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New Genealogy Blogs November 27, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Editor’s Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 41 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,457 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ancestor investigations

Ancestor Investigations
Blog type: Genealogy education blog, Professional genealogist

Hello, and welcome to Ancestor Investigations! I am your personal genealogy consultant. As professional genealogist with 18 years of experience researching family histories and lineages, I assist clients with locating long lost living relatives, preparing papers for joining lineage societies, planning family reunions, locating birth families and adopted children, locating heirs to unclaimed estates, and helping people write and edit their family histories and biographies.

I am a member of the following genealogical organizations:

  • Florida State Genealogical Society (where I serve on the board)
  • Essex Society of Genealogists
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • National Genealogical Society
  • New England Historic and Genealogical Society
  • International Society of Family History Writers and Editors

My areas of specialization include New England, Southern, and Irish genealogy research, finding living relatives and long-lost friends, and preparing paperwork for induction into lineage societies. I also work heavily with clients in writing, editing, and preparing their family histories in manuscript form.

beaufort district collections

Beaufort District Collection Connections
Blog type: South Carolina genealogy

The purpose of the Beaufort District Collection is to acquire, preserve, maintain and make accessible a research collection of permanent value which records the history of the area of lowcountry South Carolina known as the old historic Beaufort District.

beyond the home

Beyond the Home
Blog type: Individual family history

When it comes to learning about your ancestors, it can be challenging to find the information you want. While computer programs and search engines can make the task easier, it may also make it easier to find out that the “Hannah Evans” or “Richard Brown” in your tree is one of hundreds with the same name. Additionally, the more recent the person was alive, the more challenging it can be to find information on them.

As someone who is interested in learning about my family, I have encountered all of the problems I just mentioned just as you have or soon will. But don’t give up.

That is why I created this website. So that I can share my information, photos and sources in a simple, searchable way. I will strive to keep my information accurate (no matter how entertaining a speculation might be) and up to date without disturbing the privacy of individuals who are still alive.

I hope this site can be of help to others who are hunting down the same names as me. Feel free to use the comments to add information that you have, ask questions and share resources. Just as genealogy connects us to our ancestors, it can connect us to others who are alive and searching.

caros family chronincles

Caro’s Family Chronicles
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I’ve started this blog to share some of the fascinating stories I’ve uncovered during 25 years of researching my family history. I’m also aiming to share some tips on how I broke down “brick walls” in my genealogical research and point readers towards new sources of information for their own families.

collins of bunalun

Collins of Bunalun, Skibbereen Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history, Irish genealogy

My trials and travails researching my mother’s family history. So the focus is on my Collins ancestors of Southwest Cork, from the Bunalun area in the civil parish of Caheragh, but this blog will publish or link to tools that could be useful to those researching other familial lines in this general area.

connecting our kin

Connecting Our Kin
Blog type: Individual family history

Hello! My name is James (Jim) Hamilton Carroll. I live in Goodlettsville, Tennessee (near Nashville), but I’m originally from Drumright, Oklahoma. My purpose for this blog is to accompany my site Connecting Our Kin with an ability to break down the site into smaller pieces and provide my readers with the ability to add notes and comments associated with each subject.

The surnames Carroll, Lingle, Rorabaugh, and Ballew are those of my parents and grandparents, and these form the basic index of the site. However, I have just recently been able to extend the Felkins line (follow Lingle) and the Tippy line (follow Ballew) back a number of generations.

I welcome your comments and feedback and am always hopeful to hear from cousins.

daly history blog

Daly History Blog
Blog type: Military history blog, UK genealogy

I’m a Historian, researcher and writer from Portsmouth, England. I specialise in Military, Maritime, Naval, Local and Family History. I studied History at the University of Portsmouth between 2002 and 2005. In my final year my tutor was the well known local and maritime historian Dr. James H. Thomas.

I’ve always been enthusiastic about reading and writing about the past. I believe that when we forget about the past, we’re not arming ourselves properly for the future. I also believe that far too often History is made far too boring, and about mindless lists of names and dates. History isn’t just about facts, but about how and where you find them, and what you learn from them. If we know where we’ve come from, then we know much more about where we are and where we’re going. And its not just about Lord and Lady so-and-so, or General Sir this-and-that, but the ordinary people on the ground and at the coalface.

danielsens norway to america

Danielsens – Norway to America
Blog type: Individual family history, Norwegian genealogy

A place to discuss ongoing genealogy research and post family photos of Kristian Hoseus Danielsen: his ancestors in Norway, his descendants in America, his siblings and their descendants.


