealogy.

And she documents her “lessons learned” in the pursuit of family treasures in genealogy publications.

Beth enjoys the quest for knowledge and the opportunity to share the wisdom and insight gained at every opportunity.

Genealogy Sphere
Blog type: Individual family history

My personal genealogy research! Researching the surnames Crews, Posey, Waggoner, Rice, Morton, Baughier, Stephenson & McCright.

Hungarian Family Record
Blog type: Hungarian genealogy blog

My name is Magda and I have been doing genealogical research since 1973. Beginning with my own families and friends, I have done records research for many years . In college, I took a non-credit course with a genealogist, then decided to work as a local records searcher.  BYU offered a certification course where I worked in American research and in those days,  it was all legwork, cranking microfilms , page -turning in courthouses and writing snail mails on my Smith – Corona .

In the past 10 years , I decided to focus on reading microfilms and transcribe records in the Abauj-Torna & some Gomor regions of Hungary and Slovakia . I also do cluster studies in old Hungarian communities in America. I am happy to share my own family research with anyone from the same families from these villages . I also do research work in these regions and research American records for a reasonable rate .

As for this website, I originally had  planned on encapsulating all my 1869 census  transcriptions into a dry database so visitors could search for their families but decided to flesh out and write some details of my research in hopes of giving readers tips on doing their own Hungarian and Slovakian family research.  My approach now is more from the ” cluster genealogist ” point of view and study the communities as well as individuals to achieve results.

This website is dedicated to my dear Mom who passed away in 2009.

Is It All Relative?
Blog type: Individual family history

Is It All Relative? is first and foremost a blog about my family tree. It will be used to record my process and journey and I plan on sharing some of my ancestors stories as well as any experiences and tips I’ve learnt along the way. So far my research has been restricted to the UK but at some point I will start to look in to my husband’s family history which, as he is German, will take me further afield.

I am a bit of a techie and am always on the lookout for new software or ways of making my life easier so will probably post the odd review or share my thoughts on the type of software and other resources that are available.

If you have anything to add or would like to contact me about anything genealogy related then please feel free to email me at:

Of Graveyards and Things
Blog type: Cemetery blogs, Individual family history

Of Graveyards and Things documents a historian and genealogist’s exploration of cemeteries, churchyards, and monuments across the United States (and occasionally across the world), with a focus on interesting graveyard art, poignant epitaphs, or gravestones which document an interesting life. It additionally is a place to share historical and genealogical research on both ordinary and extraordinary lives, and the occasional random musings on the field of genealogy.

Roots Digging
Blog type: Individual family history

Hi there! I am Michelle, and I am addicted to genealogy, this is my blog. Please visit my new genealogy website at Visit the Surname page to see my family names that I have in my family tree. Maybe we are connected!

I have been researching my family history for over 20 years and enjoy sharing what I find with my family, friends and connections I have made.

Texas State Genealogical Society’s Annual Conference
Blog type: Genealogy conference blog, Genealogy society blog, Texas genealogy

Texas State Genealogical Society’s Annual Conference ~ Saddle Bags to Social Networking: Following Ancestors Through History. Texas State Genealogical Society 2012 Conference Blog. Updating readers with breaking news, programs & speaker spotlights for the 2012 TSGS Conference.

Tracing My Family An Up Hill Climb
Blog type: Individual family history

I started this blog so I could share my family tree with other people in hopes that someone may recognize some of the surnames that I will be putting on there. But more than that it is for my mom who grew up without her parents and did not get the chance to know who her family was. Just as I grew up without my father and I want to know who and where I came from. So this blog if to do just that. share in hope of coming to know my family.

William Miller and Rebecca Bradford of Cecil County, Maryland
Blog type: Individual family history

A genealogy site for all descendants of William Miller and Rebecca Bradford, whose families lived in Fayette County, Pennsylvania; Cecil County, Maryland; Newcastle County, Delaware; and Somerset County, Maryland.

My love of genealogy started when I was a child. I remember spending hours looking through my parents’ bottom dresser drawer filled with old family photos. Dad would come in and sit down on the floor with me. He would tell me of the people and places, stories of his childhood in New Braunfels, Texas, and memories of his parents and grandparents. I felt so close to these people, and this naturally flowed into a love of genealogy in later years. Thanks Dad!

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