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New Genealogy Blogs December 8, 2012

New Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 15 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

angelas genealogy

Angela’s Genealogy
Blog type: German genealogy, Professional genealogist blog.

I’m a (professional) German researcher and recently started an English blog, “Angela’s Genealogy”, about finding one’s roots in Germany. I also love to include stories about my own family. I’ve written a German blog for a while now, and decided it was time to add an English “sister”.

I started tracing my own family when I was in my early twenties, and I’ve discovered more than I would have ever guessed. I found out that I have ancestors from (at least, I have to say) six of Germany’s states and some American connections.

While I found out more and more about my roots, I finished law school and started to work as a lawyer here in Germany. I also volunteered and helped fellow researchers. The thought of operating my own genealogy-based business had been in my head for a very long time, and some day I got to the point when I thought: “It’s much more logical to do it than not to do it!” I love to write, I love to research, I love to travel, I had acquired business as well as legal skills. I had turned into a history buff.  I was able to read old German scripts other people couldn’t. So “Schwentker Genealogical Services” was born.

“Doing genealogy” in Germany can be pretty much different from researching in the US. Maybe this blog helps explaining the differences and adding a new perspective on German ancestors.

a vague recollection

A Vague Recollection
Blog type: Individual family history

Not much to say. I’m a half-century old/young, a mom with two teen daughters, well aware of my failings. I am interested in family history and local history, and love to read and learn. I like a wide variety of books and shows: science fiction, fantasy, mystery (especially “genre” like food-related, antiques, historical … maybe I should say “sub-genre”), some romance (but I skip over the “naughty bits” if there are any).

I’m still working out what I want to do with this site, and it’s been a bit neglected while I make sure I have daily posts at my local history blog: In Old Fort Dodge.


Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog

In the Spring of 2012 I was reading a LOT of genealogy blogs.  One week I started to see a common theme emerge among many of the posts I was reading –  the need for genealogist to properly analyze their sources, account for discrepancies, and capture their conclusions.  Many bloggers were noting the absence of software that really addressed this standard, and as any true beginner does, I jumped on the wagon and said “Hey, I want that too!“ I’d LIKE to say “and while I slept, the Genealogical Proof Standard was born”, but alas, it had been around for a while.

I had already been decrying the lack of software that allowed me to truly catalog the assertions made by a source; that is, ALL the assertions, not just the ones for the event/person I was researching at the moment.  Even though I was citing my sources, it was too easy to lose track of data that wasn’t relevant yesterday, but WAS critical today.  I LOVED my favorite genealogy software, but it was focused on people and stories and reports; what I wanted was to collect  all the evidence in one place before I made any decision.  So I jumped off the wagon and said “Hey, I can write that!”

…and as I toiled, Evidentia was born.

After all, I AM a software developer.  I already had a couple of quasi commercial products under my belt; RootsPersona, for displaying family trees in WordPress, and Cemeteriat, for building a Cemetary website. This would be easy – 3, maybe 4 months, tops.

family at your fingertips

Family At Your Fingertips
Blog type: Individual family history

My name is Jodi. I am passionate about instilling a love of genealogy in everyone. I’ve started with my kids, and while they haven’t quite caught on yet, I have not given up! I started Family at Your Fingertips in 2012 because it’s my belief that the best way to bring out the genealogy enthusiast is to put all that great family information right in your hands – literally.

I offer tangible family history treasures that can be shared, flipped through, passed around, you name it.  While many of your family documents can be precious, even fragile, I will digitize and reproduce those delicate docs in an elegant yet accessible format.

These products will benefit people who:

  • have an interest in family history but not the time to do research,
  • want to pass something memorable down to children and grandchildren,
  • have done the research on their family but aren’t sure the best way to package it for sharing,
  • are organizing a reunion and want to create something memorable for the big event.

If you have any questions about these products or genealogy services, don’t hesitate to email me:

family line studios

Family Line Studios
Blog type: Genealogy vendor

Susan is the owner and production manager at Family Line Studios. In addition to being a skilled videographer, editor and interviewer, Susan holds a B.A. in Communications and a M.Ed. in Human Services and Counseling. She is a member of Association of Professional Genealogists and Association of Personal Historians. When not working, Susan quarterbacks for her two teens, enjoys running, listening to stories and collecting old photos. Based in Chicago, she travels for both work and pleasure.

gates to the past

Gates to the Past
Blog type: Individual family history

Everything genealogy for the George Gates, Wombacher, George Schmidt, Cornelius Kane, Thomas Murphy, William Freukes and Michael Cunningham family history.

genealogy works

Genealogy Works
Blog type: Hungarian genealogy, Individual family history

My original website is at On blogspot , I hope to work on my extra interests in genealogical research which involves Old Philadelphia , Old New York , regions of France , Bavaria, Baden , Russia Poland and Ireland.

notes to myself

Notes to Myself
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

Today is the 3rd year my Daddy Mr. James E. Lewis, Sr. has been gone from this World. Born July 10, 1918. I find this befitting and a Honor to start my STORY on this date November 7, 2012. The Day he passed from this Life and went onto Glory. He started me with all this NOTE TAKING to Myself, for that I’ll be grateful. I don’t know who took this picture of me and Daddy but it sums up in so many words and feelings of what I ended up doing with a passion.  It turned out to be called Genealogy!