Blog type: Individual family history

DoddemaGen is a culmination of many things. I’ve always wanted a place where family can get together and talk about the things that are most important to them…family! In today’s world, where families are spread over the globe, it’s harder to keep that dream alive.

Hence, DoddemaGen and the dream lives on. At DoddemaGen, members can share their favorite stories, collaborate on family history and swap recipes. It’s totally up to the member’s imagination where this site will go.

genealogy connections

Genealogy Connections
Blog type: Individual family history

WELCOME TO “GENEALOGY CONNECTIONS.” As it may aid your families connecting to my lines same surnames and their descendants. Comments most welcomed. These pages are “AS IS”. Photos are not generally on the right pages. These pages are NOT FOR Re-SALE in any form or added to be added any “professional” genealogy programs or to their data, trees, software etc. All PUBLISHING right are reserved! Dedicated to all my COUSIN’S FOR THEIR JOY. May we meet in the resurrection!

genealogy for beginners

Genealogy For Beginners: Helpful Hints
Blog type: Genealogy education blog

Everyone in genealogy research starts out some time as a beginner and needs helpful hints to get started. There is an overwhelming amount of books and other information available. The intent of this site is to tell my story of family history research and the nuggets that I have learned along the way. Hopefully these genealogy research tips and hints will help you. Have a plan when you jump on to or and other fantastic sites like these. The Internet databases available are amazing in their depth, and there are lots of companion ways to get information that will save you online search time.

genealogy our astounding past

Genealogy: Our Astounding Past
Blog type: Virginia genealogy

I grew up in a small village called Motley, Virginia. It doesn’t have a post office or a zip code. Everyone knew everyone and their families. It was not unusual for families to know about your grandparents and their grandparents and where they had lived for a century.

My parents would take us on Sunday afternoon trips which they called “grave hopping.” This is before all the genealogy craze began. We would visit the Ward cemetery which was on the edge of Leesville Lake, Brights, Virginia and back then, it was overgrown and lost to the world except for us that knew. There, alone, surrounded by ancient trees and cow pastures, we would trek through the field to stand silently and stare down at these people that were a part of us. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the significance of their contribution to my way of life or to just, maybe, my personality. Did their voices sound like mine, did they have my eyes? Were their bodies built like mine? For many of these people we will never know, but maybe with a little research we can understand the life they led and their motivations behind their actions.

I had worked on an ancestry tree and I showed it to one of my family. They stared at the chain with the names and dates. Then after a moment, they looked up at me and said, “This is interesting, but what does that tell me?” And I realized that the people that were are more than a birthday and a spouse, or a child. They were living, breathing people. They were a part of my human experience because they were a part of me. No, they weren’t kings or witches, but the greatest heroes of their time. The Ordinary American which isn’t so ordinary at all.

I will begin by sharing as much information as I have available. I will give reference material and documents that I discovered. I will also be willing to go courthouses in North Carolina to discover information for other people. Of course, there will be a charge to cover my time and expense. I hope to find documents and make photos available on this blog.

Please keep coming back because I will, hopefully, be posting additional information frequently.

hibbit family history blog

Hibbitt Family History Blog
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

This blog is associated to my Hibbitt Family History website at, keeping you informed of any changes to the site and other genealogical topics. Read on to find out more.

jahn genealogy

Jahn Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

A weblog for casual updates on my genealogy research. Surnames: Jahn, Joslin, Felten, Tibbitt, Rouse, Ludwig, Grant, Fisher, McDermond, Stickly, Moore, With, Hudson, Prickett, Hinchman, Harvey, Sheppard, Campbell, Hewitt

I’ve taken up the role of family genealogist from my Aunt, Dorothy Grant, nee Jahn, and the late Sheppard Joslin. Most of my family research deals with Delaware Valley or New Jersey ancestors, except the Tibbitt line (Maryland) and the Ludwigs (Maine).

kathryn's genealogy help columns

Kathryn’s Genealogy Help Columns
Blog type: Genealogy education blogs

These columns have appeared in various genealogy newsletters and E-Zines over the years they are free to download and use in noncommercial publications or for personal use. All I ask is that you credit myself or this Blog. Kathryn Brannigan Walizer.

labauve genealogy

LaBauve Genealogy
Blog type: Acadian genealogy, Individual family history, Louisiana genealogy

LaBauve Breaux genealogy, Cajun family history research.

lucas county gen soc

Lucas County Genealogical Society
Blog type: Genealogical society blog, Iowa genealogy, Midwest genealogy

