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New Genealogy Blogs July 16, 2011

new genealogy blogs

There are 16 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

ask debbiecarol

Ask DebbieCarol’s Blog & Vlog
Blog type: Individual family history

Here you will find the adventures of Debbie Carol as she navigates the world of Genealogy, Real Estate, Investments, and being a member of the “sandwich generation” all while living in an 1975 Airstream.

forgotten faces

Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places
Blog type: Photography blog

As an offshoot of my two blogs Rogers Family History and Teresa’s Tangled Roots I have stumbled into a collection of vintage photographs, mostly through my eBay addiction.  It has always disturbed me how many thousands and thousands of “ancestor” photos are out there in antique stores and on eBay that no one knows who they belong to.  As a genealogist who would give anything to have pictures of her ancestors, it just kills me to see these orphan pictures unclaimed my anyone. These are someone’s family, their ancestors and I wonder sometimes as I look at them if one of them could possibly be one of my ancestors.  As a collector of anything and everything, I have started buying up some of these photos and felt I needed to start sharing these somehow.  Most have no names – why didn’t people put names on the back of these pictures?!?  I will try to post many of the many photos I have, perhaps someone will recognize one or two.  If you do, please let me know, I would be happy to reunite these photographs (people) with their descendants if contacted.


Blog type: Individual family history

On this blog you will find postings of all things genealogy! There will be orphan photos, postcards, court records, newspaper clippings, and any other types of documents I might find along my research journey, that I feel might be beneficial to someone else’s family history. So, stop by often to see what’s new.  Guest posts are also welcome from others, but submissions must be well-documented.

george griffiths NZ goldrush

George Griffith’s NZ Goldrush Adventure
Blog type: Individual family history, New Zealand genealogy

My great, great grandfather, George Griffith, clearly had the lust for gold.  He emigrated to Victoria by 1854, where he formed a relationship with a young girl from Surrey called Susan Rochester.  They did not marry, but had a large family together, several of them born in Victorian gold rush towns before the family returned to the Melbourne suburbs.

George died in Fitzroy on 31 Dec 1878 aged 54. His death certificate revealed a previously unsuspected adventure. His daughter Mary Jane, the informant, answered the following question: “Where born and how long in the Australian Colonies, stating which” with, “Liverpool, England.  In New Zealand and Victoria, periods not known”.

The conundrum of *when* he was in New Zealand  took many more years, and many more records becoming available before this could be answered – though not with precision. There was also the intriguing presence of a number of photos taken in New Zealand in a photo album which had belonged to his daughter Mary Jane.

The question arises as to who are the men in the album – relatives, perhaps, or diggers he met in New Zealand?

The purpose of this blog is to try and find out more about those photos, and to find out more about George’s period in New Zealand. Where did he go, what did he do, and whom did he meet?

mcrae anderson genealogy

McRae/Anderson Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

Descendant of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley, silent film and radio lover, listener of dance and Irish music.

my trails into the past

My Trails Into The Past
Blog type: Individual family history

I became interested in researching my family when I was pregnant with my first child. I had always liked hearing the stories told by my elderly aunts but never thought about the continuity until my daughters were born. Now I wished I had taped those stories! Now that I’m retired, I’m spending much more time working on my families and now plan to write about my adventures into the past.

I have decided to begin a new blog so I can write about any of my genealogical adventures, besides the research I’m doing with my grandmother’s family on Mam-ma’s Southern Family.  I am also researching German, Swedish, and Mid-West locales for such families as my Dad’s Hork, Sievert, Sullivan, Gleeson, & Tierney (from Westfalia, Germany and Co Tipperary & Cork) and my husband’s Gorrell, Davey, Wollenweber, Shotts, (from England & Germany) and Nilsen & Lundquist (from Sweden).

I plan to write about the research struggles and successes along with images of my finds.  I will always cite my sources.  I want to do this as professionally as I can so that others can follow my research.  Please, if anyone is researching any of the names above, let me know.  I look forward to sharing the adventure with you.

peeking into the past

Peeking Into The Past
Blog type: Individual family history

I have many interests, hobbies, obsessions, whatever you want to call them. Photography and Genealogy are two I am currently blogging about. I am married with 4 boys, 3 Beagles and 2 cats.

Everything has a beginning, but we don’t always know where to start!

This is my first post for my genealogy blog. I have an idea where to start, I’m just not sure what will be next or where it will go or how I will organize things and all those details. Sounds kind of like my research!

A couple different things in my life planted the seed of curiosity to find out where and who I came from.

piney woods prairie winds

Piney Woods and Prairie Winds
Blog type: Individual family history

Thanks for stopping by. I’ve debated creating this blog for a long time.

Here I plan to share a little of my family history. The discoveries and failures. To know who I am I must know about those that came before me. The hardships they faced and the choices they made led to me.

I’ve been researching my family since 1999. On the ancestors page I have shared the surnames of my direct ancestors. If you find a connection I’d love to know about it. I am also researching the family history of my husband, Barry, and you will find his ancestor surnames on the “more” page.

