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New Genealogy Blogs June 2, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 10 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

finding forgotten stories

Finding Forgotten Stories
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been chasing my ancestors through  Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina for many years and hopefully I’ve helped a few friends and cousins along the way. I just recently completed the Boston University Online Genealogy Certificate course and I’m gearing up to attempt CG certification.

I’ve worked in the internet industry in software and product manager for companies including CNET, Webshots and Excite@Home.  I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Purdue University, where I also taught Computer Science for 8 years.

My passion for history and computers merged into a lifelong fascination of genealogy and developing advanced search techniques to carve important clues out of historical documents.

I am a Product Manager at and I write the Ancestry Anne column for

Lately, I’ve been focused on how we can do more than collect the data.  I want to bring my ancestors to life.

When I first started doing genealogy it was all about growing the tree, going back one more generation. But before too long I had a tree with a bunch of records attached.  Something seemed to be missing.   I still needed to be in touch with who these people were.

Genealogy or Family History is not just kinship.  It is also about identity.  Who were my ancestors?  What were there lives like?  Each record holds a piece of the puzzle.  I’ve talked to a lot of people who do genealogy and many want to tell the story and  many don’t know where to start.  I think the key is to do it as you go.

I want to do two things in this blog:

1. Talk about techniques we can use to help us tell the story

2. Tell a few stories as I go.

found lost treasure

Found Lost Treasures
Blog type: Photography blog

This Blog is a collection of photos that I have come across and purchased or were given to me.  I hate to see lost photos or family items that should be in the homes of the descendants.  This is my way of bringing them to the online world instead away in darkness.

It is my hope that these photos will be identified and their rightful owners will step up and claim their lost treasures.

I hope to get many comments and help in learning more about each photo I post.

genealogy debbie malec

Genealogy & History of Debbie Malec
Blog type: Individual family history

This is blog about my ancestors, genealogy research which I began in 1976. Every post is a record of my ancestor. Most of them were Northern European. Corrections & updates will be made to the original post with names. Check back using label cloud and click on name. REMEMBER: Document everything you find yourself. Find an ancestor here? Check out my Ancestors photo album for documents: 

interwoven family

Interwoven Family
Blog type: Individual family history

Hello there family and extended family!

I WAS trying to get a site up and got impatient. I am establishing this site for my friends and family! Please do NOT copy my pictures and information and put them on your website and post them online without my permission. I have spent countless hours on scanning, typing, cropping and gathering info. My personal email is and welcome any and all corrections, suggestions, comments and questions. I will be posting both sides of my family. If you have ANY questions, just let me know. I do and will privatize all my family members that are still alive. Unless they have passed on, (your) their information will remain private.

Also, if you found my site by web surfing and am wondering where I fit in to the Vaughn’s, here is how I am connected:

I am Elizabeth Culberson Noble. My mother is Roberta L.(Vaughn) Culberson, who is the daughter of Alfred Tennyson Vaughn, the granddaughter of Joseph George Vaughn, great-granddaughter to Joseph Thomas Vaughn, great-great-granddaughter to Cornelius Vaughn Jr., Cornelius Vaughn Jr was the son of Cornelius Vaughn Sr. Cornelius Vaughn Sr., was the son of James Cornelius Vaughan/Vaughn and James Cornelius is believed to be one of three immigrant sons to Lord Robert and Lady Vaughan of Isle of Wight, England. When you look around my site you will find the story behind that.

Also, if you found my site by web surfing and am wondering where I fit in to the Herzog’s/Mishcke’s, here is how I am connected:

I am Elizabeth Eileen (Culberson) Noble. My mother is Roberta L. (Vaughn) Culberson. Her mother (my maternal grandmother) was Naomi Eileen (Herzog) Vaughn. Her Parents were Cicero Eric and Clara Fredericka (Mischke) Herzog. Cicero’s parents were George and Sarah Satira (Outlaw)Herzog. Clara’s Parents were Frank and Anna (Topfer) Mishcke.


Blog type: Indian genealogy, Individual family history

The purpose of this website is to keep the history of the family available to the new generation in to understand the roots of the family, history and find the genealogy. At present, we are depending on the “Moonnanappallil Family History” book published. The book was published with limited number of copies and as far as I am aware, there is no second edition. The website domain was registered in 2010 and not much was done to the website with regards to the family information.

In this website, at present, we are adding a Family Tree, where all the available family member’s basic information will be added gradually. Basic information will be added based on the “Moonnanappallail Family History” book and later with the cooperation of all the family members, we can add new members information. Make use of the Contact Us form to reach the site admin to add, correct, or to enter new member information.