It was the Summer of 1977. I was 9 years old. My Grandma Queen Miles from the Deep South of Alabama had passed away and Roots was on television, so all this had a profound effect on me. There was a whisper in my Soul that spoke to my heart that long ago time, that said to never forget! Since then it’s been my mission to not.

To make some of the Elders in past oral history interviews comfortable around me, with my scribbled papers and pen I would call it “NOTE-TAKING”…….. saying to them, Just making “NOTES TO MYSELF”.

“My Blog” is just a reflection of thoughts to MYSELF. They come to me in the twinkle of a eye, a stirred memory, in a startled moment, lots of things can touch my heart or jog my memory and I’ll want to write the thought and “Make a Note to Myself” just for simple reflection later. If you see me with paper and pen don’t be alarmed! So today is a SPECIAL note to Myself for you All.

Thanks for Coming over to my Place and Hanging out a bit and taking this Sankofa Journey with Me as you get a Inside view of my thoughts turned to NOTES. I appreciate all your support and please leave a COMMENT or NOTE for me.

In the words of Celie from the Color Purple: “I’m HERE”!. by God “I’m HERE”!………

nicolas jouault

Nicolas Jouault
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy,

The blog will cover a number of subjects all relating to myself and my native island of Jersey off the coast of France, my research into my family and local history, along with a variety of other subjects. A work in progress as they say.

nu da

nu & då
Blog type: Swedish genealogy

Något man lär sig när man släktforskar är att alla människor har en berättelse och att ingen är ointressant. Här delar jag med mig av historier och människoöden som fångat min uppmärksamhet. Men här finns också plats för andra funderingar om gammalt och nytt – folk, platser och prylar.

Att släktforska och rota i kyrkböcker eller gamla dokument och foton är som att kika in genom ett fönster. Man får en liten del av sanningen. Resten är för evigt gömda hemligheter som anfäderna tagit med sig i graven, och tur är väl kanske det. Men det man kan få fram räcker mer än väl för att väcka respekt, nyfikenhet och skrivarlusta.

Följ med på en fönstertittningsrunda!

Sedan 25 år skriver jag, Agneta Aglert, teknisk information i mitt yrke. Här skriver jag för mitt eget höga nöjes skull.

Fotona är mina egna om ingen annan källa anges.

Translation via Google Translate: Something you learn when genealogy is that everyone has a story and no one is uninteresting. Here I share the stories and the human stories that caught my attention. But there is also room for other thoughts on old and new – people, places and things.

The family history and rummage in church records or old documents and photos is like peeking through a window. You get a small part of the truth. The rest is forever hidden secrets ancestors brought with them to the grave, and the tour is well perhaps. But it can be obtained is more than enough to arouse respect, curiosity and skrivarlusta.

Join a window during ordinary TV watching round!

After 25 years, I write, Agneta Aglert, technical information in my profession. Here I write for my own pleasure.

The photos are my own if no other source is given.

scots roots

Scots Roots
Blog type: Professional genealogist blog, Scottish genealogy

I have 16 years’ experience in family history research and have traced my own family history back to around 1690. I recently set up my own company, Scots Roots Research, to provide a similar service for anybody with Scots ancestors.

I’m using this blog to gather together some articles, hints, information, photos and profiles of people in my own family tree.

I live near Edinburgh and have easy access to all of the records available there.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Ancestral Scotland Welcome Registered Scheme, the Aberdeen and North East Family History Society, the Highland Family History Society and the West Lothian Family History Society.

I enjoy working with Photoshop and particularly enjoy repairing and restoring old photos.

I’ve also developed and built a few small business websites.


Blog type: Individual family history, Swedish genealogy

This blog is about my own genealogy findings, how to do genealogy research, and about different aspects of genealogy in general.

sweet tea tart lemons

Sweet Tea, Tart Lemons & Memories
Blog type: Individual family history, Professional genealogist blog

My name is Angie Rodesky and I’m a professional genealogist. I have over seven years of experience in genealogy research, both personal and professional.  Experience in family and lineage research as well as documentation retrieval and research.  I’m currently doing genealogy research, consultation and small group presentations.

In 2009 I decided to turn my hobby of genealogy research into a business to help others find their ancestors, their family roots and break down those “Brick Walls”.  I have a obsession in genealogy and family history and I find great joy in helping others on their search.

the ancestry binders

The Ancestry Binder Files
Blog type: Individual family history, Professional genealogy blog

I love to tell stories… and true stories are the best ones of all.  That’s why I like genealogy.  My blog is mostly stories about my family and those I’ve researched—with other genealogy-related thoughts thrown into the mix once in a while.

unclaimed ancestors

Unclaimed Ancestors
Blog type: Individual family history

I started this site because I didn’t know what else to do with all the old photos that I love to buy. They are irresistible! I’m a genealogist so if there’s a name and date on the photo, I do some research and try to find out who might be searching for them. The goal is to connect these unclaimed ancestors with descendants.

If you see a familiar picture, let me know. I’m happy to send these unclaimed ancestors onto their families. If I have managed to connect a family with a photo, please leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know if I’ve misidentified anyone in these photos; I want to make sure I can provide the most accurate information possible.

We’ve expanded recently with the addition of Wealthy Ann Hossafous Harp’s Diary of her trip to Ohio in 1922/23. If you have questions about the diary or people in it, please contact the women behind the effort at

If you have family treasures that you think may be useful to other enthusiasts, contact me, we may be able to help spread the word.

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