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New Genealogy Blogs January 29, 2011

new genealogy blogs

[Editor’s Note: this is a regular feature of GeneaBloggers which highlights new genealogy and family history-related blogs as well as those recently discovered by members of GeneaBloggers. Use the Suggest A Blog! link in the menu bar to pass along information on new blogs.]

There are 33 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week for a total of 1,662 genealogy blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Ainscough Family History-Mawdesley

Ainscough Family History-Mawdesley
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

The blog found here aims to represent aspects and detail of the history of my Ainscough family. Comments I will be adding have come from far and wide and from connections I never knew I had, including Jonathon Hopper (2nd cousin), relatives emigrated to Australia – Tony Brown and Richard Harris and also complete strangers with a similar interest in family history such as Hilary from Bury and Nancy from Rhode Island USA. I will credit information to an individual along with their email address should you want to contact them with a query of your own.

If you think there might be a family link and you can help me with additional detail, dates, places and names please do add a comment or contact me.

Beldin Family Alliances

Belden Family Alliances: From Then Til Now
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been doing research for about 15 years and have decided it is time I put it together so it makes some sense to someone other than me. The blog seemed like the easiest way to do this as I would not have to organize my thoughts in any particular order. I could highlight relatives as I wished in as many installments as I needed to tell their story.

Bigger Families

Bigger Families, Faces from the Past
Blog type: Photography blog

My husband and I have a bigger family by today’s standards, with seven children, five boys and now two girls, plus another little boy who passed away. I love old photos, and combining these interests led me to starting a site several years ago which was lost, and now this one.

I hope to add to the site a page of tiny thumbnails with links to the originals’ sources on the internet, and a list of fiction and nonfiction books about bigger families. Already many have been compiled.

Blundering Blindly Backwards

Blundering Blindly Backwards
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I’ve been researching my family history for 7 years now and it’s about time I shared some of my findings. My father’s family come mostly from the North East of England (surnames Hudson, Lamb, Kerss, Pattison, Todner). Mum’s father’s family come from Birmingham, England (Darby, Pugh, Read) and Mum’s mother’s from mid-Wales (Pugh, Hughes, Jones).

byron city cemetery

Byron City Cemetery, Peach County, Georgia
Blog type: Cemetery blog, Georgia genealogy

Ever since I attended Bernie Gracy’s Breaking Down Brick Walls with Location Based Genealogy class at the 2010 Atlanta Family History Expo, I’ve been itching to put it into practice in a big way. It’s no secret I have a love of cemeteries, so I of course will be starting there. And since I’m related to the PEAVYs of Byron, Georgia, what better cemetery to start with than the Byron City Cemetery.

I’ve always had a fondness for this cemetery, and I’m not sure why. It’s not huge, but not small either. There are hundreds buried there. There is one pretty tall obelisk, but the rest are fairly modest, contemporary stones. Nonetheless, I am connected to some of the individuals interred and the history they made with the relationships they share.

I really liked one of the things Mr. Gracy had to say in his class — a cemetery is a large public database. And it certainly is! Oftentimes genealogists go to a cemetery and focus on one tombstone, or maybe a family plot. Chances are, however, there are other interments related to your family history. That is, even if the individuals themselves are not a relative of yours. “Spacial orientation is important and telling.” Clues to your family history can likely be found in the lives of the people who lived around your ancestors.

I hope you’ll follow along with me as I work on this location based genealogy research project. There is actually more than one website that lists the burials for Byron City Cemetery, as well as pages that describe the family history of some of the individuals buried there. My goal is to systematically research and connect as many as possible. I will be using Family Tree Maker software to house the information (as well as publishing it here).

campapse genealogy

Campaspe Genealogy
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Genealogy library blog

A blog by Campaspe Regional Library (Australia) to talk about genealogy and family history, ask questions, highlight useful sites and share tips.

census junkie

Census Junkie
Blog type: Genealogy education, Individual family history

Welcome to my whimsical explorations into my family genealogy. I am not an expert of the subject and this will not be a blog that should be viewed as a tremendous contribution to the already high quality research blogs that are out there.

However, I do think I have learned a thing or two over the last few years doing this research and this will be the venue in which I try to pass those lessons on. Mostly, it will be an outlet for me to report and reflect on my experiences.