Are you looking for a family from the Lucas County Iowa area? The Lucas County Genealogy Society has indexed all the past and present newspapers from 1867 – 2005. These papers include the past and present newspapers from both Chariton and Russell. The genealogy department has all these papers on microfilm and they are available to the public if you want to do your own researching. You may also contact them by e-mail, snail-mail or phone if you want them to research a family for you. The Genealogy department is located in the Chariton Public Library in the Family History Room on the bottom floor of the library. Their physical address is: Lucas County Genealogical Society %Chariton Library, 803 Braden Ave., Chariton Iowa 50049-1742. The telephone number is 641-774-5514. E-mail address is:

my channel island ancestry

My Channel Island Ancestry
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I was born in Jersey, a little island between England and France. Jersey is the largest island of five in the Channel Islands. I am an avid family history fan and it is my mission to try and see how far back I can go with my heritage in the Channel Islands and beyond!

I started researching my family at the age of 17 which is generally quite a young age to start. It came about as one of many subject I could choose as an extra curricular activity at my 6th form school. I have since collated quite a lot of information!

I am not a professional Genealogist. I am someone who gets great enjoyment out of researching her family history. Therefore there may be some errors in my research, however, if I am unsure about any details I have put on this website I will state that. Otherwise I hope you find my site interesting and enjoyable!

my parents lives in pictures

My Parents’ Lives In Pictures
Blog type: Individual family history, Photography blogs

This is a place for me to display pictures of my Mother and Father and their families. I know a bit about my families history on both sides of the family.

Anyone with pictures or information that they would want or allow to be published here, I would be glad to do that.

People who are interested in these pictures can go to Flickr to see them.

my tapley tree

My Tapley Tree… and its Branches
Blog type: Individual family history

My friend and I attended the first Family History Expo in Atlanta this weekend, and I took a class on starting a genealogy blog. So here I am! I’m not sure if I’m going to keep the name – what do you think? – or what exactly I’m going to write about, but I have to start somewhere.

I hope to connect with far-flung and currently unknown Tapley, Drake, Ranney, and Schwalls relatives. Most are from Georgia, but I will share their individual stories as I go along.

This is a work-in-progress, but I hope you will join me on this journey. If we are related, maybe you will learn something interesting about our family. If we are not related, I hope you just enjoy and maybe get some ideas about researching your family.

nevada genealogy

Nevada Genealogy
Blog type: Nevada genealogy

Ahira to Zipporah, my ancestors in words, photos & brick walls. Genealogy, Family History, Nevada and Elko County research helps, plus anything else that strikes my fancy.

oakland genealogy items

Oakland Genealogy Items
Blog type: California genealogy, Research blog

Official Blog for Transcriptions and indexes of interest to Oakland, California genealogy researchers.

oh spusch

Oh Spusch!
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog is maintained by two sisters who have had a lifelong interest in genealogy.
Mika writes here mostly about our family (Hansen, Hillinger, Bordewick, Park, etc), and her search for more information. Shannon mostly uses this space as a place to make the many stories written about and by her husband’s family (Holly, Walker, Walpole, etc) available to the rest of the family, present and future.

Our blog is named Oh Spusch! mostly because Shannon is bad at naming things. The first post I put up includes a story about the time Walker’s great grandfather took his whole family out to see a play and the littlest kept saying “Oh! Spusch!” No one ever figured out what she meant by that.

past relations genealogy

Past Relations Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy education

These courses will appeal to genealogists/family historians looking for education/knowledge that will take them beyond just their ancestors names, and birth, marriage, death dates/locations. The courses are all fun because Pat makes them that way! Pat has been teaching and speaking at seminars for 12 years from Whitehorse to Scotland. She continues to write new courses and is currently working on another, ready for 2011.

past times genealogy

Past Times Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy vendor

There are many of us who have information on our ancestors but don’t know what to do with it. It is in printed format and takes up space. Not all of us have space for this and many don’t even look at this information. I CAN HELP!

I can convert all of your hard documents into electronic ones. This saves on space and makes it easy for you to share your information with other family members. I can make it so you can store your irreplaceable documents off-site and protect them floods and fires.

No need to wait until you have more time to organize your family history. Contact me now.

rockdale my home town

Rockdale – My Hometown
Blog type: Geographic genealogy

Rockdale, my hometown, is Texas’ heart and significant part of its soul,” George Sessions Perry wrote in his book, Texas: A World Unto Itself. Perry wrote with lifelong affection about his hometown, first as a novelist and later as a magazine journalist. He describes the pioneers of Rockdale as typical of restless Southerners who hitched their wagons and moved to Texas after the Civil War. . . . Clay Coppedge . . .

slowly driven mad by ancestors

Slowly Being Driven Mad by the Ancestors
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

Arghgh. Ok so I thought this would be a good idea about five minutes ago, now I’m not so sure!!

