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New Genealogy Blogs October 20, 2012

new genealogy blogs

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Blog type: Australian genealogy, Individual family history

The blog is about is mainly about the stories behind the names and dates on my family’s tree in Australia, UK and Ireland and the US. I will also write about research techniques and local history.

Corduroy and Silk Genes
Blog type: Individual family history

I started working on genealogy back in the late 90’s while in high school. It used to only be about the names. Since then I’ve learned so much more about research and my family, picked up a degree in Archives Management, developed a love for sharing what I’ve learned, and started a family of my own.

Laney’s Past
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Individual Family History

Hi. My name’s Kim Robinson and this is my family history blog. After nearly fifteen years of research, I am now ready to start fleshing out the stories of the people who appear on the branches of my tree.

As with all families, there are some characters. My interest in their stories have been generated through family lore or my own research. With every piece of information that answers a question, another is posed. It’s fascinating, it’s rewarding, it’s exciting, it’s time consuming. I love it.

Here is a list of some of surname interests.

Aeschbacher Family: the Aeschbacher’s originated in Lützelflüh, Switzerland.

Aldington Family: the Aldington family emigrated from England to Australia at the turn of the Twentieth century.  They originate in London and Much Wenlock, Shropshire.

Butterworth Family: Robert Butterworth emigrated to South Australia in the 1870′s from Liverpool, England.

Lane Family: interested in the family of George Lane of Stepney.  He lived in the East End at the beginning of the nineteenth century.  His son, Thomas James, emigrated to NSW, Australia with his family in the 1850′s.

Lemon Family: originally from County Down in Ireland, the Lemons emigrated to Australia in the nineteenth century and settled in Goulburn, NSW where they established a small business, T J Lemon & Sons.

Miles Family: William Henry Miles emigrated to Sydney, NSW from Bristol in 1879 and became a successful businessman.  He owned property in and around Sydney as well as in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

Scarlett Family: the Scarlett family were miners who emigrated from Durham, England to the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.  My ancestor, Henry Scarlett was a miner in Greta, NSW.

Blog type: Australian genealogy blog, Individual family history

My husband Leslie and I spend most of our time travelling around Australia in our caravan.

Blog type: Hawaiian genealogy, Research blog

Another place to talk about Hawaiian-Language Newspapers! Please note that these are not translations, but if anything they are just works in progress. Hopefully the English gets across the overall intent of the articles. Please comment if you come across misreads or anything else you think is important!

The Ancestor Hunt
Blog type: Individual family history

My name is Kenneth R Marks, and I reside in Peoria, Arizona.  And this is my story of how I began the journey of finding my family history.

Along the way, I have discovered hundreds and hundreds of techniques to use to make progress in this journey.  It is my intent to share these techniques, as well as valuable tools in order that the journey for you will be less bumpy and hopefully just as rewarding as it has been for me.

In 2002, for a reason long forgotten, I joined as a “free subscriber”. Not driven by a passion to “know” my roots, but just interest, I began the search.

When I started, quite honestly, I knew the first and last names of only two of my great grandparents – both on my Mother’s side of the family – William William Williams – her grandfather, who she never had met, and her other grandfather, John Delano Lutgens, who she did know because he lived with her parents and her brothers and sister as she grew up in West Oakland. I did remember Grandpa Heyman, my father’s grandfather, but didn’t know his first name. He was the only one of my great grandparents who was actually alive when I was – up until I was nine years old. All 5 of my remaining great grandparents were a total mystery to me. In fact I have no memory of anyone in my family even mentioning them – not necessarily because they led “bad” lives or had a sordid history – just because no one talked of them – and I don’t think it is because I wasn’t a good listener.

My dear Mother passed in July, 2003. After her passing I became more interested, again not a passion but just interest.

You might ask – did you ask your Mother about any family history between 2002 and the date of her passing? And the answer is – NO! Do I regret not asking her? The answer is a resounding – YES!

And this, in my opinion is the BIGGEST lesson of all – ask the living before it is too late about their lives, and their stories, and not only look at their photo books, but ask them who the people are in these albums.

And since then, over the past decade I have become an obsessed ANCESTOR HUNTER.

The Spiraling Chains: Kowalski – Bellan Family Trees
Blog type: Individual family history

I never thought I would do it.  Start a blog, that is.  I mean, who wants to read about my mundane everyday life?  Well, here’s the thing: This blog will, for the most part, be about other people’s lives.  This blog will contain my thoughts and reflections on what I have learned and experienced over the past year and a half while researching my and my husband’s family trees.  I’ve already outlined ideas for at least a dozen blog posts so far (Thank you, six-hour drive to Cleveland.) and, because I am still researching, I’m sure many more topics will emerge.

Many of you who will read this blog already know that I am in the process of posting electronic copies of family documents and photos on the following websites:     (my family)    (hubby’s family)

But recently I’ve realized that the documents and photos don’t tell the whole story of our ancestors’ lives.  I wanted a forum (this blog) where I and other family members, if they choose to do so, could tell stories of what they remember about those who have passed.  And while there are individuals in our family trees for whom there are no living memories, we can still honor them by chronicling what life was like during the times in which they lived (the history buff in me is tingling with excitement!)

The title of the blog, “The Spiraling Chains” is from a quotation by magazine editor and author, Shirley Abbott:

“We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiraling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies.”

I like this quote because it pays tribute to both the memories we have of our ancestors AND the traits that they’ve passed down to us through genetics.

I hope you all enjoy the blog; I will try to post fairly frequently, and please feel free to leave comments!

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