I first became excited about genealogy several years ago when pondering a family mystery that had arisen in light of some curious facts. My mother had some documents to hand over to me and I was hooked. Over the ensuing years I would dabble here and there, occasionally having some successes, but for the most part it was a part time thing.

However, this last year and a half I have really dived in and have work very diligently on putting together as much of my family tree as possible. One point of clarification here is needed; I have been exclusively working on my mother’s side of the family. Most of my father’s history has already been laid out.

climbing the genealogy tree

Climbing the Genealogy Tree
Blog type: Genealogy education

I would like to welcome you to my newest blog that is designed to help you learn how to do research of your family history.

The newest series by NBC called “Who Do You Think You Are?” has encouraged many to now start researching their family’s roots.

You will find this to be an interesting, exciting, sometimes frustrating, but extremely rewarding adventure! Do not expect everything to fall into place as easily as you saw on the TV show….. believe me, it often takes years to locate information but it is so exciting when you finally find that piece to the puzzle.

families of old hawaii

Families of Old Hawaii
Blog type: Hawaiian genealogy, Individual family history, Pacific Islander genealogy

Hawaiian genealogy sure has come a long way from the days when I 1st started searching the web back in 1998.  There were a handful of personal sites with info on Hawaiian genealogy back then and some are still around, the same site from the nineties frozen in time.  Some are updated and some vanished never to be seen again.  Here’s a list of the personal pages (now called blogs?) I have bookmarked, that are still around…

family history alive

Family History Alive
Blog type: Individual family history

I’ve tried over the last few years to pass along things I’ve learned about doing family history research in different ways.  I’m hopeful that this will prove a reliable way to share what I’ve learned with friends, family, and others.

There are three separate pages listed under Resources with links to various websites, documents, and online family history lessons that I’ve used in the past and/or continue to use that have proven very helpful.  Browse through these resources for something you might find helpful and share others you may know of in the comments sections.

Connecting with our past through our ancestors can be a rewarding experience and one I hope each of can find in our own individual way.

finding the feitner family

Finding the Feitner Family
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m starting this blog in the hopes that this will be a new avenue to finding out more about a branch of my family tree of which little is known.  I really had no interest in creating a blog.  Maybe this is a good idea; maybe it’s a bad idea. Maybe, but I do have an interest in understanding who the Feitner family was.  I say “was” because it seems that part of the family line has all but ended. I hope I am wrong, though.

What I do know is dwarfed by what I don’t know, and what I haven’t been able to solve.

The story of the man who was my great-great-great grandfather begins with Jacob T. Feitner, a young German immigrant who came to New York City in 1860 when he was 21.  Five years later, he marries Anna Brenzel, also a German immigrant, and becomes a naturalized citizen.  Living on Cherry Street in lower Manhattan, Jacob is a barber by trade and works on Cathedral Street. They have two children: a son Jacob Theodore and a daughter, Anna.  By the mid 1870’s, the family moves out of Manhattan to a brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn along with other up-and-coming families.  He would die there on the first floor of his home on September 11, 1878 of tuberculosis, leaving his wife to raise the children alone.

a forest of oakes

A Forest of Oakes
Blog type: Individual family history

The purpose of this blog is to share stories, photographs and genealogy from my Oakes Family.

hearts turned

Hearts Turned
Blog type: Individual family history

Yep, it’s true. It has happened. I just turned 19 and I am actively involved in Family History. Too often our generation procrastinates this great work or puts it on others’ shoulders, but there is much we can be doing now. It is our responsibility just as much, if not more, than the older generations.

My grandmother, Isabelle Lamoreaux Holladay Cluff, was an amazing genealogist. She always has been since she was my age. Well, she passed away last June. I had been actively Indexing (you can check that out here) since I was 13, but I had never really been into any hardcore family history work. Well, that has changed. I have felt a renewed vigor to search out my ancestors and find my kindred dead. I have felt so blessed and close to my grandmother as I have done this work. Genealogy was her love and her greatest legacy; I intend to carry that on.

heritage heart

Heritage Heart
Blog type: Crafts blog, Genealogy education, Individual family history

My name is Kim Hites and I am the “unofficial” family historian (of both my husband’s family and mine) living in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky.  Family history can be exciting for today’s generations and it is my quest to offer ideas and solutions for making it fun!  No more boring facts, but great stories and ideas for incorporating family heritage into our personal spaces as a reflection of who we are today.

