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New Genealogy Blogs March 3, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 16 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ashtabula brash-eddy

Ashtabula Brash-Eddy Family Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history, Ohio genealogy

As a child I loved hearing my parent’s stories of their childhoods and now, retired, I have the time to record them for future generations. Both my mother & father were born in 1901, married in their late 30’s and had me, their only child, in their 40’s so there are not a lot of people left to record those old stories. I have wonderful memories of my Grandparent’s home, living as we did directly across the street. I hope to bring to life their stories with first-hand accounts of the homestead and the city of Ashtabula, OH.

blogging genealogy

Blogging Genealogy
Blog type: Technology blog

The goal of is to help genealogists of various backgrounds to improve their online presence and brand mainly by improving their blogging techniques and methods and by using other social media tools effectively. Specifically, you will:

  • Learn how to optimize your blog so that potential cousins find it and want to contact you.
  • Learn how to optimize your blog so that potential members find your blog and want to join your genealogical society.
  • Learn how to optimize your blog so that potential clients find it and want to hire you to research for them.
  • Learn how to make some passive income on your blog.
  • Learn how to use other social media tools besides blogging to attain your goals.


Erst * wyle
Blog type: Genealogy education

I recently started a blog with certain friends of mine in mind. They love learning more about their ancestors and find the past fascinating and exciting. However, they have no practical knowledge on how to do genealogy. I wanted to do something that appealed to that demographic of young, visually driven young women.

family history across the pond

Family History From Across The Pond
Blog type: Individual family history

I am a wife, a mother of 3 wonderful sons and a grandmother of one adorable little boy. Growing up I was always taught that family is everything, until I had a family of my own I was not quite sure what that truly meant. As far back as I can remember I always had an interest in England, the people, of course the royals, but mostly the country in general as my father was born in England.

finding our italian roots

Finding Our Italian Roots
Blog type: Italian genealogy, Professional genealogist blog

I am a board-certified genealogist who specializes in Italian research.

Italian-Americans have a unique and rich heritage. Now several generations past their immigrating ancestors, more and more of their history and culture is being lost. Many realize that they know little of where their ancestors came from, their hopes, their fears and the reasons for their departure.

As a researcher in Italian genealogy, I’ve found great satisfaction in reuniting Italian descendants with their ancestral heritage and culture. Italians and their descendants have played an integral role in all aspects of life here in the United States.

This blog will be a mix of genealogy, history and culture. But above all…it will be about all things Italian!

freepages past

Free Pages Past
Blog type: Australian genealogy, New Zealand genealogy

This collection of books and documents will be of use to genealogists and family historians who are searching for family members in Australia and New Zealand. Most contain alphabetical lists of names making it easy to find the surnames you are researching.

The collection is free and can be viewed online anytime, however downloading and printing is disabled.

Links to the books and documents will be found just above the “More items you may like” section in each post.

Keep checking back to see what’s new or stay up to date via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+
Blog type: Italian genealogy, Professional genealogist blog

I’m an Accredited Genealogist, publishing professional, and biographical writing instructor.

nashua patch

Genealogy In and Around Nashua, New Hampshire
Blog type: New England genealogy, New Hampshire genealogy

I’ve been a volunteer genealogist for (Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness) and the Londonderry Historical Society for many, many years.  I do genealogy lookups, obituaries, gravestone photography in the Londonderry area.   I also am the Secretary for the New Hampshire Mayflower Society, and I have eleven ancestors who were Mayflower Passengers.  On top of all that I belong to several state and national genealogy societies, and two local family associations that maintain homes built by our ancestors in the 1600s.

I grew up in Beverly and Holden, Massachusetts, and went to college in Cambridge.   We moved to New Hampshire in 1983.   I’ve been blogging at Nutfield Genealogy for almost three years, and writing for several genealogy newsletters.

After 30 years of genealogy research I’m now concentrating on writing up the stories of my ancestors and local history.  After teaching in local schools and being a Girl Scout leader for fourteen years, I’m now at home, learning to play a ukelele I picked up in Hawaii, and crusing New Hampshire in my little red convertible.  You might see me in your local cemetery taking notes or photographing tombstones…

gen lady

Blog type: Genealogy industry

I am GenLady.  I love to share what I can with others researching their genealogy.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my website.

