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New Genealogy Blogs November 10, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 10 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

  • using any follow feature listed on the blog
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  • adding a comment on their blog saying “hi” and “welcome”

Here are this week’s new listings:

Acadianeire’s Heritage
Blog type: Acadian genealogy, Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Early 50s, Canadian, Jill-Of-All-Trades, serial-Blogger, Loves to eat, write, sing, sleep, read, research, view and snap. Cat-crazy (but not in the dress-em-up way). Addictions include: Cooking & Baking, FB, Solitaire, random wool-work, and thrifting. Kat (Click on Audio Clip on my profile page to hear me speak!)

My blog is an off-shoot of my genealogy research, prompted by photos and utilizing anecdotes, my poetry, and research. It incorporates my family history stemming from County Down in Northern Ireland, on my father’s side, and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, on my mother’s. I also research my husband’s Canadian and British roots on his mother’s side and the Danish on his father’s. Genealogy is just one of my passions, but when I am at it, I am obsessed!

Conference Keepers
Blog type: Genealogy blogs

The objective here is simple. Create and maintain a list of all genealogy and family history related conferences, workshops, sessions, summits and other special events on one website, from around the world.

Simple? Ha!

Time consuming is a much better description.

The site has grown considerably since it first went live on Friday, October 26. I have several more ideas for the page that I want to explore, and will certainly take suggestions from user’s, as well. The results so far have been pretty incredibly, hitting over 600 visits in a twenty-four hour period more than once in the last seven days! I cannot begin to explain how surprised I am with the reaction, and truly, overwhelmed by the support many have shown thus far.

The blog has one real purpose. I will post occasional updates on the site, its content, and any challenges I come across. I will probably also post items for discussion; I do not see this as my site, but rather our site. As in, the genealogical community in general; it’s a site for all of us.

Have ideas? Want to help? Please let me know. You can use the form on the Contact Us page to do so, or via our Facebook page.

One last thing. Please share! It would truly be fantastic to have this site not only cover events for around the world, but for it to be read by people around the world. Know about a genealogy conference in Japan? How about the Middle East? I want to know.

So, thank you. Thank you for your time, your encouragement, and your continued use of the site. That’s what it’s all about.

Dearest Esther
Blog type: Individual family history

Hello! Welcome to Dearest Esther. This is where I will share the letters and postcards of my great grandmother Esther Lee Richardson Talbott. While formal records tell of Esther’s birth, marriage, death, etc, her letters tell us the details not found in the records. This unique set of letters tells her story and the story of those around her better than I could. These letters tell of her community and are rich in the daily life details family historians love.

I hope you enjoy reading Esther’s letters. If you find your ancestor mentioned, please leave a comment or contact me at LissonGenealogy[at]

Lensing and Burris Family Stories
Blog type: Individual family history

The Lensing/Burris families, specifically the Thomas Lensing/Jean Burris families, are a super group of people of whom I am proud to be a part. This is not a formal genealogy blog, though there will be family history shared here. What makes this blog a little different are the personal stories — but I will not be making things up mind you, just sharing stories handed down over the years and some personal memories of mine. Yes, there will be photos of departed family members, but their deaths will not define who they were, their lives and stories will. Every day these people ride along with me as I travel my journey through this world. They are a part of me, and I love them…

Like Vintage Silver
Blog type: Individual family history

Like vintage silver, the stories of our ancestors’ lives (as well as our own lives) may be tarnished or they may be beautiful…but they always grow more precious through the years…and they always deserve to be cherished and passed on to the next generation. Here is where I will display some of my family’s “vintage silver.”

Moultrie Creek Books
Blog type: Genealogy education

A growing number of people in the genealogy and family history community are taking advantage of the technologies and services which give us the opportunity to publish our research and stories ourselves. But, because there are so many platforms and services available, there is no central place to present our efforts. As a result, many great publications are not getting the attention they deserve. Moultrie Creek Books has been created to provide a central location for self-publishers within the genealogy community to catalog and present these publications.

I am building a catalog of publications across the spectrum of genealogy and family history topics. Each publication gets a blog post providing the details along with a description of its contents. I encourage author/publishers to submit their publications by completing the submission form (see the top menu for link).

Reviews are also welcome and the comment section of the publication’s post is a great place to do that. Please read the guidelines before commenting.

Publications are organized into broad categories – or virtual book shelves – which you’ll find listed in the top menu. In addition, there is both a simple and advanced search feature available.

Moultrie Creek is an affiliate with most of the online booksellers and will include affiliate links to the publications whenever possible. This does not add anything to the cost of the publication, but the commissions received from purchases help support all the Moultrie Creek blogs.

You can contact me via email at moultriecreek at yahoo dot com or stop by the Moultrie Creek page on Facebook.

Moultrie Creek Gazette
Blog type: Technology blog

Moultrie Creek is a beautiful tidal creek that meanders around the countryside south of St. Augustine, Florida, before emptying into the Intracoastal Waterway. Over the last 20-plus years, members of the Barrett family have moved to this area to enjoy its beauty and its peaceful settings. The creek also provides the inspiration for much of the content here.

I’m a native Floridian with family ties from Texas to Virginia. When I enlisted in the Air Force I got my first taste of computer technology. My Palm PDA has more processing power than the first computer I was assigned to operate, but it was much more impressive in both size and purpose. An assignment as a technical instructor sent me on a path of teaching and technical support that adapted to many technology changes – from word processors to personal computers, from text-only displays to highly graphical ones.

I married a Soldier and my status changed from service member to military wife, but my association with the military continues. Today I serve as a civilian employee for the National Guard – helping to support not only our military men and women but the citizens of our great state too.

Moultrie Journal
Blog type: Individual family history

A native of St. Augustine, I’ve always been fascinated with its history. From the explorers to the settlers and on up to today, the story of this area has been a colorful journey. This journal is a collection of stories, photos and other ephemera to celebrate that history. Interspersed are stories of my family and how we came to be in this place.

You will notice a number of articles have to do with this area’s historic cemeteries. I’ve always found cemeteries fascinating and was delighted to receive an invitation to join the Association of Graveyard Rabbits. You’ll find those articles organized under the Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek heading in the top menu bar.

But it’s just part of the effort. The Twitter feed you see in the sidebar points to photos, news, events and articles written by others. Through it you can get an expanded look at our history and culture. For those who own an iPad, I recommend installing the free Flipboard reader and create a content section based on the @moultriejournal Twitter profile. Flipboard gives the articles and photos the design attention they deserve and creates a delightful reading experience.

Spilling the Family Beans
Blog type: Writing Your Family History

Spilling the Family Beans is a blog about your family stories–collecting, preserving, and telling the tales of your ancestors and family. Without stories and tales, a family tree is a withered collection of names and dates. A story becomes the sap that flows through the branches of the family tree, bringing your ancestors’ lives to life.

The Beal Family Civil War Story
Blog type: Individual family history, Military history blog

A few years ago my older sister Cheryl self- published a book on our family history. She traced our family lineage back to the Reverend Edward Beal (1550-1612). The wealth of information she compiled on our ancestors was amazing. As I was tracing my fraternal line of the Beale family, I came across a knot in the main truck of the tree. My fraternal line stops and turns into a maternal line. It was right at the time of the Civil War. It seems my great grandmother X 2 Adelin was a Beal, but she married a man by the name of Charles Gilson. However, their son’s name was Charles Beal. The mystery began.

© 2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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