highland experience scotland

Highland Experience SCOTLAND
Blog type: Genealogy vendor, Scottish genealogy

I suppose it began with an idea. For the last ten years I’ve been working in the world of Scottish mini-coach touring, and for the last six running my own bespoke tour company. Over these years I have welcomed many visitors from the United States, and taken great pride in showing them around my beautiful and enchanting country. One thing always struck me though, in booking their vacations these visitors either contacted operators in Scotland, who perhaps were a little remote and unfamiliar with the States, or through US based companies that knew a fair amount about Scotland, but lacked the detailed knowledge of the experts on the ground – where that perfect view was, the hidden castle or even knowing something as simple as where the best cup of coffee could be found in any given village.

How was this circle to be squared? At the beginning of 2010 I made the momentous decision to move to New York, and here I have set up the US portal for Highland Experience Tours – to give you both the sense of security of having someone on your doorstep to organize your trip and give you the personal touch, and combining this with my knowledge as a time-served tour operator and cultural ambassador for Scotland.

So, Highland Experience USA with myself at the helm will sail you in the right direction and hopefully give you the trip of a lifetime.

kendricks of san francisco

Kendricks of San Francisco
Blog type: California genealogy, Individual family history

My intention in creating this blog is to explore with my family the history and memories of the family of Charles Henry Kendrick.

kentucky kinfolk

Kentucky Kinfolks
Blog type: Individual family history, Kentucky genealogy

This is a genealogy blog about my ancestors of Nicholas County, Kentucky. It shares stories, includes pictures, records, family history items and pedigree charts. I welcome any information, corrections or comments. All information and pictures are copyrighted and the property of the blog owner. If someone would like a copy of a picture, I would be more than happy to send it to you. Also, if you used information on this blog for genealogical purposes I would appreciate being listed as a source that I might receive proper credit for my research. If there are any pictures posted on this blog or my website that is a family member of yours and bothers you in any way, please let me know so that I can remove it. My intention is not to offend anyone, but to have a blog about genealogy and identify as many old photos as possible. I have several blogs and a website as I do research on many of my family lines in other localities. Nicholas County has a very special place in my heart as that is what I recall from my younger years as the place where my family was from “down in the country”. My family has been in Nicholas County since the time of its inception. A few of my ancestors lived in Bourbon County before Nicholas County was created. I am very proud to be a direct descendant of John Kincart (my 3rd great grandfather) who founded the town of Carlisle.

let freedom ring

Let Freedom Ring!
Blog type: African-American genealogy blog, Individual family history, US Civil War blog

150th Year anniversary of the American Civil War ~ a blog documenting my personal journey and research riscoveries of the people, places, events, and other things related to the Civil War era.

I have been tracing my family history since November 1994 in Greensville County and Newport News Virginia, and Warren, Granville, Vance, and Halifax counties in North Carolina. Since that time, I have given numerous genealogical presentations at family reunions, churches, local and national genealogical societies, and other organizations and have also written family history articles for genealogy and religious publications and books for several of her family reunions.

may hills wwii diaries

May Hill’s WWII Diaries
Blog type: Diary blog, UK genealogy

Blog editor Tom Ambridge is the grandson of May Hill, an English seaside villager who wrote wonderful diaries and poetry during WWII.  The village was in Lincolnshire which became known as ‘Bomber County’ due to the large number of RAF, and later USAAF, bases established there. Her only son became a young volunteer in the RAF, her husband a Coastguard, and close family members early casualties. In rare moments of peace from ‘her own old enemy’ she became devoted to writing. ‘Waiting for news’ was a recurrent theme.

This is an invitation to read May’s writing in a blog which commenced with the first preserved entry, dated 27th November 1940. Each Diary entry is appearing exactly seventy years after the date on which the original was written. Readers can sign up to receive e-mail notification of each new post as it appears. Any earlier entries which may have been missed can easily be found.

If you like the blog, it would be great if you would help to spread the word while it is still fairly ‘new’! The website address is: Also on Twitter – MayHillWWII and Facebook – May-Hills-WWII-Diaries.

minnesota native daughter

Minnesota Native Daughter
Blog type: Individual family history, Minnesota genealogy

Minnesota native Jannet Walsh, of Murdock, has 23 years of experience in public relations, communication and social media. Her expertise areas are writing, photography, both still and video.

