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New Genealogy Blogs June 25, 2011

new genealogy blogs

[Editor’s Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 16 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,984 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

a family mystery

A Family Mystery
Blog type: Individual family history

My blog is currently listed with you as “Tara’s Family Mystery” at I’ve moved, and the blog is now titled “A Family Mystery” at

black sheep blog

Black Sheep Blog
Blog type: Genealogy humor blog, Jewish genealogy

It’s not easy being the black sheep of the family. You have to work really hard to maintain your status and reputation, which can be very time-consuming. Wikipedia says:

In the English language, black sheep is an idiom used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group, especially within a family. The term has typically been given negative implications, implying waywardness. It derived from the atypical and unwanted presence of other black individuals in herds of white sheep.

In psychology [ed., or families!], the “black sheep effect” refers to the tendency of a group to treat or evaluate members of one’s own group who behave in a way such as to jeopardize the group’s image, more harshly than similarly unlikable members of another group, while considering the former group as a whole to be superior to, or better or more deserving than the latter.

Doesn’t that say it all?

brooklyn in love and at war

Brooklyn in Love and War
Blog type: Diary blog, Individual family history, World War II blogs

This blog is about the nation’s history filtered through the well-documented relationship between my grandparents.  I never knew Sylvia, but she and my grandfather, Alex, wrote hundreds of letters to each other during the years that Alex was stationed abroad during WWII. Most posts will look at a letter that helps the story of these two people – who are both typical and unique – unfold.

Having myself moved to Brooklyn in the last year, I will also look at the letters in the context of Brooklyn and how it has changed over time. I hope also to comment on storytelling in all it’s different forms.

cumpston research

Cumpston Research
Blog type: Surname blog, UK genealogy

This is the blog to support my Guild of One Name Study on the name CUMPSTON and its variants.  I welcome information about your CUMPSTON ancestors.  Check out my website at and let me know if you recognise anyone in these postings.

digging roots

Digging Roots: My Family History
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

A journey of my genealogical research of my ancestors and their descendants.

genealogia gente de amer

Genealogía – Gente de Amer
Blog type: Spain genealogy

Aunque no hace muchos años parecía que la genealogía solamente tenía sentido cuando se trataba de familias nobles o acomodadas, actualmente esta idea ha cambiado mucho y la curiosidad alcanza a un público mucho más general.

Mi gente es de Amer, Sant Climent d’Amer y poblaciones cercanas (Sant Feliu de Pallerols, Susqueda, La Barroca, Granollers de Rocacorba, Pruit, …). Esta focalización me ha facilitado mucho la tarea. Cuando empecé con mi genealogía familiar me pareció que, con la gente de Amer, se podría formar un interminable árbol genealógico porque, de una manera u otra todos estamos emparentados.

Actualmente sigo buscando información sobre los apellidos: BARCONS, PUIG, Llorens, Planas, Puigdemont, Rius, Comas, Masachs, Bach, Moyset, Cases, Vilagran, Noguer, Subirana, Roura, Cases, Ferrés, … por ello os invito a que visitéis este blog y compartáis vuestros hallazgos, historias familiares o lo que consideréis oportuno.


Although it seemed that many years ago the genealogy only made sense when it was noble or wealthy families, today the idea has changed a lot and curiosity reaches a much wider audience.

My people are of Amer, Sant Climent d’Amer nearby towns (Sant Feliu de Pallerols Susqueda, The Baroque, Granollers Rocacorba, Pruit, …). This focus has given me much easier. When I started my family tree I found that with the American people, it could be an endless tree because, one way or another we are all related.

I am currently looking for information on surnames: Barcons, PUIG, Llorens, Planas, Puigdemont, Rius, Comas, Masachs, Bach, Moyset, Cases, Vilagran, Noguer, Subirana, Roura, Cases, Ferrer, … so I invite you to visit compartáis this blog and your findings, family histories, or that you consider appropriate.

genealogia gente de amer

Genealogy in West Brookfield, MA
Blog type: Massachusetts genealogy, New England genealogy

Today I decided to begin  blogging about the research I have done on some families from the small town of West Brookfield, Massachusetts.  Future posts will include some of the valuable things I have learned during my twelve year quest to find information about families and individuals mostly from Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.  Some of these families came to the United States from England in the 1600’s.  Others came from Ireland in the mid 1800’s, and still others came from Europe in the early 1900’s.