Little Introduction: In 2006 I broke my wrist at the gym (on a cross training machine…don’t ask!) and ended up being off work for 6 weeks. Now I’m not very good at doing nothing so I decided to start investigating my family tree.

Four years later and I’m still hunting, looking, crying and despairing as I think I’ve found another family member but it turns out I’m on the wrong track and have to go back to the beginning.

Last year I decided that I should go back to the start, make sure I’ve saved copies of all the evidence of the family (such as Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Baptism entries, Census Returns etc.) so that it’s all in one place and more importantly all CORRECT. I’m still in the process of doing that but found that some things just didn’t add up. Things I’d thought were correct four years ago to my now more experienced eyes just don’t add up so, you guessed it I’m going right back to ME.

I want this blog to be an outlet for my frustrations (so that my lovely b/f won’t have to pretend to be interested anymore!) and also a note of things I should be checking and where I’m up to. I hope it’s at least a little bit interesting to some and I don’t bore the pants off you.

steuben county indiana

Steuben County Indiana: Through The Years
Blog type: Indiana genealogy, Midwest genealogy

Carnegie Library of Steuben County, Local History Department, Angola, Indiana. This blog uses materials from the library’s local history and genealogy collection.

tessas blog

Tessa’s Blog
Blog type: Individual family history, Swedish genealogy

Tessa got her interest in family history from her grandmother Inez. She lived in her birth parish all her life and often spoke of those who went before us. The stories intrigued me and made me search the archives for more information. I never imagined then that my research would mean so much to me. Travelling the world, meeting distant cousins, and seeing that people really are the same all over the planet, has been an incredible experience. I have achieved a higher understanding, both of myself and the world, during these trips. I owe my grandmother a lot for her generosity and stories.

the hopes and dreams

The Hopes and Dreams of a Texas Grandma
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m a 45 year old mother of two with two beautiful grandchildren. They are my reason for renewing my interest in my ancestors and getting healthy. I’d like to leave them all the information on their families that I can.

the manly manley family tree

The Manly / Manley Family Tree DNA Project
Blog type: DNA genealogy, Surname blog, UK genealogy

Helen Manley and I began working together about 15 years ago, collaborating on our Manley/Manly family research. She the more careful, experienced researcher sharing her experiences and guiding me along the path of solid, documented research. With her tutelage I learned to use theory as a springboard for extensive research. Conjecture and theory are wonderful and useful when making “educated guesses”, but require documentation for support.

Helen and I were doubly blessed when we discovered Alan and Keith. Both are in the UK and are not only brilliant, they know how to scour records, “haunt” cemeteries and even resort to using wives and pets to charm. They possess enough talent to wheedle information from the sternest of Vicars!

the mcconnell blog

The McConnell Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

I am an archaeologist and historian by profession and my passion for the past has, for the last 20 years at least, also extended to my own family history. I confess that most of my research over the years has been intermittent but I’ve still collected enough information to take a branch of my family tree back to the early 17th century. It might sound like I’ve cracked it but in reality I’ve barely scratched the surface and I realise that my best efforts to complete what I started will probably never happen. I actually don’t mind. I’m sure some of my family, present and future, will take up the ’cause’.

the thompson family

The Thompson Family
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

(A Search into History) Compiled by Edward Thompson (1879-1970)

Returning to England after almost thirty years abroad, the only relatives left were Brother Herbert, eleven years older, and Willie eleven years younger than I, both parents having died about twenty-five years earlier. The wife of Willie than began accusing me of being just like the rest of the Thompson’s, my brothers and also my own sons. I inferred that this consisted in an indifference to public opinion and convention to a degree considered by her as eccentric, but could never obtain specific charges.

tiffs genealogy adventure

Tiff’s Genealogy Adventure
Blog type: Individual family history, Midwest genealogy, Missouri genealogy

I love genealogy so much that I work in the field at the Midwest Genealogy Center and have since 2004. I have been working on my own genealogy since about 2002 and absolutely love it. Newspapers are my passion. I am working towards my certification in Genealogy. I have taught many genealogy classes and recently taught at the Midwest genealogy expo. My other loves are my doggy Sierra, reading and spending time with my significant other.

torres family

Torres Family NM Genealogy and History Blog
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy, Individual family history, New Mexico genealogy

Family history of the Torres Family of New Mexico.

tpstry blog

Tpstry Blog
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog

As we, the Tpstry founders, got older, we began to realize that we wanted to know more about many of our relatives who had already passed away. We wanted to know what they were like as kids, who were there favorite entertainers, what jobs had they worked at. Unfortunately we couldn’t talk directly to them, but we could talk to our other living relatives who knew them. By using the combined knowledge of our living relatives, we could learn so much more about our deceased relatives. Since we had already missed our chance with our deceased relatives, we didn’t want to miss our chance with our living relatives. So we could ask them the same questions and learn even more about everone in our family.