Follow along as I search for my roots in Minnesota and other lands. My idea is learn about my past, live in the present and look to the future.

my genealogy obsession

My Genealogy Obsession
Blog type: Individual family history

This site is for two groups of people.  First, it’s for my family so that they can see our family history and track my progress in researching and expanding our family tree.  Second, it is also for those who are doing their genealogy research on their own family and need someone to network with to get a few pointers or tips in conducting their research better or at the very least, learn from my mistakes.   If you landed on this site because you searched for a name that’s here, then please contact me.  I am always looking to expand my family connections.

My name is Patricia Stanard and I am the owner of My Genealogy Obsession blog.  I have been researching my family tree for the past 18 years.  I am just a family member who is wants to preserve my ancestors story but do it in the most respectful, professional way I can.  I am not a professional genealogist,  but am interested in expanding my genealogical training.    Personally, I have my bachelor  and Master’s degree in Business Administration.  I have worked for almost 13 years for a large city government department as a legal secretary.

my journey back

My Journey Back
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

This is a blog of my journey to discover my and my husband’s ancestors.  So far it has been an interesting and exciting journey. I’ve learned that genealogy is so much more than the collecting of names.  Each one of our ancestors has a story.  In trying to discover their story it has involved researching where they came from, who their neighbors were, the history of the area, and so much more.  I’m realizing that in order to have a reliable family tree for future generations, records have to be organized and cited.  I’ve become just a little addicted to genealogy. So I read books, read information online, read magazines, subscribe to blog, and have started genealogy courses. I know that there is so much more to know and I look forward to the journey.  I never imagined that I would have a blog, but why not.  So bear with me, as I try and figure out blogging.

my savage family

My Savage Family
Blog type: Individual family history

My 2nd great grandfather, Henry F. Savage, left Liverpool, England on March 12, 1854 via the ship John M. Wood. Traveling with him was his wife Sarah Power Savage, and five children: John Ebenezer, Sarah Rosina, Kezziah, Moroni and Jemima. They arrived in New Orleans on May 2, 1854. Henry and his family was part of the Mormon migration from England to Utah. They arrived in Utah in October 1854.

ontario genealogist

Ontario Genealogist
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Genealogy is both my passion and my hobby, if I could figure out how to quit my day job and get by, I’d spend all day doing it.  I really started my genealogy research about 3 and a half years ago.  It’s had it’s ups a downs but so do most things in life.  My roots start in Canada with me and my parents and in the case of my mom, her parents.  After that the maternal roots trace back to Poland, Ukraine, and Austria (a part which I believe was once part of Poland).  On my paternal side my father’s parents and ancestry trace back to Poland.  The research on my own tree  has been slow going.  If not for the high school project one of my cousin’s Barbara did, I would know very little about my grandfather whom she did a family history interview with.  As for my maternal ancestry, even though my moms parents hailed from Manitoba, it is has been difficult to get information.  As a result I put my side on the back burner and focused on my husband’s tree.  His paternal ancestors almost entirely emigrated to Canada generations ago and settled predominantly in Simcoe County and York County.  Others were in Halton, Grey and Victoria.  I’ve managed to trace back to the mid 1700s in a few lines to Scotland and the UK.  For the hubbies paternal side it has been alot of work, starting from scratch with very little information to work on and only a few tidbits from his family here and there but thanks to Ancestry, Scotland’s people, Ted Larson’s Islay page,  the UK General Register office and the Simcoe & Ontario Archives, I’ve amassed quite a collection of information.  My downfall:  I did not orgranize from the start and now I must.

My goal of this blog is to share my tips, resources and stories as I do my research.  I’m a young 40 🙂 and most people I talk to have little interest in hearing my stories.   In sending them out to cyberspace I can feel like I am telling someone (even if no one reads it) 🙂

Polish families from Żywiec-Zabłocie, Polska

Polish families from Żywiec-Zabłocie, Polska
Blog type: Individual family history, Polish genealogy

