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New Genealogy Blogs October 29, 2011

new genealogy blogs

There are 10 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

all of a sudden part jew

Blog type: Individual family history, Jewish genealogy

I was born in Shanghai and moved to the USA at 9 years old. At 29 years old, I discovered I have a great-great-grandfather who was Jewish. Suddenly, I found my life’s passions; furthering Chinese and Jewish relations.

Now I am searching for the missing piece of the puzzle in my family…while learning a lot about Judaism at the same time…that’s what this blog is all about. I hope you will find this an interesting read.

ancestral stories

Ancestral Stories
Blog type: Individual family history

In mid-July, 2011, I started this blog in order to create and share Ancestor Personality Sketches of my own ancestors. For over 35 years, I’ve gathered their names, dates, locations, relationships, stories, and pictures. I’ve created digital scrapbooks and web sites, engaged in correspondence and research, and developed an extensive database, complete with charts and timelines. But until now I didn’t have a blog.

I invite you to look back at my first posting, published on July 23, “Getting to Know Them.” It sets the stage for all the others.

I view a blog as a discipline and an opportunity.  Writing is a craft which I find engaging. The books and guides I’ve had published as a professional genealogist have all been informational, usually giving advice about how to do genealogy research, how to organize one’s family history research, or providing an overview of historical and geographical features such as early American roads and trails. I’ve never had an interest in writing fiction. But I do like to write essays, and that is what I hope to accomplish in this blog while randomly looking at one ancestor at a time.

You may recognize a surname in the blog topic labels and discover that we share an ancestor. If so, I hope you will enjoy my reflections on our mutual ancestor and share his or her story with your own family.

I’m overwhelmed with e-mail and am unable to answer most of it, but I do welcome your comments as you join me in getting acquainted with the personalities who make up my family history and heritage.

Eventually, I may add a simple chart of my ancestry in this blog, as a separate page. Meanwhile, if you are curious about my family lines, go to the FAMILY section of my web site. And if you want help getting started with your own family history, use the RESOURCES section.

casimirs dream

Casimir’s Dream
Blog type: Individual family history

A chronicle of the Fisher-Dukes, sharing my genealogical findings with my extended family and encouraging them in turn to share with me their own memories, pictures, and documents.

genealogists for families

Genealogists for Families Project
Blog type: Genealogy volunteering blog

Genealogists worldwide, plus family and friends, are working as a team to help families and small businesses in low income areas. Through Kiva, a nonprofit organisation, we make $25 loans that enable borrowers to expand their businesses, support their families and raise themselves out of poverty. When the loan is repaid, the lender can withdraw the money or lend it again.

To find out about team activities including prize draws, follow this blog or subscribe to posts and comments. Join ‘Genealogists for Families’ and make a difference by helping families now and in the future!

jen-gens family history

Jen-Gen’s Family History
Blog type: Individual family history, Jewish genealogy

In 2008 all three of my remaining grandparents passed away. It hit me hard and as a result I began to wonder about their history and what stories I missed out on. I spoke with my parents and began to become increasing interested in our family history. I joined and bought Family Tree Maker. I scoured family photographs for clues as to who my relatives were and where they came from. At first I was amazed at the sheer volume of information “out there”! Census records, immigration details including ship manifests, birth, marriage, and death certificates were available for so many of my relatives! It has been quite fascinating for me.

I’ve always been interested in history and the stories of my past. I knew hardly anything about my Alford side of the family. All I knew about my mom’s side of the family is that we were descended from Russian Jews and that my great grandfather, Myer Krueger, had come over around 1900. A great treasure hunt for my roots! I’ve loved mysteries and have felt a bit like a private investigator hunting down the details. Taking educated guesses at times, but for the most part relying on family stories to pursue leads.

And so I have decided to document my search and share my findings with my relatives and friends. I’m hoping some of the information that I share will lead to memories being triggered and new stories shared. New clues unearthed and an appreciation by all of the family for where we came from and how fortunate we all are that our family took the risks in coming to America to give us all these great opportunities.

