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New Genealogy Blogs September 1, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 9 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Amy’s Gene-Journey
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I’ve been researching my Family History for some years now, and I LOVE every minute of it. However I have got to the point now where I have found out so much information that my brain is ready to explode. So unlike a lot of bloggers, who start at the beginning of the journey, I’m wading into the blogging scene fairly late in the game. There is logic to my madness though, (I hope!)

Like most people, the way I researched at the start of my journey horrifies me today. I was so naive that ancestors were who they said they were; that the memories of older relatives were absolute truths; (how could they have possibly embellished stories?) and that everyone should be exactly where they said they were.  O how my experience has changed that way of thinking!

So I’m planning to go back to the beginning, rechecking all of the information, and making sure that I have evidence to back everything up and hoping that i haven’t committing any of the great sins of genealogy. Keeping you updated along the way will no doubt help to keep my brain in one piece (well that is the plan) as well as keeping the information all together. The amount of notebooks I have with information scattered through-out and in no particular order is terrifying!

Caroline’s Chronicle
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I’m Caroline, welcome to my ‘Chronicle’.  I started this blog when I realised I never really kept my family up-to-date with my research & I thought this would be a good way of doing that.  This way, they can dip in & out of the blog if they’re interested & I won’t risk boring them all to death at family gatherings!

I’ve been researching my tree for a few years now and I’ve had a lot of help from some very generous distant cousins mostly found via Genes Connected.

I’ve found writing the blog has helped me keep on track with my research, although I do tend to chop and change which branch I’m looking at, depending on what sources are easiest to come by at the time!

This blog will also include any interesting or amusing (to me, anyway!) bits and pieces I might find whilst hunting for the ancestors.

My other blog is here:  and is all about the trials & tribulations of my garden.

Freud’s Butcher
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog had its genesis in my discovery that the kosher butcher shop of Siegmund Kornmehl, my great uncle on my mother’s side, had been turned into an art gallery in Vienna’s Sigmund Freud Museum.

I’d known about the Freud connection, vaguely, since I was young. I also knew that my mother had several uncles who were butchers, not just Siegmund Kornmehl. But I had no historical context for those disparate bits of information. Or, to be precise, the historical context I’d always focused on was narrow and extremely unpleasant: The annexation of Austria by the Nazis in 1938 and the consequent dispersion of the family. Many of the eight Kornmehl siblings and their spouses, including my grandparents, met their ends in death camps.

My father also escaped the Holocaust from Vienna and had a similarly fraught history. It was a family tradition to avoid discussing the past.

But suddenly I had a new, more pleasant perspective on my family history — and lots of questions. What was life like for middle-class Jews in fin-de-siècle Vienna, and, specifically, for the family of Freud’s butcher? I’d only thought about the shadow of anti-Semitism that hung over the era.  Now I wanted to know what, exactly, was being overshadowed.

I discovered that my questions fell, roughly, into three main categories: How could I find out more about my relatives (Genealogy)? What was the nature of the Freud connection (Psychology)? What was it like to be a kosher butcher during this period (Meat)?

Starting out, I’m not sure which of those three topics will end up getting the most attention, or even whether I’ll dwell on the past more than the present.

Come along. We’ll find out together.

Genealogy Experientially type: Individual family history

This weblog is part of a set of websites built around a larger genealogy project focusing on four families. You’ll find the family trees and documentation at along with instructions on how to look up individuals (see for example Winifred Benham, tried three times for witchcraft or Ivan Green, an RAF officer 1914-1941). I use this space to record research notes,  think through the analysis of historical data, and discuss technology issues.

Genealogy On Found Photos
Blog type: Photography blog

Although some of the photos I’ve found have been lucky enough to have names attched, many do not.  I’d be willing to estimate less than 5% of photos have their subjects identified.  Because of that rather startling statistic, I have decided to dedicate several pages to these unknown photos.  There will be links on the side to view these.  Hopefully someone will recognize one of them.  They will be arranged by state, wherever possible, and possibly by city.

Greene Connections
Blog type: Pennsylvania blogs, Photography blogs

The Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Photo Archives Project aims to (1) make rare ancestral and local history photographs/documents accessible, (2) identify unknown photograph subjects, and (3) educate and involve local organizations as well as the general public.

The Greene Connections web site and all related projects are free to access and have been researched and compiled on a volunteer basis. Photographs/documents have been shared by families, individuals and local repositories such as the Cornerstone Genealogical Society, Greene County Historical Society and Waynesburg University Museum. Contributor credit and citation information are maintained and displayed with every photograph/document.

My Genealogical Journey
Blog type: Individual family history

I’d begun my genealogical journey at the St. Croix Landmarks library.  My mother and I discovered that the Patriarch of the family was in the Danish West Indies during the Danish Slave Trade to St. Croix.   Further research revealed that although the Patriarch was a free person of Color.  The Census revealed that his mother was listed as Un-free.   We begin this journey over 200 years ago with George Bough mother that is Sarah Beaudhuy that was born a slave in St. Croix, Danish West Indies in the second half of the 18th century.

This journey will take us from the Classic Sugar Plantations in the Danish West Indies to the historic Appointment by President William Jefferson Clinton of a Judge to preside in St. Croix of the United States.   The journey will have basic facts but it will also include the stories behind the data.    I Love my family!

Please feel free to contribute, comment, correct or ask questions.

Narrative Publishers
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog, Writing Your Family History

This morning I had a cup of tea with several people who had lots of interesting life stories.  One lady went to RADA many years ago and told us stories about some of the now famous actors; a man told us stories of his travelling in his youth and an amazing escape from death from a wild animal in Africa; and another lady who lived in India.

The Art of Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

I am a family historian and genealogy student at St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto. I have a B.A. from Boston University in Psychology and Creative Writing, and a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Delaware. In addition to genealogy, my interests are digital photography, writing, reading, exploring cemeteries and scrapbooking.  My memberships include: The New England Historic Genealogical Society, the National Genealogical Society, the New York Genealogical & Biographical Society, the Clinton Historical Society (New York), Madison County Historical Society (New York), New York Mills Historical Society (New York), Oneida County Historical Society (New York), the Waterford Historical Society (Michigan) and the Perry County Historical Society (Tennessee).

Specific areas I have researched are: New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Canada, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. As each day passes, my areas of expertise expand as I discover new ancestors.

© 2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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