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New Genealogy Blogs June 26, 2010

new genealogy blogs

[Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are seven newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,154 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

adoplhus ames

Adolphus Ames Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history, Pennsylvania genealogy

Welcome to my journey. I hope by blogging that I can find my AMES Family. Adolphus Ames settled in Liberty Township, Mc Kean, Pennsylvania about 1840 with his wife Sarah Julia and one daughter, Sarah. The census states they were farmers, owned land, and were from New York. They are one of my two block walls. I hope to jump the brick wall. I have a few leads. Maybe one of my followers out there will be able to help me out.


Blog type: Individual family history, Jewish genealogy

For me it started with a conversation with some friends who were working on their family histories. It was amazing how far back they had traced some branches of their family trees. Some were traced back with documentation while other facts came from family stories.

Two of my aunts had begun work on a family tree several years before. When I got a copy, I guess I was a little disappointed. I think I was expecting a huge family tree with information about the family before them came to America. The family tree they had was pretty much just the family that they knew but it was a good starting point. They were also working on it before the WWW so it would have been hard to document much of anything. I don’t know how people traced their family histories before the internet, especially if the trail led to the former Soviet countries.


Blog type: French genealogy, Genealogy industry blog

Bienvenue sur GénéInfos, blog d’actualité et espace de débat dédié à la généalogie. Initié par La Revue française de Généalogie, GénéInfos s’inscrit dans le prolongement de ce magazine bimestriel, devenu une référence dans ce domaine depuis plus de 30 ans.

(Translation via Google Translate) Welcome GénéInfos, blog news and discussion space dedicated to genealogy. Initiated by The Journal of French Genealogy, GénéInfos is a continuation of this bimonthly magazine, became a reference in this field for over 30 years.

my fathers posts

My Father’s Posts
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

During a recent trip to the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, I found my father. After more than four decades of searching, it turned out he had long been within reach. No, my dad – Ebenezer Ray – was not an absent parent. He lived in the house on 828 Shawnee Street in Pittsburgh with my mother, Mary, sisters Ellen-Marie and Marian (now Malaya), and me until his death in 1967, a week after my 13th birthday.

What I knew was that my father had been a newspaper man. He had worked in the composing room of the Pittsburgh Courier before he was disabled by Parkinson’s disease. I also knew that he had dabbled in photography: There was an abandoned darkroom in our basement, and there were lots of photos around our house, including my baby picture, which earned Honorable Mention in the Carnation Healthy Baby contest in 1955. The photo credit from my christening announcement in the Courier says “ERay Photo.”

our black ancestry

Our Black Ancestry
Blog type: African-American genealogy

Welcome to the new Our Black Ancestry blog. We will be posting links and commentary about African American family history and related subjects that help you appreciate and learn more about your family history.

This blog is a companion to, which is a website that offers news, tutorials, research links, stories and a marketplace for relevant books, music, films and software.

palon genealogy research

Palon Genealogy Research
Blog type: Individual family history, Wisconsin genealogy

Researching a mysterious Family. The Palon’s. Cornelia was living in Albion, Dane, Wisconsin when she married Ira Daniel Ames. I found her on the 1850 census living with the Scoville’s. I found her in a newspaper article by her “sister Ruth Scoville Palmer” in Washington state. Who is the mysterious Cornelia or Orthera Palon?

wearing grandpas hat

Wearing Grandpa’s Hat
Blog type: Individual family history

Wearing Grandpa’s Hat is a weblog (of Paula Becker’s) dedicated to researching and housing the genealogical information on the ancestors ofPaula Jorjean Becker, particularly those of her mother, Elizabeth Gene Stone (Becker). This weblog has been started with the purpose of putting what information has been gathered since early 2004 out into the internet community, with hopes to share and gain more information on my family history through others researching their roots.

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