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New Genealogy Blogs January 19, 2013

New Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 6 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

1st Fleet and Beyond - The Lyons and Barton Families

1st Fleet and Beyond – The Lyons and Barton Families
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Individual family history

Welcome to the Lyons Family History Website!

This site has been created to assist with the research of the Lyons, Barton, Buglass, Thorn, Robson and Critchley Families from the 1st Fleet through to today.

If you feel you have a connection with any of these families please feel free to contact me anytime!

aq will do

AQ Will Do
Blog type: Technology blog

Often, while teaching Ancestral Quest (AQ) at the Ogden FamilySearch Library, I have thought of something I wished I could share with all my former students.  I thought of writing a newsletter, but decided it would be more efficient to put those thoughts into a blog.  The purpose of this blog is to show what… AQ Will Do.

I am in no way affiliated with Incline Software, other than as a fan of Ancestral Quest.

Ancestral Quest is a trademark of Incline Software.  Incline Software is in no way responsible for items posted on this blog. This blog is the product of Dale McIntyre.

Yes, Mr. President, I built it!

fascinated by dead

Fascinated By The Dead: A Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been fascinated with dead people for years now. My mother is to blame for it. She dabbled in her family history and actually wrote several family histories….I guess she did more than dabble, didn’t she?! I helped her do some of the research at the SC State Archives and gradually became hooked on it myself. That started the ball rolling. Of course, I had to find out something about my father’s family.

Well, all that was years ago and I have notebooks full of family history sheets, copies of censuses, handwritten notes from others interested in my family. Several years ago I decided I needed to be a little more organized, so I joined and started my online tree. At present I have almost 65oo people in my main tree and still have information that hasn’t been posted.

My father’s family surnames include Hill, Curlee, Burns, Parker, Allen, Harward (Howard), Little, Deas (Deese,Dees), Yates (Yeats), Hutson (Hudson), Barbee and several others. Most of these came from Virginia to North Carolina, specifically Anson, Union & Stanly Counties. I have come to a screeching halt with my Hill line, but I will tell you about that in another post.

My mother’s family surnames include Wilson, Brazell, Gulledge, Dial, Haithcock, Addison, Dunning and several others. As far as I know the Wilsons came from Scotland, but I have no documentation of that. The Wilson line is another that has me stymied. Most of the other families came from England. All of them settled in Lower Richland County SC.

Since my family hasn’t provided me with enough research , I have also begun work on my husband’s line. But that is another post.

As I write to this blog, I hope some of this information is beneficial to you.

my family tree

My Family Tree & Other Stuff
Blog type: Individual family history, UK family history

My blog is about my family tree that I’ve been researching since 2004, I started researching for more information on my great uncle’s Albert Betts and James Staniforth (they are my grandparents brothers) because they both died in the first world war, I wanted to find out more of how they died and what regiment they served with. When I found that information out and told my auntie’s they all started to tell me about other people, most of my family (ancestors) come from Sileby, Leicestershire, England and the saying in old Sileby was ‘their cat ran up our entry’ meaning they were related somehow to us.

of trees and ink

Of Trees & Ink
Blog type: Individual family history

It’s a blog about my family history, the success and techniques I use, and all around the joy and experience I get out of doing genealogy.

the enrichment tree

The Enrichment Tree
Blog type: Individual family history

I was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. I am married and the mother to a sweet rambunctious son. I am very outgoing & I love to travel.

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