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New Genealogy Blogs July 28, 2012

new genealogy blogs

There are 6 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Finding My Family
Blog type: Individual family history

I am organizing my genealogy research here, mostly for my own family lines but also for a few friends that I help.

Job’s Children
Blog type: Individual family history

Daily ramblings about may current searches, old findings, mysteries yet to uncover and the basic history of my little section of North Carolina.

The Houstory Hearth
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog

The things we care about have stories — whether they are houses or cherished belongings. Houstory® Publishing has developed two products — The Heirloom Registry™ and the Home History Book™ archival journal — that help to protect and share those stories, providing lasting, accessible ways to make sure the stories and records of the things we care about are preserved and easily found by future generations.

The Heirloom Registry™ is a new service that allows users to pass on the story of their treasured belongings using high-quality labels and brass plates in conjunction with registration codes and a secure online database. Maybe it’s a quilt handed down from mom; a clock given to you by a favorite uncle; a coffee table received as a wedding gift; or a set of dishware passed down through the years. The Heirloom Registry™ helps you preserve and share these types of stories — stories that may otherwise be lost as time goes by.

The company also created the Home History Book™ archival journal series, a new, refreshingly simple product line designed to help record, preserve and share a home’s unique past as well as its present stories. The book, which one might think of as akin to a “baby book for a home,” is created and maintained by current homeowners. However, unlike a family’s personal scrapbook and photo albums, it is meant to stay with the home to be enjoyed by all who live there, now and in the future.

The Pye Plate
Blog type: Individual family history

Mother, grandmother, teacher, horse owner, animal lover, reading, love research, especially genealogy, history, especially medieval England, the great outdoors, computers, on-line games.

I’m a Mayflower descendant so hope to put some of that in a blog. My interests in history cover a wide range of geography, but mostly England, New England, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maryland. I’m particularly passionate about medieval English history. Most of the genealogy will be about my family lines but I will post for anyone who is seeking assistance in researching their family.

Twigs and Trees
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Family history and genealogy research on both my ancestors & my ex-husband’s ancestors, with personal memories, family photographs, old maps, and more. Ancestors from Northern Ireland, Northern England, Midlands England, Germany, and the Netherlands: all immigrants to North America, from very early 1600s onwards. Pilgrims to Palatines, finding my roots is a big adventure!

Zangari Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

My name’s Vince Zangari and I have been working on my family history (electronically) since about 1999, but have been saving the family history since about 1990 in various forms (obituaries, marriage notices, birth announcements, etc.)

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