Welcome to my Polish blog! My Polish great grandpa was orphaned during the Chicago flu epidemic of 1918 & spent his life looking for all of his siblings. Some family stayed in Chicago & some returned to Poland. Some family was Catholic, & some are believed to be Jewish. I post the things I learn in efforts it may help someone else in their research. I also hope this blog helps me connect with others that know about the people I’m learning about. Digital images of records or links are put inside most postings so you can view records full screen. I encourage comments. Feel free to sign the guestbook, stating who you’re looking for. Maybe we can all help each other out this way, because there are many challenges with Polish research. I hope you enjoy learning with me. And I hope to be taught more about my Polish heritage

prairie bluestem

Prairie Bluestem
Blog type: Individual family history

I recently signed up for a trial membership with Maybe you’ve heard about it on television. They have an ad about typing your ancestor’s name and seeing a little leaf sprout. When you click the leaf, it takes you to documents about your ancestor. It’s an accurate advertisement — except that it lacks a warning about developing an obsession with your family tree!

saint cross upheaval

Saint Cross Upheaval
Blog type: Individual family history

So, it’s time for me to jump into genealogy blogging. Not because I consider myself especially insightful, creative, or even a particularly good writer (alas). But over the years I’ve gotten many questions about the Michutka family, which I’ve happily answered to the best of my ability.  I’ve tried writing up the family history a few times, have not been entirely satisfied with the result and didn’t finish (but someday must). And so perhaps a blog will answer my needs better: short bits, more informal, with the ability to carry on a dialogue with family and readers in the process.  I could benefit too from the exchange of ideas, instead of just handing out a finished product.

stray bones

Stray Bones
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog is to collect the “stray bones” that come my way of both people and their lives (also perhaps some fossils), so they can be remembered and possibly better understood; both in their history and genealogy.

tipton tales and trails

Tipton Tales and Trails
Blog type: Individual family history

A genealogical and personal history of the Tipton Family in America through the perspective of Ronald Walter Tipton, a descendant of Major Jonathan Tipton and grandson of Fieldon Jacob Tipton.

vintage aerial

Vintage Aerial Blog
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog

Vintage Aerial connects your personal memories and family history to photos of the places where the memories were made and the history took place. We are a small group of people who are passionate about history and technology, who created Vintage Aerial to share our passion for preserving the heritage of rural America.

Our collection of over 25 million photographs spans the second half of the 20th century, documenting a time in American history when life revolved around rural communities and small farms. Our common American heritage happened in that time, in those rural communities. We want to share the period preserved in these photos, and the memories they represent, with the generations who came too late to experience it firsthand.

Vintage Aerial uses the latest in digital imaging and data storage technology to preserve these irreplaceable visual heirlooms. We are saving yesterday’s memories with today’s technology, for the tomorrows to come.

whispers from the past

Whispers From The Past/Tales Told
Blog type: Individual family history

Information will be posted about ancestors; TOMLINSON-HEPWORTH-KIDGELL-CASHMORE-BURNS-MACDUFF-PERRINS-PHIPPEN- HUDSON and others. My goal is to keep the living informed about the dead, to honor our ancestors.

witch genealogist /></p> <p style=Witch Genealogist with a Black Cat
Blog type: Individual family history, Swedish genealogy

Today is yesterday´s tomorrow. And I´ve promised to write something. Well, when I was very young (a long time ago) I visited my grandfather. He was a teacher but also a genealogist. In many years he had been collecting and mapping our ancestors and he was convinced about the fact that it was for no use. So I promised him to fulfill his mission. But it took about 25 years before I understood the extant of my promise. Now I can see that my grandpa gave me a new life. A life where I live side by side with my own history.

In this blog I will try to explain what it means to me and what I´ve got back from my ancestors. As you see, English isn´t my language, but I´ll do my best.

world families

Blog type: DNA genealogy, Genealogy vendor blog, Surname blog

Here’s our story – the Barton DNA Project was started in 2001 and soon became the focal point of extensive cooperation and sharing within the Barton families. The merger of genetic information with traditional genealogy was an exciting breakthrough. In some cases, it answered questions that traditional research couldn’t answer. Probably more importantly, it energized and expanded the group of people working on the histories of the Barton families. Today, we have one of the largest Surname DNA Projects in the world, but more importantly, we have a large community of Barton researchers working together to share their information and puzzle out issues. We have a Barton family-wide Historical Society, a newsletter, a database, a website, a DNA project with sponsorships to focus testing and a set of family websites. (Barton is now about the 50th largest project, having over 250 members)

Our learning evolved into the World Families Network in early 2004, where we created a website to help other Surname Projects by sharing our learning and providing a place to find general information. This was initially a passive helping through information and an offering of a free site to support surname projects with no internet website.  Since late 2004, we have been supporting projects to help more families have the same opportunities we have enjoyed.

© 2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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