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New Genealogy Blogs June 5, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are eight newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,118 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

angeliques rabbit hole

Angelique’s Rabbit Hole
Blog type: Individual family history

It’s time for me to stop “waiting” to write. Whatever it is I need to write, I need to just write it. Who knows, maybe there are others out there who think like me? I hope to hear from you!

So here goes… Why genealogy? Why porphyrias or porphyrins? Well, my story begins many years ago when I was diagnosed with porphyria, which is a “rare” disease that can be either genetic or acquired through toxic exposure. Really, could they have come up with a stranger disease to slap me with? My story is too bizarre for a blog and more readily made into a science fiction film/book, but eventually the diagnosis, and the possibility that it was genetic, is what led me to research my own family history for evidence of the disease.

From the second I found my first record/documen with an ancestors name on it, genealogy has become my obsession! I have since found famous ancestors I had no idea I was related to, and my goal is to compile this information, write about these interesting individuals, and learn as much as possible about doing genealogy professionally.

All of these topics (genealogy, porphyria/porphyrins) have caused me to disappear down the rabbit hole in chase, with hundreds of questions. Some of these chases have uncovered things I would rather not have learned, such as the actual intentions of those supposedly working in the interest of porphyria patients; while other chases have opened my eyes to new information such as the groundbreaking technologies that utilize porphyrins to treat cancer. I would not have found most of this information, if I had not been naturally curious, ask myself the right questions, and been persistent. These journeys have left me with endless amounts of compiled information, thoughts, ideas, and an urge to share what I found while attending the Mad Tea Party.

family history

Family History
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

Welcome to my new blog, this blog is for family history, I will be sharing my family’s history it problems I have with research & finds & the general highs & lows of having a hobby sorry obsession like Genealogy.

I will be not only covering my family but also my husband’s who’s line goes back to Scotland then to India (as it was before 1947) & now Pakistan then of course here in the UK.

My family on the other hand is more shall we say local, in that my Dad’s side is from London & before that Yorkshire (way back) my Mum’s side well I always thought that her dad was Irish or so I was told just goes to show you do need to do your own research as yes her side did come from Ireland but a few generations before, again she & the parents are in London but on her mother’s side well they came mostly from Suffolk & Cambridge so I am a Cockney, Yorkshire Country Lass who is looking for her roots.

genwest uk

Blog type: UK genealogy

This blog is intended to be an extension to my ancestor-spotting records at home of names, dates and places. It is going to be the place where I put my family history. Anecdotes, snippets of information, quotes, pictures – and even some chapters of book(s) I am writing on the surnames that appear in my family tree. Who knows? there may even be some information that might help you, dear reader…

gould genealogy

Gould Genealogy & History News
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Genealogy vendor blogs

Genealogy and history news and product announcements for Australians. Australia’s largest genealogy retail/webstore keeps you informed of the latest happenings, news, events and products in the genealogy and history scene. Includes information on genealogy software user groups, as well as news from local societies.


Blog type: Cemetery blog

Amateur family history detective and novice Find A Grave photo volunteer.

italian surname database

Italian Surname Database Blog
Blog type: Italian genealogy

Italian Surname Database… is a great way to connect with others who are researching the same surnames. Just enter your contact info and research interests into our mailing or exchange lists. I have found this to be quite a successful way to meet new people and old relatives! Good luck and happy researching!

mary janes genes

Mary Jane’s Genes
Blog type: Individual family history

Born in Iowa, but living in Oregon. Love genealogy and all the joys that go along with it. I am a first time grandmother, have a husband of 35 years (this June), two wonderful sons and a beautiful daughter in law. Life is one blessing after another.

my cleages and reeds

My Cleages & Reeds
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

I started my first blog, “Finding Eliza”, about a week ago. I soon realized that I needed another blog to write about my father’s side of the family so I started “My Cleages & Reeds.”

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  3. Sounds like some real gems are here. I’ll be sure to check them out. You never know what website is going to be the one that helps you break down that brick wall!

    Your new genealogy website finds are always very helpful. Thanks for continuing to publish them.

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