The journey continues….

my family through time

My Family Through Time
Blog type: Individual family history, Surname blogs, UK genealogy

Family tree and one name study research.

note from the hills hackett tree

Notes from the Hills/Hackett Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

I’ve only been playing seriously with Hills / Hackett ancestors for about 10 years now — just a baby by genealogical standards.  Mine has been largely an old-school playground — a lot of paper in three-ring binders.  Even with much of this now on computer, I like spreading multiple generations or multiple families on the floor around me just to see what that information tells me that it didn’t before.

Raised in upstate New York, I now live in Central Illinois, where TRAEAs Grandpa and I raised our kids. The middle of the country is great when you think of it as equidistant from each coast.  It’s a major annoyance, however, when your ancestors were entrenched in New England and Eastern Canada.  So thank you to all who have made computer research possible for genealogists – from the computer designers and programmers, to the employees who see that it all runs (most of the time), to government employees and individuals who saved what today is priceless information for research!

Blogger’s template asks for random bio information, so not that it’s particularly relevant, here ’tis.  I’m a Sagittarius, prefer intelligent chick flics (and others as long as they don’t include explosions and gunplay).  TRAEA’s Grandpa and I haunt library used-book sales, and I could listen to classical music and news radio all day.

Enough about me.  How can some of my play with Hills / Hackett ancestors can help you.

rose marye writes

Rose Mayre Writes
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to Rose Marye Writes! I am a beginning writer and genealogist and have decided to combine my love of the two into one blog. On the pages here and in the entries I will post (hopefully, daily), you will find my advice for other beginning genealogists as well as information on the progress of my own family tree.

I have decided to undertake the ambitious project of tracing both the ancestry and descendants of my four grandparents—my paternal grandfather Carl Albert Prust, Sr., my paternal grandmother Phyllis Marye (Konkler) Ackerley Prust, my maternal grandfather Roy Ellsworth McConnell and my maternal grandmother Betty Alice (Wallace) McConnell. This will be a long project but it is the legacy which has led to the birth of myself and my two sisters and brothers that I wish to capture and try to preserve.

I am more than willing to exchange my research with others who are researching their family trees and find a common link between the two. If you recognize any of the surnames listed on the Surname page, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss any common links we may have.

the african american gen grp ky

The African American Genealogy Group of Kentucky
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Kentucky genealogy

The African-American Genealogy Group of Kentucky, “The Group”, is a non-profit organization of researchers, historians, and everyday folk working together to save the history of Kentucky’s Black families.  Begun in January 2011, our focus is to help people research their family histories and to give them a forum to share their findings.  By sharing, we can tell “our” story, educate our children and our communities.  Our mission is to “save history and pass it on.

We are a group of individuals interested in learning our African-American family histories; learning how to preserve them; and telling “our” story to our family and community. Over the past several years, many have expressed the desire for a forum where we could share our stories, telling them as only we know how.   I have been approached for help in finding how or where to locate certain types of information.  Many of our knowledgeable historians and professionals are just too bogged down to have time for the nuts and bolts research.  So, we are a group of “worker bees”.  The AAGGKY meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday in easily accessible locations with programming focused on African American ancestry.

Our official business will take place on our web site, but many of our real stories will be presented here on this blog. We are looking for guest bloggers/writers and researchers to make this blog an active resource for African American genealogy. We also hope this will serve as an inspiration to others – never give up hope, and keep searching! Our heritage must be preserved – but in many cases, we have to find it first. So let’s get searching!

the italian side

The Italian Side
Blog type: Italian genealogy

This site is for everybody all over the world interested in finding more about Italy.

People who have an Italian side in their life ( big, small ?)

…a father, a grandmother, an ancestor, a love, a good friend, nice memories ….

People who feel a little bit Italian inside because they  like something Italian: places, art, culture, foods, lifestyle, music, fashion, people or anything else …

Someone who remembers his last trip in Italy and want to come back…someone else who is planning his first one (oh yeah !) , or someone who can only travel by the Net (for now !) .

And what this site is about ?

Well, it’s (or better it will be) about places, travels, people, foods, wines, recipes, flavors, parfumes, art, culture, crafts, pictures, music, traditions, families, memories, lifestyle, genealogy and so on… (anything else to suggest ?)

…everything from the Italian Side.

© 2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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