My purpose in writing is to exchange tips and ideas with others interested in local genealogy and history. Comments and questions are welcome.

hidden genealogy nuggets

Hidden Genealogy Nuggets
Blog type: Connecticut genealogy, Genealogy education blog, New England genealogy

The blog at Hidden Genealogy Nuggets provides an overview of resources available at local libraries and historical societies in Connecticut.  A new review is planned to be published once a month.

karens genealogy oasis

Karen’s Genealogy Oasis
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m glad you found Karen’s Genealogy Oasis blog. Come around the back and share a cool glass of freshly brewed iced tea or lemonade while we sit on the patio and listen to the fountains and watch the birds.

I’d love to share the information I have on family lines as well as research techniques and new discoveries. And let’s talk about genealogy activities all over the United States but particularly in Arizona and other southwestern states.

Check out the My Surnames tab at the top of the blog to see which people I am researching. If any of these people look familiar, let’s plan on getting together. Please feel free to write to me. To send me a message write me at karenazgen [at] gmail [dot] com. I hope to hear from you.

metropolitan police research

Metropolitan Police Research
Blog type: UK genealogy

I spent a 40 year career working with the police in Hong Kong and London in the fields of Research and Archival Records Management. I set up my own historical research service in 2003 and am a member of AGRA (Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives). You will also find me on The National Archives list of recommended independant researchers

From 1996 to 2003 I worked in the Metropolitan Police Archives dealing with family history enquiries. During this time I gained an in-depth knowledge of the Met’s archival records held at The National Archives. Joiner’s Registers for the period May 1857 – June 1878 have not survived however I have my own database of Joiners which covers much of this time period. Details were obtained from Police Orders and a variety of other sources. Although not a complete record it does go some way towards filling in this gap in the official records.

I would be delighted to assist in the search for your Metropolitan Police ancestor.

ottawa ogs

Ottawa Branch – Ontario Genealogical Society
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Genealogical society blog

Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) is responsible for Carleton, Lanark, Renfrew, Prescott and Russell Counties. Our mission is “To encourage, assist and bring together all those interested in the pursuit of family history.” If you want to discover more about your family origins, or how and where to locate information about your ancestors, our members will be there to help you.

professor drus blog

Professor Dru’s Blog
Blog type: Technology blog

I began this blog in February 2008 and the topic focused on the Microsoft PowerPoint software package (PowerPointer’s Blog). Later I changed the name to “Professor Dru’s Technology Blog” in order to embrace all technologies. After evaluating my blogs and setting new goals last week, I decided that this blog site needed a facelift and a new direction. As a result, this site which was formerly was upgraded to

The focus of this new and improved blog at gives me a forum to teach and educate in genealogy and technology as I have been doing for numerous years. The new site will not be all about Professor Dru site, but will also highlight others in the field as well as products, services, and events which aid in the education of genealogy and technology.

When I created my first blog site in 2008, I was just experimenting with the blog technology and chose because the site I created was designed as a supplement for students in an online course I was teaching at the time. Blogging blossomed beyond my wildest dreams and through it, I have learned an abundance of new things in genealogy and technology as well as made numerous connections with people virtually.

So, welcome to the New and Improved Professor Dru blog site. Hope you will visit again soon!


Blog type: Swedish genealogy

A blog about family research in Sweden  and emigrant search from Sweden and in US. Hardship, result and thoughts in and about the subjects. Travel in time, now and then. A lot of talk about the area Falbygden i Falköping, Skaraborg, Sweden but also about the emigrants footstep. (In Swedish)

stockton school

Stockton School – East Orange, NJ
Blog type: New Jersey genealogy

Stockton School was an elementary school in East Orange NJ. It opened in 1905 and was renamed the Gordon Parks Academy in 1998. (photo is from History of the Oranges to 1921, vol. 3 at Google books)

tree ward

The Tree Ward
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to my blog! Here is a place I can express my love of genealogy, the passion of researching family history, and provide a vent for the information and memorabilia that I find. It is also my desire to encourage others in their own research into this increasingly popular field of study, their own family history, and their local history. It is my hope that my postings inform, entertain, stimulate and inspire.

time stories

Time Stories Blog
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog

“After my parents passed away, I inherited a huge box of photos and put them away. Years later, when my son asked me to tell him about his grandparents, I pulled out the box and realized that I didn’t know a lot  about the people in the pictures.”

“That was the day TimeStories began.”

TimeStories founder and director Peter Savigny is a five-time  Emmy Award-winning television graphic designer, and 20-year veteran producer.

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