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New Genealogy Blogs December 24, 2011

new genealogy blogs

There are 8 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

british columbia gen soc

British Columbia Genealogical Society Blog
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Genealogy society blog

Our members have been researching and preserving and publishing their own families and British Columbia’s families since 1971. This year, 2011, is our Society’s 40th anniversary.

The British Columbia Genealogical Society has been on the World Wide Web since 1996. This will soon be our new website – it’s not yet complete. This is the link to our ‘old’ BCGS website. You will find more there, but please have a look at what’s here first.

We welcome new members and visitors and invite you to see what we offer on-line and at our BCGS Walter Draycott Library in Surrey, BC and at our monthly meetings in Burnaby, BC.

Please visit our Research, Walter Draycott Library and Membership sections to see what resources are available to you.


Blog type: California genealogy, Genealogical society blog

CSGA is joining the future.  Starting today we hope to keep the California Genealogical community up to date on great upcoming events, legislation that affects the genealogical community, California indexing projects, great websites and publications for California researchers.  We will search out California resources and after telling you all about them we will link them to our online California Research Guide.

Watch also for CSGA sponsored contests to promote California Projects for both individuals and societies.  Share with us.  Leave comments, send ideas of websites and publications to review.  Add your events to the CSGA calendar and we’ll highlight the most exciting.

Check out the bloggers.  If you’d like to join the CSGA blogging team send an email to or and we’ll welcome you to the team.

CGSA Copyright

CSGA Copyright Blog
Blog type: Genealogical society blog

This blog is an attempt to keep the issue of copyright in front of the genealogical community.  I’ve been writing and speaking about copyright issues for the genealogical community for the last ten years.  From the beginning it has been a popular and controversial topic, but recent sessions have been so well attended that potential participants being turned away.  I wish this was because I am a fantastic speaker, but the reality is that the community really wants to understand the issues at hand.

Such was the case at the FGS Conference in Springfield this month. The talk was on Wednesday morning and throughout the rest of the conference I was stopped on a regular basis by attendees, some jokingly opining that they should give up because they couldn’t use anything in their genealogies, some stating that they had done everything wrong but would try to do better, others happy that they could stop others from using their material.  There were also many that had information and websites to share. The exciting thing was that everyone seemed enthused by the topic, and wanted wanted to discuss one point or another.

Among those sitting in the room was Dick Eastman, who made copyright a topic for his newsletter last week. See Copyright Myths .  The thread of questions and comments resulting from this newsletter are very telling and show some of the misunderstandings that exist.

It is my intention to use this new blog to explore the idiosyncrasies of copyright, post updates to copyright issues and create links to great copyright websites.  First, however, I plan to take a much needed vacation to recover from managing the finances for Springfield.  Check back in a few weeks for the next installment.

genealogisch gezein

Genealogisch Gezein
Blog type: Dutch genealogy, Genealogy industry

Rob Van Dries is the Deputy Director at the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie, The Hague, The Netherlands – his blog is about genealogy observations at home and abroad.

jgsgo blog

Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando Blog
Blog type: Genealogy society blog, Jewish genealogy

The blog of the JGSGO, a non-profit educational organization, established in September 1990 to assist those researching Jewish ancestry.

mnemosynes magic mirror

Mnemosyne’s Magic Mirror
Blog type: Genealogy education, Genealogy industry

Thoughts on the craft of family history and genealogy, and random reflections on some of the things that flash like stars across Memory’s mirror. Oh, yeah…books and archives, too!

north country chronicles

North Country Chronicles
Blog type: Individual family history, New England genealogy, New Hampshire genealogy

I started the blog North Country Chronicles to pay homage to my ancestors, who deserve recognition for the hard work and effort they put into making their lives and the lives of others better. Moreover, I myself have many fond summertime memories growing up spending time hiking the Presidentials with my father and visiting relatives in beauteous Randolph, NH in Coos County. I plan to continue to post stories of the people who lived in Coos County, as time permits. Also, I’m working on updating the details of my ancestors ( some of whom are mentioned in these posts ) and will include profiles of their stories with genealogical information.

richland roots

Richland Roots
Blog type: Louisiana genealogy

By Luke J. Letlow. A blog dedicated to Richland Parish, its people, their stories, and everyday life in Northeast Louisiana.

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