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New Genealogy Blogs October 6, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 8 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Blackened Roots
Blog type: Individual family history

While I was thinking of what to call this new site, one name that kept coming to me was Dust and Memories.  One of the goals of this site is to document the history of those family members who came before me.  I consider this to be an almost sacred duty of the family historian, because if no one in a family takes the time to document these histories with writings, images, and tangible artifacts, a family’s historical legacy all too quickly becomes dust and fading memories.

Rich family histories do not have to be solely the province of the famous and wealthy. Every person has a lifetime of stories to tell.  One of the most powerful legacies we can leave to our descendants is the story of our shared past.  The tapestry that is a family’s history is not some quaint and irrelevant relic, and neither does it belong exclusively to the living; rather, it is part of the timeless identity of a family and is our gift to the future.  As the living, we are the curators of this legacy, and it is our duty to preserve it and enlarge it.

A family history is never “complete.”  History is as much about the current and the living as it is about the past and those who are no longer with us.  A knowledge of our past can help us better understand much of the present.  This blog is one family historian’s attempt to honor his responsibilities to past and future generations.  It is also a recognition that histories that are written but not shared are only slightly better than undocumented histories.  To survive, histories must be both written and shared.

Braunhart Mania
Blog type: Individual family history

Braunhart Mania began all because of this little guy, Samuel Braunhart, who I was “introduced” to by my Dad’s cousin Clyde Pound back in 2004.  When I tracked down Clyde then, he offered a document that his mother Mynette Heyman had saved, about her great uncle, a politician that served in San Francisco.  Before then, I had never heard the name “Braunhart.”

Since that time, dozens of ancestors and relatives named Braunhart have appeared to me.  As a result, I have communicated with Braunhart relatives in Berlin, and found many descendants in California, New York and New Jersey.  I have also communicated with a gentleman from Szubin, Poland, which when it was Schubin, Germany/Prussia, housed the Braunhart patriarch and matriarch in the early 1800s up to the early 1920s.

There have been many who served in World War I and II, both in the American military, as well as the German military. There were several who escaped the Nazis and traveled to Palestine, Shanghai, and England, and tragically three Braunharts were murdered in the concentration camps.

Have I been obsessed with finding out as much about the Braunharts as I can – YES!  Are there more than two hundred people with Braunhart “blood” – YES!

So Braunhart Mania continues, and I am a much better person because of it.


Since 2004, I have been focused on my Braunhart ancestry.  It was through the assistance of a select few second and third cousins that I have been able to collect stories and photos of the members of this family.  Most importantly to acknowledge, however is Martha Lesnitzer Zucker, who is actually my third cousin, once removed. She has been as obsessed as I have been with getting the story of this family assembled and deserves much credit.

Georgia Archives Matters
Blog type: Genealogy library blog, Georgia genealogy

This blog is run entirely by volunteer advocates for the Georgia Archives – mostly from the Georgia Genealogical Society ( Guest writers may be featured from time to time. Here you will find updates on the campaign to save and support the Archives, announcements, commentary, information and thoughtful discussion. Our goal is the keep the Archives open to the public and adequately staffed – in its award-winning facility in Morrow, Ga.

We welcome comments, but there are a few ground rules. Please keep comments polite and focused on the issues. Inappropriate comments and personal attacks will be deleted.

Indiana Ties
Blog type: Indiana genealogy, Individual family history

Hello fellow genealogists! My name is Nancy Niehaus Hurley.  A highlight of the ten years that I’ve been involved in family research has been talking with family about their memories and sharing the information I uncover. Writing my family stories and newsletters has emerged as an enjoyable result of my researching. That’s why I started my blog, Indiana Ties, to take the learning, sharing and connecting into a larger arena.

I find family research challenging and rewarding. Even when I reach a dead end or an obstacle, my curiosity keeps me sniffing for more details. I’m interested in making the connections of my ancestors within their time and place. And I plan to record the traces of this family history, whether just for my own knowledge or for someone else who may not yet know they are interested.

I have chosen Indiana Ties as my blog handle because the majority of my ancestors eventually made their homes in Indiana. My ancestral lines for the most part  originate in Germany. But those travelers meander through various states and grow many branches. My Indiana Ties adventure is helping to enhance my family history journey already. I’ve met new cousins and hope to meet more fellow family historians, get more family involved and help others find their families, too.

Larsen Digital – Preserving Your Memories
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog, Photography blog

Larsen Digital Services ( is the leading company in restoring photos, movie film, slides, VHS tapes, and much more!

Rambling Along the Ancestral Trail
Blog type: Individual family history, Professional genealogist blog

My blog is about a variety of genealogical and related topics. It is fairly new and I have not decided whether to focus on a specific genealogical category or just continue with topics I find of interest.   The categories on my blog at this point are general posts under the tag of the same name as the blog, genealogical conferences, speaking (I am a lecturer ) and websites and blogs that I find of interest and wish to share with the genealogical community).  It will probably have a lot about  Ohio genealogy as that is where I live, research, and speak.  I am listed on the Ohio Blog List.  More information can be found on my website

Tomb Town
Blog type: Cemetery blog

This is my blog for all things cemetery related.

Utah Genealogy Jewish Society
Blog type: Genealogical society blog, Jewish genealogy, Utah genealogy

The Utah Jewish Genealogical Society is a non-profit organization, founded in 2002 to provide a forum for and assistance to members interested in researching their Jewish ancestors. UJGS offers its members research techniques, informative lectures, and teaches genealogical research techniques. Membership is open to anyone with interest in Jewish genealogical research without regard to race, religion, or ethnic identification. We welcome all people of Jewish heritage and ancestry — those identifying as Jews and those who practice other faiths or no faith.

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