Thus, Tpstry was born as a place to gather and organize not only our past family history, but also the new living history made everyday.

Just as history is living and changes everyday, so Tpstry will change to meet the needs of it’s users. Please feel free to join our Support Forums to tell us what you like and don’t like about Tpstry.

tucker family genealogy

Tucker Family Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

A blog created for descendants of Henry Tucker born ca. 1775/1780, North Carolina, died 1840 Monroe County Tennessee, who married 1) Mary Grant, and 2) Sarah Meyers.

weatherwax genealogy

Weatherwax Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

I retired from the U.S. Navy in 1983 and began doing serious Genealogy on my family name. Like many I only wanted to find my where my Great Grandparents came from. That lead to over 30 years of searching wider and wider than I thought possible into the family history. All of which I will publish into a Weatherwax family Genealogy.

williams county ohio

Williams County, Ohio Genealogy
Blog type: Midwest genealogy, Ohio genealogy

I have been interested in genealogy since I was 14 years old due in part to a pack-rat grandma who had the basis of several paternal lines. From there the passion swelled. I look forward to more interaction as word spreads about this site.

Blessed with the geographical opportunity to visit the Allen County Public Library as often as time permits, I have advantages that many family searchers do not have. That is truly a remarkable facility and I encourage anyone who has not been there to plan a trip. You will be amazed at what a marvel ACPL is.

A bit about me – I am a retired high school English and social studies teacher with a B. of ED in English and comprehensive social studies, an MAT in Education, and various other post-graduate credits in my fields.

I have been the President of the Williams County Genealogical Society for many years and have written numerous articles on genealogy and local history in our county. I am currently the Newsletter Editor.

with gratitude

With Gratitude
Blog type: Individual family history

My genealogy journey started about 5 years ago now. I had lost my parents in my mid twenties and it had a very traumatic effect on my life. I was just too young to be without them.

I was born in a small town in Wisconsin and I went back to see the rest of my family about 14 years after my Mom and Dad died and that one trip changed me forever. I have one Aunt left, she was my Dad’s sister, Rosemary. We spent many hours talking of my Dad and Mom, my grandparents and their parents. I reconnected with two of my first cousins on my maternal side that same time. I felt like I had a family again, I have a brother and his wife who have been wonderful, but I needed more than just them. I needed to find out where my personality traits came from, why I like certain things and don’t like others, and I did on that trip. When I got home I wanted to do a scrapbook page, and decided I needed more information. I went online and found a place called I looked for Jessie O. Burgess and saw there were records and so I took the plunge and joined the site.

My life has not been the same since!!!!! I can’t explain the feeling when I saw with my own eyes a 1870 Census with my great grandfather and his family in it!!!!

I can’t even begin to explain the camaraderie I have found in genealogy people….the kindness, the willing to go the extra mile, when they weren’t even part of my family!

I have done one book on my paternal line and am working on the books for my maternal line. In that little town in Wisconsin where I was born, there are records on both sides of my family starting back in the 1860’s, so I have been blessed in the fact that for a lot of my tree I didn’t have too far to go.

I love the hunt, as any genealogist will tell you! And I am happy to help people in any way I can, I feel like that is how you pay it forward….

I am so proud of the people I come from, English who became some of the first Americans, Norwegians , Germans, Scotch and Irish. My father loved history, especially his own….I have felt him and my Mom by my side more than once in this wonderful adventure!

So this is where I am going to share the stories of my family, and hope that someone reading it will have that “aha” moment when you decide “I wonder where I came from?”

your peachy past

Your Peachy Past
Blog type: Georgia genealogy

A collection of genealogical and historical information pertaining to the state of Georgia and the families which have lived there.

Specific counties include (but are not limited to) Bibb, Carroll, Dodge, Dooly, Houston, Jones, Macon, Peach, Pulaski, Twiggs, Washington, Wilcox, and Wilkinson.

Also included are other resources, tips, and notes about genealogy and history research in the peach state.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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