To navigate through the website, use the menu on the right side. Members can be found in the under the “Family” category or by going to the Family Tree button on top and look for the member and click on the member. Soon, we will be adding a search button which can be handy and you can type in the name of the member and you will be able to find the member information. Latest updates about the site can be found under the category “News” and make sure to check that page.

If you are a Facebook user “Like” Moonnanappalil page and get the latest news into your Facebook.

pardon my redundancy

Pardon My Redundancy
Blog type: Individual family history

The thought occurred to me to build an anecdotal blog detailing my life knowing full it will be of little interest to anyone outside the family. Even then it may prove to be of little value to my x-wife and estranged children but at least I will have made the effort.

It was midway through the process of putting this blog together that the thought occurred to me that others might be interested in doing the same thing so I decided to add this page in the hope I might stimulate visitors to immortalize their own stories.

Just think about it.

If your great grandparents, grandparents, and parents had had the means to share their stories putting them in some sort of written or recorded form, you would not only have been given the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of their life’s experiences but would have undoubtedly gained a deeper appreciation for your ancestors as well.

Of course, nothing can be done about the fact that their stories have for the most part been forgotten but you can make sure that the ones you have to tell don’t fade away with the passage of time.

To get a grasp of the possibilities, I invite you to click on a title or two in the right hand column under Recollections or the category Anecdotal Memories to see a summary list. Perhaps, in reading them you will be inspired to begin the process of immortalizing your own memories so they (and you) are not forgotten.

Who knows? Perhaps a concerted effort on your part to record your memories will inspire a new family tradition, one that will motivate your children and your children’s children to do the same.

Need help?

1. If you have stories to tell but have difficulty putting them down on paper, I’ll be more than happy to transcribe the stories you tell me and then publish them on a blog much like this one.

2. If you enjoy writing but would like a professional to edit your work, I’ll be more than happy to assist you with that.

3. If you just need assistance setting a blog up in the first place, in an hour long teleconference I can get you up and running.

Want to explore the virtually unlimited possibilities? Just fill in the form and let me know how to reach you.

strange hall

Strange Hall
Blog type: Individual family history

Patrick’s late brother Mike was an Anglophile, and used to love those little name plate signs one would see on British houses of old. So one day, he had a sign made for his own dwelling: he called it Strange Hall.

Strange Hall is our blog about family history, genealogy, and research for our own strange and wonderful Shannon and Oliva families. We enjoy both family and history, and like to bring the historical and social contexts of our ancestors into our writing. We think it helps paint a more interesting, authentic picture of their life’s adventures.

We’ve got a lot to say, especially about Philadelphia, Chicago, Italy, Latvia, Ireland, and Germany. We hope you’ll join us often and get in touch if you find something to share. Thanks for stopping by.

the reddick bryan family

The Reddick Bryan Family, Bienville and Beyond, A Timeline
Blog type: Individual family history

Reddick Bryan was my great-great grandfather. I began this timeline in 1999, soon after contacting Dennis Bryant, an avid Bryant/Bryan researcher from Georgia, who found Reddick in Martin County, North Carolina. The following quote was found in a letter written by Dennis to Larry Martin, a great-grandson of Reddick Bryan.

There is a small hamlet today in Martin County, North Carolina that is called Oak City. It’s in the upper end of the county near the Roanoke River. The present name only dates back to 1905, but settlers began arriving in that vicinity soon after 1700, when it was a part of Chowan Precinct. The county name of this area changed over the years to Bertie County, then Edgecombe County, then Halifax County. In 1774, the name became, and has remained, Martin County. Bryans were in the area at least by 1749. They were among the earliest settlers in present day Martin County and they acquired many acres of what is still recognized as the best land in the county.

tripping over my roots

Tripping Over My Roots
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been interested in family history for a long time, but have started spending more time with it on a regular basis over the last year. At the moment my focus is on tracing the ancestry of my maternal grandfather’s paternal grandfather, Benjamin Smith who was born in 1822, only miles away from my current home. I have a lot to learn but I am more than willing to share what I know and hope that I will find help along the way.

working tree hunter

Working Tree Hunter
Blog type: Individual family history

So this is my new Blog it’s a family blog. It is mainly notes that I am sending to myself.

Family surnames I am looking at are:

  • Langley-  I am a Langley
  • Fowler- My Grandmother on my dad’s side was a Fowler
  • Reilly- Her mom was a Reilly
  • Self My Great grandmother on my dad’s was a Self
  • Stevens- My Mom was a Stevens
  • Orendorff My grandmother on my mom’s side
  • Raynor My wife’s Mom is a Raynor
  • My Wife was born a Kelly

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