I was raised in Columbus, Georgia and have lived in many places, but my heart belongs to the south… my piney woods. I now call the prairie winds of South Central Kansas home. I married a midwestern guy and embrace his roots as much as my own. My research centers around Southeast Alabama, Southwest Georgia and the Florida panhandle.

I dedicate this work to the loving memory of my sisters, Denise, Judine, Joycine & Teresa, my precious mama, Sara, the ancestors I’ve come to know and those waiting to be found.

saving history

Saving History
Blog type: Individual family history

A treasure trove of family photos has come my way. This is my diary as I scan, Restore and Archive these photos and hopefully uncover the stories of the people and places they depict.

Storytree Blog
Blog type: Genealogy vendor, Writing Your Family History

Family stories form an important part of a person’s identity – stories about love, friendship, childhood dreams, hardships, triumphs, and the ongoing journey that is life. Too often these stories remain unshared and are forgotten before they can be recorded. Do you wish there were a better way to share meaningful stories with your family?

We at StoryTree feel the same way and this is what has driven us to come up with a solution to this problem. The StoryTree team is dedicated to help you preserve your precious family memories and share them with the ones you love. As time passes, your captured stories come to represent a bond across generations and become invaluable to your family’s collective identity. Your family history has finally found a place to reside.

Storytree was launched out of the Stanford where we discovered a deep unmet need using the design thinking process. We hope that through StoryTree we can achieve our goals to make a positive difference in the world through good design.

tales of an aspiring family historian

Tales of an Aspiring Family Historian
Blog type: Individual family history

What’s in a name?  Everything.  We identify ourselves with two simple words and it may seem insignificant but those two simple words represent our person and our family.  Our family trees are made up of names and dates that represent people who have physically and mentally contributed to who we are.  These names and dates are frequently the only things we know about our forefathers.  A name represents a person.  And a date gives us the context.  But there is so much more to know than just a name.

barnett surname dna

The Barnett Surname DNA Project
Blog type: DNA genealogy, Surname blog

Welcome! To the Barnett, Barnard, etc DNA Surname Project. My name is Mic Barnette and I am the administrator and webmaster of the project.

Due to the demise of the computer upon which the old website dwelled this new site is being created (as of May 10, 2011) in a blog format. Much of the data from our old site at is being incorporated and transitioned into this site with capabilities for more interpersonal communications.

Please click on the Pages link in the column to the left of this post for more information on using this site. The How To Use This Site should be read first.

finch dna project

The Finch DNA Project
Blog type: DNA genealogy blog, Surname blog

Welcome! To the Finch DNA Surname Project. My name is Mic Barnette. I am the webmaster of this site and co-administrator of the project with Carol Hennington.

Due to the demise of the computer upon which the old website dwelled this new site is being created (as of May 10, 2011) in a blog format. Much of the data from our old site at is being incorporated and transitioned into this site with capabilities for more interpersonal communications.

Please click on the Pages link in the column to the left of this post for more information on using this site. The How To Use This Site should be read first.

genealogy mom

The Genealogy Mom
Blog type: Genealogy education

The site is dedicated to helping others uncover their family history and form an appreciation for the past and those who came before. The Genealogy Mom has been researching genealogical histories for nearly twenty years and has assisted people from all across the United States. At we hope to offer insight not found anywhere else and teach others how to move forward in their family research. We are also available to help with research if needed. Please check out the sight today and let us know if we can help.

twigs to treasures

Twigs to Treasures
Blog type: Individual family history

I consider myself an amateur genealogist.  A very amateur genealogist at that.  I did a little bit of genealogy work in college while trying to find out some history on my Great Uncle Shoaf, a prisoner of war in WWII.  And part of that was to research some of his line but I found the info I wanted and promptly forgot the rest.

Now I’m married and my husband would always say that his great great grandpa was Amish, and married a second time to a non-Amish lady and had to leave the community and move to Ohio and they don’t know much about him.  That started me thinking.  While walking through the store I saw the Family Tree Maker software.  Months later I purchased the software and I was hooked.

This journey has taken me farther than I ever intended and I’ve discovered lines dating back to the Norman conquest of Britain.

your family tree

Your Family Tree
Blog type: Genealogy education, Individual family history

Mic began researching his family when he was 12 years old and takes pride that he learns something new every day about history or research methodology. Currently he works as a library associate in the Genealogy Department of the Dallas Public Library.

Mic has conducted personal and professional research in every state of the South, has written numerous articles which have been published in society publications all over the United States, and for ten years penned an award winning weekly genealogy-history column in the Houston Chronicle, Houston’s largest newspaper.

Mic has delivered lectures to many groups and societies in numerous states as well as three National Genealogical Society Conferences in the States held in Portland, Oregon, Houston, Texas and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  In addition, he has taught genealogical classes at colleges in Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas and Dallas, Texas.

Mic is a member or officer in the Sons of the Republic of Texas, Sons of the American revolution and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He is eligible for numerous other societies and organizations. He is also an Admiral in the Texas Navy, an honorary organization.

The intent of this site is to be a place where new and longtime genealogical researchers can wet their thirst in their quest for knowledge and news in the world of genealogical research. It is also a repository of Mic’s published articles including the 500+ columns he wrote while writing for the Houston Chronicle.

© 2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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