my journey into genealogy

My Journey Into Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

In 2008 I was successful in getting a job  in a Visitor Centre in beautiful Stanley Park Blackpool. This job involved looking after displays, knowing the history of the park and looking after the visitors many of whom came from other areas in the UK and from abroad. As I loved history this job was perfect for me and would sometimes get people in whose ancestors had been employed in the park or at Blackpool Tower or on one of the many attractions in the town. One day a lady came in and we got talking about  the past and she was trying to find out about a certain ancestor – well I offered to help her with resources that I had available to me. She was impressed by what I knew about how to do research and asked me if I had ever thought of doing this kind of thing as a job. It hadn’t crossed my mind at that point but later on in 2010 my job came to an end due to Council job cuts and after a little while of being unemployed and not finding anything suitable I decided to give it a go and started my own business in Genealogy.

native heritage project

Native Heritage Project
Blog type: DNA genealogy, Native American genealogy

The Native Heritage project is an ongoing effort to document the Native American people as they obtained surnames and entered recorded history in the continental United States.

As a genetic genealogist and historian, many people seek to find their Native ancestors, only to run up against both brick walls and a plethora of myths, some of which are true, and some of which are not.

I am also the co-administrator of the Haplogroup Q project at Family Tree DNA.  Haplogroup Q is one of two Native haplogroups, and by far the largest.

oneill carlow ohio genealogy

O’Neill: Carlow-Ohio Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

I was born in Wheeling, WV, and grew up on a farm at Triadelphia, WV. Lived for a while in Cleveland, OH, and graduated from Kent State Univ. Lived in Indianapolis since 1971. Retired from the Indianapolis Public Schools as a Supervisor. Retired from the Indiana Air National Guard as a crew chief on an F-16.

My g-g-g-grandparents Hugh and Deborah O’Neill migrated from County Carlow, Ireland, ca 1805, and settled first in upstate New York and then in Monroe/Noble County, Ohio, ca 1817. This family branch has long been my favorite. I published a genealogy about them in 2005 and have continued to research them on a regular basis.

This blog is dedicated to them, especially to my grandmother, Lena Mertie O’Neill, who gave my sister and me a home when we needed one, and to my aunt, her daughter Lynette Bowen Rider, who encouraged my interest in this family group. So, here we go…

simon family tree

Simon Family Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

Wanda is the unofficial family historian for the Simons. She has been researching the ancestors for many years and is always looking to meet a new cousin. Please contact Wanda with any genealogy questions or to add information on one of your relatives. Email Contact

Much of the information from Switzerland has been verified by cousin Nicolas Junod, who still lives near Lignières. He has a wonderful website where you will find more information on our family as well as photos and historical information. Visit and contact Nicolas if you will be visiting Switzerland.

The information contained in is the result of years of research and contributions by many family members. The photos have been collected from many sources, but several people deserve special credit. Grace sent many photos, letters and documents before her death and she was always very interested in seeing our family history preserved. Velda collected many photos over the years and was quick to identify many of the people in the oldest photos. Georgia was the source many, many photos and provided the location of all the family graves in Pottawatomie and Nemaha Counties.

strangleman one name study

Strangleman One Name Study Blog
Blog type: Surname blog, UK genealogy

The Strangleman One-Name study is registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

The earliest Strangleman in my Family Tree is Ann Strangleman, my 4th Great Grandmother. She gave birth to Samuel Strangleman born about 1756 in Runton Norfolk and baptised 28 Feb 1757 in Runton.

Samuel married an Alice Goss on 30th Sept 1781 in Holy Trinity Runton -Alice was also born in Runton.

story book genealogy

Story Book Genealogy
Blog type: Writing Your Family History blog

Everyone has a story. Our stories connect us; they define who we are as individuals and also as families. They give us something to be proud of; they help us live better lives. Helping families find, share, and preserve their stories is my joyful passion!

the frugal genealogist

The Frugal Genealogist
Blog type: Genealogy education

I am a grandmother of 11 who is dedicated to insuring that everyone in my family has access to the best possible family history I can give them. I became interested in genealogy when I was a teenager thanks to my dad’s older sister, Aunt Daisy. I have seen major changes in research over the years, but one thing never changes. It can be a very expensive hobby. Some expenses can be controlled while others need a little “creative budgeting.” My goal is to find the most genealogy information, both online and off while staying within a reasonable budget. I live in Northwest Ohio so much of my experience is centered around Ohio and Kentucky research. Do keep in mind though that a lot of your ancestors probably passed through these states on their way west. Ohio is sometimes referred to as the “Crossroads of America.” I am a member of the National Genealogical Society, and the Ohio Genealogical Society plus OGS chapters in Clermont and Lucas counties. I hope you will find this blog informative and please feel free to share any information and thoughts you might have.

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