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New Genealogy Blogs February 9, 2013

New Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

genealogy the blog

Genealogy: The Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

I started a wonderful first post on the intentions of this blog and the research I’m doing now, but I had to look up the word “disseminate” so I opened a new tab in Opera (my browser of choice) and went to, found the word, then wanted to check a census record on and so opened another tab, found the information, then decided I had too many tabs open and accidentally closed the “new post” tab here.  Duh.  So I’ll repeat myself, but it will seem stale to me because I’ve already said it once.

The intention of this blog is to keep others informed of the progress of my genealogical research, disseminate the information collected, and in the hopes that others researching the same names will be able to add to my own information.  Instead it will probably end up being just another place where I write what I want whenever I want to write.  I hope not.  I have plenty of other places for that sort of thing.  I need to leave this blog alone and use it only to write about genealogy, a subject I’m totally obsessed with.


Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Individual family history

Tracing my family history roots, recording research and musings as I find my way through it all!  I am honing in on families such as BAGNALL, MACMILLAN, MUTCH, MCCLARY, FERGUSON (of Prince Edward Island & Montreal, Canada) as well as HUGHES, BURTON, TEMPLE, CHASE, STOVELL, MIRAMS, and MADAMS of England (Middlesex & Sheerness).


Blog type: Individual family history

I’ve been doing genealogy on and off since the sixth grade, when we got an assignment in school to work on our family tree.  I told my Mom, who suggested that I write to my grandmother, who was a member of the DAR.  She sent me her lineage back to the colonial days.  This got me off to an easy start, although I did learn later how difficult genealogy can be.  I also wrote to my Aunt Marie, who gave me some information on the French side of the family, and included “a dollar for a hamburger”. After all these years and having to move twice with only the things I could fit in my suitcase, I still have the original information they sent me, and I have added a lot to it.

In the last 12 years or so I have been taking genealogy more seriously, partly thanks to the ease of research on the Internet.  I am now branching out beyond Internet research, though, as I have learned of the valuable documents only available offline.

I am also starting to take classes.  This past summer I took the Boston University Genealogical Research Program class, where I learned to practice more rigorous genealogy and learned new techniques.  I also went to my first conference, held by the North Hills Genealogists in Pittsburgh.  I’m finding a whole new world out there as I learn more and interact with other genealogists.

I’m also hoping to get certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.  This will take some time, though, but I’m doing research in preparation for that.

I have a bunch of ideas floating around in my head and wanted the opportunity to write about them, so I started this blog.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing back from you.

reflections on the past

Reflections On The Past
Blog type: Texas genealogy

“Reflections on the Past” contains local history which includes genealogical background information on local notables from Brazoria County, Texas history.

the family of janos kusnyir

The Family of Janos Kusnyir & Sophia Almasy
Blog type: Individual family history

Discusses my Carpatho-Rusyn roots and shared documents, articles & other related content.

wibbling jos genealogy blog

Wibbling Jo’s Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I’m often accused of chattering randomly (or “wibbling”) about my family history research so I’ve decided to write down these “wibbles” instead. I focus on UK genealogy (mainly England and Northern Ireland) although I do have some connections in the US, Canada, Scotland and Gibraltar to investigate. I am conducting a One Name Study into the TILLIN surname.

I am an ex-accountant, (currently on a career break to bring up my children but who know how long that will last??) with varied interests including genealogy.  I live in the south east of England but my family stems from Northern Ireland.

I have been interested in family history for a long time but have only really taken it more seriously since having a family of my own. I discovered that most of my husband’s ancestors were from England which made it easier to research using the internet and at convenient times. Maybe one day I’ll make it to a “proper” registry office or even across to PRONI in Belfast!

I have registered with the Guild of One Name Studies to look at the surname TILLIN and the variants TILLING and TILLEN.

I’m always on the look out for new blogs/sources of information that relate to the UK/Northern Ireland in particular but I also have connections in Scotland, USA, Canada and Gibraltar!

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